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The MRT4 Power Grip Lifter - Make it easy

The Woods Pow’r Grip Rotator/Tilter is a multiple pad vacuum lift system designed for use in manufacturing and construction practices. The unit is primarily used by glass workers, commercial building contractors using metal panels, and manufacturing plants. The unit features four 11” suction cups, mounted on individual arms. The maximum load of each suction pad is 175 pounds of flat material, for a total of 700 pounds of horizontal lift. The MRT4 has a dual vacuum system for added safety. The computerized unit runs a full self-check before attachment can occur and will refuse to engage if any low energy points are detected. Additionally, a visible low vacuum light and an audible low vacuum buzzer will alert users to potential problems.




Configurations and Options

The MRT 4 features moveable pads and extendable arms for a variety of lifting configurations. The standard four square pattern creates a lifting configuration of 28” x 32”. In this position the unit can lift 700 pounds of glass, metal, plastic, or stone horizontally using the lug pin and attaching to a crane. Optional expanding arms allow users to create additional configurations, but also create a slight decrease in load capacity. Extending all four arms out from the standard four square position creates a lifting configuration that measures 48”x67”, but lessens the maximum load to 600 pounds.

A third configuration is created by sliding two suction pads out to the extended length and changing the angles on the braces. The company calls this a linear formation and it measures 15” x 78”.  This configuration is especially useful for lifting metal panels, which are quite long and narrow. Not only is the unit capable of multiple positioning of the suction pads, but the entire device tilts on the lifting bar from 0° to 90°, stopping every 5 degrees for maximum versatility.

Another adaptive feature of the MRT4 is the adjustable length lift bar. This reduces the overhead clearance needed by almost one foot. This is perfect for working under eaves, rafters, and porticos. Unfortunately, this also lessens the maximum load capacity to 500 pounds. An additional option that is available configures the lift to a forklift friendly device. An attachment allows vertical lifting of loads using standard forklift tines. This is a great feature because sometimes a crane is not available or not the best piece of equipment for the job. 


The Woods Pow’r Grip MRT4 is very easy to operate. You simply position the machine over the material you want to lift, making sure all four pads completely engage with the material being lifted. For best results, make sure the pads are placed on the material in a symmetrical pattern that keeps the load balanced.

Once all the pads are centered over the material, you lower the device into place until the pads touch the surface. Once you press the power button, the device will go through a series of self checks before the vacuum pump engages. Then you will press attach, and a green light will appear, letting you know that suction is taking place. When both lights are green, you are ready to lift your material. 

Two colored, pressures gauges keep the operator aware of any loss of vacuum. The company recommends that these gauges be checked every five minutes while the device are in operation. Each pad has an individual vacuum hose, and pad failure could occur if that hose is faulty. Individual pads can be shut off, if needed, but the lifting capacity of the device is affected greatly because each pad has a max load of 175 pounds. The MRT4 operates on a 12 volt DC, 5 amp battery. An additional 9 volt battery is used in the control panel. An LCD panel with push button controls features an easy-to-read scroll through menu and push button select. 

To detach the MRT4 from the material, there is a two-step process that stops the flow to the dual vacuum system and releases the pressure. Of course, there is also an emergency quick release. A fail-safe built into the device will also warn of an imminent release caused by low pressure before that release occurs.


All of these features do come with a hefty price tag, though. Purchasers should expect to spend between $6,000 and $15,000 depending on which additional options you include. The device is only available through specialized retailers. You will need to place your special order and wait for delivery.


The device is recommended for handling bulky, oversized materials. Common places of use include glaziers, automotive assembly plants, commercial building job sites, and stone quarries.

The ability to attach to a crane or a forklift maximizes the potential for use in many industries and settings. 


The Woods Pow’r Grip Manual Rotator/Tilter MRT4 lift device with DC3 Dual Vacuum System is a dream come true for individuals working in industries that require lifting and moving extremely large, heavy materials. The different configurations make it versatile for different applications, including metal panels, large stone tiles, glass, and manufacturing components.  

The device is very user-friendly. The easy-to-read push button LCD control panel creates an understandable user interface. The built-in double alarm safety features, self check, and easy-to-read gauges guarantee fewer accidents and less ruined material. The price sounds high on initial introduction, but it is relatively standard for a piece of professional equipment such as the MRT4. The quality steel construction, high flow vacuum pump, and high-quality pads and hoses mean the equipment is going to last a long time.