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Use a Vacuum Lifter for Concrete Installation or Removal

A suction vacuum lift is a device that lifts heavy objects with suction cups. The suction cups can range in size from fractions of an inch to over a foot across. There can be one or there can be several suction cups on the device.

A vacuum pump that forces air into a pneumatic chamber and puts pressure on the suction cups, forcing the air out of them. The air pressure outside the suction cups is then greater than the pressure inside the cups. This creates a vacuum effect, holding the suction in place. This process allows the suction cup to remain attached to any mostly smooth object for a long period. The bond will remain in place until air is forced into the suction cup.

Common Uses for Stone Workers

Vacuum lifters are widely used in construction and industrial settings to lift smooth and semi-smooth materials. Stoneworkers find vacuum lifters indispensable for moving and placing tiles, concrete pavers, or ceramic blocks. Landscape professionals use vacuum lifters when creating outdoor living spaces such as patios, pool decks and decor, or outdoor kitchens. Even artists are using vacuum lifters to move materials and completed works of art.

Commercial applications include installation and removal of cut concrete slabs, placing concrete steps and fixtures around homes, and moving pallets of stone and block from one place to another on the job site. Demolition work becomes easy and painless. Rather than spending countless hours lugging broken concrete slab, a worker can attach a vacuum lifter in a few seconds and carry the debris to the refuse container. Worker accidents also decrease because fewer back injuries and drop accidents happen when workers have the vacuum lift to aid them.

Homeowners are also finding the vacuum lifters invaluable for remodelling projects, landscaping, and demolition. Installation of shower floor pans, stone tiles, fireplace hearthstone, and patio pavers are easy with the use of a vacuum lifter.

Many Kinds of Lifters

Vacuum lifters come in many sizes and types. The smallest suction cup vacuum lifters use a single suction cup. Commonly sold in automotive parts stores and big-box stores, these inexpensive suction cups hold pictures on walls or adhere to a small piece of window glass.

Double suction cup lifters can be manual press in place models or battery-operated types, designed to move larger, heavier pieces of material. The electrical pump models are more durable than the manual press in place models.

· Heavy-duty vacuum lifters have large lifting, large vacuum pads, and powerful suction pumps. Designed for industrial settings and attached to an overhead crane, many of these have horizontal and vertical multi-position settings to allow large sheets of heavy material to be placed in tight openings.

Some lifters feature a rechargeable battery. Depending on the size and type of battery, these lifters can be handheld or require a crane for use.


The GRABO Vacuum Lifter

The GRABO is a hand-held, battery-powered vacuum lifter. The GRABO Suction Cup Vacuum Lifter is designed for professionals but easy enough for a homeowner to use. 


The GRABO Nemo is an electronic vacuum suction cup lifter designed for professional contractors. The strong 11.6 psi vacuum pump operates for up to 1.5 hours of non-stop use, powered by a rechargeable 16w, 14.8V lithium-ion battery.

Designed for use on a variety of smooth and porous materials, the GRABO Nemo can lift up to 375 pounds of ceramic, glass, or stone tile. The easy one-handed operation gives you the ability to carry materials to the workspace and easily put them in place.

Multiple Surface Applications


The GRABO Nemo has enough staying power to lift large stones, oversized pavers and tiles, and cement fixtures like steps and ponds. The specially designed pad allows for use on even concrete or stone.

How many times have you tried to use your manual suction cup lifter on a rough piece of tile or stone? Perhaps it held for a few minutes before letting go, or maybe it didn’t even adhere at all. You won’t have that problem with the GRABO. The unique design and the powerful suction vacuum allow the GRABO to grip rough, textured surfaces easily. You can even lift cinder blocks with the GRABO Nemo.

Another outstanding feature of the GRABO is the suction holds in a horizontal lifting position and a vertical lifting position. For extra-heavy materials, you can combine two GRABO vacuum devices and have twice the lifting power. Imagine carrying a vast slab of granite through the house with ease.

The GRABO is made by Nemo Power tools for contractors, craftworkers, and professionals. The body of the device is made from a high-end, durable plastic composite called PA6. This high tensile nylon polymer is specially designed and approved for power tools.

The device weighs just 3.3 pounds, with the battery in place. The ergonomically molded handle fits comfortably in the hand. The vacuum provides 11.6 psi of suction on most smooth surfaces, and the specially designed pads will not mar or discolor even the lightest colored surfaces.  

The 14.8V Lithium-Ion battery charges in just two hours and holds a charge for 1.5 hours on non-stop running. The battery will last through 900 Off/On cycles. Nemo Power tools offers a one-year inclusive warranty and provides exchange or service with a faulty product.

The GRABO is a professional contractor’s tool and sold through authorized flooring and building supplies retailers across the world. Be sure to ask your retailer if they have the GRABO in stock. For more information, visit www.grabo.com.