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Getting productive: VPH 150 Slab Lifter

VPH 150 slab lifter is a stretchy and robust hand-operated laying device for dense products, such as granite or high-quality concrete elements. Consisting of the following components:-Vacuum pump unit with manometer and suction force indicator, battery, charging indicator, and an on/off switch. It also comes with a complete unit detachable that can also be mounted on other devices. A rechargeable battery powers it, and it has a special energy-saving automatic that allows a full day of laying operation without the need for recharging.

It comes with handles that their height and width are adjustable to accommodate different laying tasks. With a suction plate, the seal can be substituted without glue and any tool within a minute. Additionally equipped with lifting orifice for crane hook (only permitted to operate near the ground)

Vph150 slab lifter lifters are the best device for landscapers and tilers to lift an extensive range of materials such as suction-tight concrete slabs, natural stones, tiles, and other suction-tight building materials; these objects are no problem at all for these powerful tools. VPH 150 slab lifters are battery-powered, they can be used flexibly and protect the edges of the slabs during laying.

An employee or personnel working can only lift about 20 kg when kneeling. When in an upright position, the force is doubled, but the worker can do even more by using the VPH 150slab lifter. With VPH 150 slab filter carrying handles, you can finally use the full potential of the vacuum lifters of over 120 kg — and work in a body-friendly position.

Lifting is done within a short period of time. Turn on once, lift the plates and prerelease the vacuum through the integrated foot pedal. Back-friendly and extremely efficient — and this makes the job easier.

Benefits of the VPH 150 slab lifter

VPH 150 slab lifter has many advantages. It is handy equipment that should be found in almost any working environment that as to lift one heavy object or the other VPH 150 slab lifter functions like almost every other simple pick-and-place vacuum cup seen in industrial packaging settings, but on a much larger scale. And they offer many benefits over manual handling operations. First, vacuum eradicates the need for unsafe and time-consuming lifting mechanisms such as hooks, slings, or chains. With no cables and chains to hook and unhook, there is less downtime between lifts and a faster load and unload cycle.

Second, vacuum ensures a robust positive engagement of the load, where slings and chains can shift or loosen, and therefore endangering employees. And it reduces or eliminates the need for tag-line operators on the ground to hold and guide the load. Considering the whole financial side. A length of chain is clearly less costly than a sophisticated vacuum handler, but in terms of dollars and cents, it becomes a speed and safety issue,

Imagine if you’re using chains, imagine you have a machine carrying a 20,000-lb load, and somebody with a tag line on each end trying to guide it and keep it from spinning or wobbling. And the operator of the machine has to watch out for the workers while trying to move and place the load, Operators can only move the load as fast as the people on the ground, and everything stops if they’re in the way, Worse, if the chain breaks and that piece of 20,000-pound material start to go, the guys holding on to the tag lines are along for the ride.

With VPH 150 slab lifter, lifting basically removes staff from the work zone. Now, the operator has full control, not only of lifting but also of placing and manipulating the product. He puts that material where it needs to be and goes back for the next piece in less than a minute; manual procedures can take upwards of 15 minutes per cycle.

Moreover, there is no reason for personnel to hike on trailers or into trenches to fasten and unfasten the connections and it also eradicates the need for expensive cribbing or spacers for pipe or plate. That plays into the economics and safety of the application as well. Vacuum-lifting systems can increase productivity, while the need for ground personnel reduces the risk of accidents and lowers payroll and insurance costs.

VPH 150 slab lifters are built to lift objects like large pipes, large concrete, etc. they can also handle flat or curved materials in shape. The material they are made with are designed to survive the jaggedness of Job site settings like abrasion, exposure to oil and water, sunlight, and UV radiation. It’s also suited for extreme temperatures, from –40° to 215 °F (ca. 102 °C). Rips and tears can be fielded repaired, and worn seals are readily replaceable.

VPH 150 slab lifters can acclimatize to a variation of tasks just by altering the pad. Standard curved pads fit pipe dimensions from 4 to 48 in. and can be customized for other sizes. Flat pads can be designed to precise sizes subject to the application. Specialty pads are also available.

Finally, cautionary lights and loud alarms notify the operator of low vacuum levels or system faults. The system operates through an electronic wireless remote control transmitter with matched receiver. Multiple lifters can work side by side without disturbance. It is important to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer that can put you through everything you need to know, and it is also essential that you are aware of your needs, i.e., the type of weighing you will be lifting the size and the texture or shape so that you can be guided appropriately, a good manufacturer will also put you through the guidelines, so you know how to operate the lifter effectively, all these are reasons why you need to patronize a trusted manufacturer so that you can get value for your money.

Make your research on the best brands and manufacturers from whom you will be buying from. This all really depends on what you will be lifting and for what you need the lifter. The Nemo GRABO is the lifter on the market that adapts itself to every situation. GRABO has made thousands of customers happy. At GRABO: You Get What You Pay For.