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Is the Barbaric Vacuum Lifter the right choice?

Vacuum lifters are devices designed for lifting, moving loads, and setting them down again. Barbaric Vacuum lifters make use of vacuum technology to grasp and lift different kinds of loads.

The lifter is made up of a vacuum pump that is joined by an air hose to a lifting tube. Another name for a vacuum lifter is vacuum tube lifters. Barbaric vacuum lifters provide the perfect support to workers in the work environment. This is because they help workers in averting the pain that can come as a result of bending, lifting, or even pushing items. Barbaric vacuum lifters are very versatile equipment, and they can be made use of in light weight lifting or tiresome lifting, hefty box handling, or any heavy-duty lifting. Some companies even make use of barbaric vacuum lifters for airport luggage, lifting wood panel or cardboard boxes.

Why do you need a barbaric Vacuum Lifter?

Barbaric vacuum lifter makes the working environment stress-free: Vacuum lifters aids in easing off workers were most likely to incur, thereby improving efficiency in the workplace. These types of tools are taking the strain of employees, thus allowing the workers to lift, carry, and also move bulky amounts of load without getting drained or worn out easily. This also aids in saving time because vacuum lifters will allow employees to lift more in a short period of time, it will also minimize the break workers need to rest in between lifts as a result of injuries caused by frequent lifting.

The barbaric vacuum lifter is lifesaving: They are handy tools in a work environment, since they help diminish the casualties of damages workers are likely to incur in their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, barbaric vacuum lifters have a protection feature that is known as a non-return valve, which is very helpful because it helps in preventing the load from being dropped even when there is a power failure.


barbaric vacuum lifters are a must-have in your work environment because only a few is required to operate them, this means you don’t need to hire extra hands to operate your barbaric vacuum lifter, and you don’t have to worry about paying additional money for operators. When you use a barbaric vacuum lifter, the damages to your cargo is also reduced because they run smoothly and efficiently.

Vacuum lifters also save your business from pricey insurance claims or staff always taking sick leave due to recurrent injuries. Furthermore, because lifting is effortless and the barbaric vacuum lifter can be operated by almost anybody, there is no restraint on the kind of individual to hire, you can hire irrespective of size or gender, and this helps to improve diversity and flexibility in the work environment.

Vacuum lifters are also simple to mount and operate compared to other equipment that can be difficult to operate. Barbaric vacuum lifters are also easy to maintain, and parts of barbaric vacuum lifters can be changed in case of any damage.

Barbaric vacuum lifter comes in different designs: Each piece can function uniquely because they have various attachments and power options. The barbaric vacuum lifter is also built in various sizes and shapes. When you choose the perfect lifting equipment, your industry will run effortlessly, and you would have successfully saved money that you would have used in purchasing ropes, wires, chains, hoists, etc.

These tools can also be attached to walls or fixed on small crane system, and they are the perfect equipment because of their suppleness which makes the Manzelli vacuum lifter perfect if you have a small space

How to select the perfect vacuum lifter?

Nature of loads: before you buy a barbaric vacuum lifter, you must be aware of the type of load you will be lifting with the vacuum lifter. Vacuum lifters are designed for diverse sort of weight, some vacuum lifters are precisely for lifting loads like bags or boxes while some are built for sheets, it is also vital that you narrow down the load to the type of size, shape and weight, as this will enable you to select the perfect type of vacuum lifter for your company

It is also imperative to take into deliberation the way the goods will be boxed and stored, this will also help to conclude the choice of barbaric vacuum lifter that you want to acquire. Another issue to take into deliberation is the nature of the material you will be lifting with the vacuum lifter, are the materials delicate? For example, if the load you will be lifting with the vacuum lifter is one that requires some strict hygienic condition, especially for food processing companies or pharmaceutical companies, you might want to go for the vacuum lifter that is made with stainless steel lifting gear which is also very stress-free and effortless to clean, if the material you will be lifting with the vacuum lifter is harmful in nature, you might want to select a vacuum lifter that will not cause a spark, preferably one that is made with an explosion-proof filter.

Before finalizing your choice of the type of vacuum lifter that you want, you might also want to consider the expanse of space you have unfilled as this will help inform the size of the vacuum lifter you will end up buying, barbaric vacuum lifter comes in various shapes and size, so available space, and the amount of load to be lifted with the vacuum lifter should be considered before purchasing one. Vacuum lifters are a must-have for every organization that deals with the heavy lifting of any kind, barbaric vacuum lifter helps reduce employees chances of getting injured, and it helps to save cost and reduce time, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the organization, therefore if you follow the steps above; you will get the right type of barbaric vacuum lifter that’s suited for your company and your workload at large. It is important to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer so that you can get a good run for your money.

The lifters from Barbaric are not the only option in the market. Other brands, such as Probst, Elephant, or GRABO have managed to sell thousands of their units worldwide. It is difficult to compare them, since every lifter, in most cases, is produced for a specific application.