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Suction cups are used to transfer and lift loads so that you don’t have to bend over. It comes with a delicate trigger control release that helps to disengage the vacuum lifter quickly and securely. These double cup lifters are used for regular lifting and moving of non-porous materials on the ground level. The die-cast aluminum handle of the double cup lifter provides better quality, comfort, and strength. The dual rubber vacuum suction cup with concentric interior rings guarantees a sturdy vacuum hold.

Place your lifter onto the object to be lifted and push down, pushing out the air beneath the vacuum cups, and you will produce a powerful vacuum hold. Freeing the vacuum hold is as simple as lifting on the steel release bar. The double cup lifter often comes with typical oil-resistant black Nitrile rubber vacuum suction cups. Double cup lifters are also somewhat resistant to heat. Double cup lifters are simple, strong, and harmless; they ensure that you are using the best equipment for your lifting work. These double cup lifters are made with heavy-duty aluminum-bodied, and they will hold to most flat surface non-porous materials and is it is perfect for when handling heavy, obstinate, and very difficult object to hold, items such as glass, sheet metal, large tiles, marble, and many other materials during building, installation, and servicing.

The Double Cup Lifter most times come with 120 mm rubber gripping pads, with each one of the pads is fitted with a lever, simple lever action, locking vacuum systems. The two pads that this double cup lifter comes with allow the lifting capacity to be augmented. In addition to this, there is additional safety and security by spreading the total load. The vacuum system will support loads of up to 100 kg (24olbs) when made use of in a vertical position and up to 100kgs (220lbs) when used in a horizontal positioning. Double cup lifters are suitable for use on objects like windows, sheets, glass doors, metal tiles, and marble during installation. Powerful suction: maximum lifting weight is 120 kg, vertical 100KG. Double cup lifters are forceful and durable, and the surface metal paint is resistant to corrosion and rust. It is also made with high-quality aluminum alloy.

The rubber pad that comes with the double cup lifter is made with natural rubber, high density, wear-resistant, and pollution-free, and environmentally agreeable materials. It also has a strong suction that elongates the durability of the whole lifter. The handle of the double cup lifter is designed with comfort in mind; it is a non-slip groove design that makes it effortless to grip. The pressing button on the double cup lifter is made with engineering plastic with high strength and toughness; the surface of the pressing button also has an anti-slip surface which makes the handling smoother

Precautions to be taken when handling a double cup lifter

In operating the double cup lifter, certain precautions must be adhered to, such as the surface of the object to be lifted must be dry, clean, and stain-free, the grip of the lifter might not hold firmly to a damaged surface. Furthermore, set the suction levers of the double cup lifter in the right position. Press the cup face against the surface and then press the suction levers all the way down, do this one at a time to produce a vacuum grip. Before operating, make sure that the handle doesn’t have a pivot; make sure to loosen the thumbscrew before fitting and re-tighten once it is fitted. This pivot action allows you to lift materials that is curved in shape easily.

The minimum number of grips used should be twice and should be fitted to the surface in a position comfortable for you. This will give you better control and decreases the threat of any form of injury. Adopt a comfortable, stable stance when lifting — one that allows you to see what you are doing, i.e., the load, and all your body parts, in a clear view position. You get better results, and it’s a lot safer. Keep the whole of your body clear of any sharp edges at all times. Bear the safety of others in mind at all times. Keep them clear of the lift area, and make sure to inform those around you before you start any lifting procedure with the double cup lifter, cordoning off a safe area below as a precaution from falling or flying debris.

Take your time. It is wise to take your time and not be rushing to carry out any lifting procedure, make sure you are well-equipped in the handling of the double cup lifter, also make sure to go through all the guidelines or manual that comes with the lifter before you start any lifting process, do not ignore or omit any of the guidelines; they are all there for security purpose you are more likely to make mistakes or omit guidelines and have accidents if you rush the process.

Before buying a double cup lifter, make sure to carry out proper research and patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer, as we have different brands out there. A good manufacturer will put you through all you need to know about the double cup lifter; a good manufacturer will also equip you with the right guidelines to know how to operate and maintain your double cup lifter at all times. On your part, it is wise to be aware of the type of load or weight you intend to lift with the double cup lifter and have an idea of the size of the weight you intend to lift to get the perfect double cup lifter to meet your needs accurately. 

This may all seem time-consuming, but it is always worth it, and it ensures that you get good quality for your money. There are many brands to be considered. As said, you get what you pay for, so if you get a cheap lifter from an unknown brand, don’t expect it to be the best quality. GRABO is an example of good prices and durable products. Check more info here: www.grabo,com