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GRABO for Painless, Precise Glass Installation

CRACK!! There is never a worse sound when putting a pane of glass in place, whether in a window, automobile, or new construction job. Most glass breaks occur at one of two points during the installation, either when attaching the suction cup lifter to the glass, or when setting the glass into the opening. The most common breaks are chipped corners or cracked glass. Either type of break makes the glass unusable. 

GRABO Makes it Easy

The GRABO Nemo eliminates the guess work out of setting glass in place. The electric vacuum suction pump applies just the right amount of pressure on the surface of the glass, without cracking or crushing. Capable of suction up to 11.9 psi, GRABO is adaptable for all glass handling situations. The one handed, push button operation allows the operator to guide the glass into place gently and reposition it as many times as are necessary for proper fit. 

What Are Suction Cup Glass Lifters?

Suction cup glass lifters are just what they sound like, suction cups that adhere to glass panes through moisture or vacuum pressure. This allows a worker to handle and place large glass panels safely. Industries that use these devices include automotive repair shops, construction companies, and specialty glass handlers. 

Problems with Press In Place Glass Lifters

These are the most rudimentary types of suction cup glass lifters. A single suction cup, or a set of two, is attached to a plastic or metal handle. These are large suction cups made of flexible, thin rubber. To attach them to the glass, you wipe the glass clean and let it dry. Then apply enough force to attach the suction cup to the glass, but not so much as to break the glass.

Use these lifters only to help position the glass. Do not rely on these suction cup lifters to help carry the window. They are not strong enough to carry a piece of glass from one location to another.

Manual Pump Style Vacuum Suction Lifters

This type of suction lifter relies on a vacuum created by pumping air into a chamber in the device. Most of these manual pump style vacuum lifters have some type of plunger rod that is forced in and out. This action draws air out of the suction cup and flattens it, forcing it to adhere to the material being lifted.

Because the air pressure within the suction cup is now lower than the surrounding air pressure, the cup will remain in place until the bond is manually broken by releasing the pressure or lifting the edge of the suction cup.

As a general rule, larger cups have greater holding ability than smaller cups because they create more of a vacuum effect, and the difference between the air pressure inside the suction cup and outside the suction cup is much larger. The problem with these lifters is the weight of the device itself and the pumping motion could cause glass breakage.

Compressed air suction lifters

Another popular suction cup lifter is similar to the manual pump lifter. The compressed air suction lifter relies on the pressure created by an electric air compressor to force the vacuum to take place. As the air compressor forces air into a chamber on the device, the suction cups flatten against the material, creating a powerful bond.


The best models offer single push button activation, built in safety monitoring and alarms, and replaceable suction pads.


These compressed air lifters are designed for professional use and can lift glass sheets from a few pounds up to a few hundred pounds. Some of these models attach to a crane by a hook and others include rail systems that move the material from one place to another. Smaller, more affordable options include handheld vacuum lifters like the GRABO Nemo.


The GRABO Nemo

A small, electric motor powers this suction cup lifting device. This motor creates a vacuum that forces the suction cups to adhere to the material being lifted. The primary advantages of this device are the speed at which it creates the bond and the strength of the bond.

The GRABO Nemo features rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, designed to recharge quickly and perform for many hours without failure. The interchangeable suction pads are made from rubber or polymer. These pads have a raised outer edge to strengthen the bond between the pad and the glass. 

Even though it is lightweight and compact, the GRABO motorized electric suction lifter is designed for professional use. It is durable and made from the highest quality contractor-grade materials. The GRABO Nemo, weighs just 3 pounds with the battery installed. The ergonomic handle fits the hand nicely and allows a comfortable hold while transferring materials across the job site.


For small, quick glass jobs such as replacing a pane in a house window, the inexpensive single suction cup device applied by pressure will be sufficient. For applications such as automotive glass replacement or glass block installation, a stronger, pump activated suction cup device will be more effective. The GRABO Nemo is a lightweight, affordable electric suction lifter designed for professionals, but at a small fraction of the cost of the large metal frame lifters. The simple push button operation makes it so easy that even a child can operate it. 

The GRABO Nemo is available through authorized contractor supply stores, Amazon.com, and specialized suppliers. For more information, visit the website at www.grabo.com.

GRABO for Painless, Precise Glass Installation