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Work Smart With The Sheet Metal Suction Lifter

About GRABO Sheet Metal Suction Lifter

We know sheet metals to be products of the industrial procession of metals to thin, flat pieces. They are undoubtedly one of the fundamental forms in use in metalworking. Since they can be cut and manipulated into a wide variety of shapes, they are used to fabricate many objects we use every day. This is how essential sheet metals are to us.

Due to its versatility, sheet metal is used extensively in various industries. The traditional method requires us to move sheet metals around by hand, which is strenuous and can be pretty dangerous. Below are some of the disadvantage of handling sheet metals by hand:

Sheet metals usually have very sharp edges while still being fabricated in factories. Handling them with your bare hands or fingers puts you at high risk of being cut and having lacerations open.

Unlike wood, sheet metal is an excellent conductor of heat, and factories are likely to have many sources of heat around. This puts you at risk of skin burns as sheet metals that have been exposed to heat are dangerous to touch. In essence, accidentally touching a hot piece of sheet metal can cause severe skin burns.

Working with sheet metals generally produces lots of tiny particles and constantly having to lift them with your bare hands puts you at high risk of developing respiratory illnesses and diseases.

However, with the GRABO sheet metal suction lifter, you are saved from the subjection of yourself to these risks. It offers redemption to commercial and industrial sheet metal lifting operations.

Features of Sheet Metal Suction Lifter

GRABO sheet metal suction lifter is a portable electric vacuum lifter that makes your lifting of sheet metals a lot easier. It is a device for lifting flat sheet metal pieces using a vacuum system. They lay emphasis not only on facilitating ease but on assuring the safety of users as well.

GRABO's sheet metal suction lifter is consisted of various expertly designed parts to ensure safe grip during use. It also makes good use of the suction or vacuum technology for maintaining a firm hold to sheet metals.

The sheet metal suction lifters are highly compatible and efficient in picking, tilting, rotating, loading, stacking, and moving all types of sheet metals effectively. With just applying minimal effort, you can conveniently carry out operations with precision and speed.

When it comes to tilting and rotating sheets, extra work is always needed. But with our device, this task is made efficient and effortless.

Also, in situations where high-speed handling is vital, the suction lifter is your way out. Due to its design, you can easily and quickly pick up sheets and move them around with an easy and comfortable grip on the device's handle. This helps us save a lot of time. Besides, they are also effortless to maintain as it is portable.


Without a doubt, the GRABO sheet metal suction lifter will be a significant addition to your works requiring lifting. Below are some crucial advantages which this device, with all its exciting features, provide:

Your productivity increases significantly, not only because you and your employees work more conveniently but also because it also brings joy to your workplace, putting everyone in the right mood.

You are given the freedom to hire even more workers as anyone can use the suction lifter irrespective of their size, strength, age, or gender. This, in turn, helps improve flexibility, diversity, and retention in the workforce.

The equipment is relatively elementary to set up and use as it does not demand any specialized machinery. You do not need any unique settings or noteworthy changes when you want to use the device.

Its maintenance fee is very cheap because spare parts for the device are straightforward to find and don't take time or technicality to replace. This is made possible as it lacks the complexity of other systems with specialized mechanization. Therefore, you do not require special teams.

They save you immense costs since the maintenance fee is minimal, and your company doesn't have to suffer from insurance claims and the cost of sick leave.

Aside from sheet metals, they can also lift many other flat materials such as steel, glass, plastic, and wood. This gives you and your company a lot more versatility. Most interestingly, as long as the load isn't above the standards of weight, porosity, and measurements, you do not even have to make any changes to the device to use it for lifting a different material.

With the GRABO sheet metal suction lifter, you experience reduced downtime and workplace accidents, as well as increased efficiency and productivity. Its only notable disadvantage is the fact that it can't be used to lift too heavy materials or materials weighing above its capacity design. Also, some materials on which the device won't be able to apply a firm grip (such as porous materials with rough surfaces). However, as long as you carefully read its guide or handbook and use them with diligence, your safety and efficiency are guaranteed.


The GRABO sheet metal suction lifter technology impacts the metalworking industry significantly as it has made lifting sheet metals incredibly easy. It has inscribed its name on the hearts of its users and is trusted by leading industry professionals. Whatever size, shape, texture, or color – GRABO sheet metal suction lifter will help you carry and move it all. Work smart, not hard!


Work Smart With The Sheet Metal Suction Lifter