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Is the Manzelli Lifter as good as they say?

Manzelli lifters are devices and systems for the conveyance of objects with a flat or even surface that is only to a little extent porous or resistant.

In the wood industry, these lifters are used in handling, loading, and stacking panels or boards and in the picking and packaging segment. The most crucial advantage of Manzelli lifter is the efficiency and comfort it brings to personnel, as the work that requires quite an amount of energy and personnel is now being reduced.

Advantages of Manzelli lifter

The advantages of Manzelli lifter in lifting objects are as follows:

1. Manzelli lifters provide easy lifting:

This is due to the operation of the vacuum hanger that is above, and it becomes easier to grasp, put down and release. The stress of lifting manually is being incurred by a Manzelli lifter, and you don’t have to exert all your energy in lifting any weight in your environment.

2. Manzelli lifter saves costs

The use of Manzelli lifter saves costs because it can reduce the number of employees in storage areas. Absorption and release can be carried out by only one person: the driving operator. In any case, it is important and compulsory to decrease the number of workers involved in any tough and hazardous work. Furthermore, because the Manzelli lifter is very fast to grasp, so the cost savings exist in the speed. Our vacuum lifting system does not leave any mark or stain on the product, so we can lift objects that need to be handled carefully.

3. Manzelli lifter provides safety

The vacuum of the hanger of the Manzelli lifter typically emanates from the accumulator. In case the vacuum pump is switched off, the energy reserve of the Manzelli lifter can hold the load for several hours.

4. Manzelli lifter allows Fast operation

Vacuum energy is kept in a vacuum accumulator, which can be conveyed to the vacuum lifter in one second and absorbed instantly. Within a matter of seconds, the vacuum in the lifter can be reverted to atmospheric pressure and released immediately. The vacuum is well-regulated. Devices can display the system in case of leakage and load release. So far as the suction cup has a suitable vacuum load, it will not fall. In the role of lifting objects, vacuum lifting equipment has more advantages over other manual lifting equipment. It is faster, thereby saving time, and it’s also stressful free thereby taking the stress of workers or operators.


Regarding the machine and the operation, the load-bearing ability of a vacuum lifter varies from 250 kg to 1,000 kg. Manzelli lifters are appropriate for construction sites because the lifters can also be powered by a battery and become fully self-sufficient. A security system inside the Manzelli lifter endlessly monitors the state of the batteries and the vacuum circuit.

Audio and visual notice signifies an initial warning of deviation from the normal standard. A backup vacuum system keeps up the load-bearing capabilities if a power loss so that there would be plenty of time to put down the load once the alarm goes off judiciously. Vacuum lifting is often the safest choice in lifting or moving materials in any surrounding you might find yourself. Technology has developed rapidly, to the point that vacuum lifters are used regularly in the construction industry, facilities management, and in many manufacturing processes.

Tips for the Safe Use of Manzelli Lifters

Almost anybody can use Manzelli vacuum lifters, provided you read the instruction guide provided. However, it is important to read not only the guide but also follow through with the guide. Here are a few tips to guarantee your safety when operating the Manzelli lifter.

Condition of the Lifter

It is important that before you start operating your Manzelli lifter, you inspect it. If any security issue is detected, trained personnel should be informed. The Manzelli lifter should be marked with a note that states out of order to notify any other person that might want to make use of it. If any additional security notes are not written on the lifter, they should not be used.

Safe Lifting

All the supporting devices and the load attaching apparatus like chains and hooks must be accurately positioned to balance the weight of the load and the lifter. When you want to calculate the system’s capacity, you can deduct the weight of the lifter from the crane. Make sure to brush off any particles sticking out from the load. The lifter should not be misused by using the lifter to drag load across the floor, and also, it’s not safer to not lift load higher than necessary.

Personal Safety

Before you start lifting the load, make sure to alert all those nearby that a lift is about to commence. Make sure to pay attention to your hands and feet when placing the load on the lifter. It’s not advisable to bend or walk close to the load in case of an accident. No one should be allowed to ride or climb on the load during lifting, the loads to be lifted should not be left unattended either, and everyone involved in the lifting process should be fully trained in all the steps involved. When using a Manzelli lifter, no safety guideline should be overlooked or omitted, and the lifting process must be carried out according to the laid down guidelines on the Manzelli lifter.

It is essential to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer, as this will help guarantee that you are getting a good run for your money. A good manufacturer will also let you know about all the safety guidelines.

To Sum Up

Manzelli lifters are a superb option, especially if the object that has to be lifted has a very high weight. Nevertheless, there are much better options out there in the market. The problem with this kind of lifters is that they lack comfort. Moreover, most of the average person won’t be able to afford or store one of those.

GRABO on the other hand is an innovative and young brand that in a very short amount of time has made itself a well-known name in this industry. They stand for comfort and affordable prices, but at the same time for the highest and BEST quality. This is what makes them really stand out from the competition.


Is the Manzelli Lifter as good as they say?