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Is the GRABO the best suction lifting device in the market?

If your occupation or interest entails you to lift hefty sheets of glass or metal, but you have trouble getting a good grip, you are most definitely in need of a suction lifting device. Fortunately, you can use a suction lifting device to carry out your task without any hassle. To ensure that you get the best possible results, i.e., in buying a suitable suction lifting device, make sure that you take the time to find the perfect cup lifter for you.

Brands and Manufacturers

First, it is very important to analyze which brands or manufacturers are the most prominent in the industry. There are many brands such as Elephant that produce and sell big lifters. However, the better option will always be GRABO. This company has sold thousands of their models and have won the trust of their customers. You can check more details about the company and the models here:


Even though there are different suction lifting devices out there on the market, they won’t all be able to get the job done right, or they won’t all meet your needs. Some people rush through the buying process and don’t consider what option is a good fit, and they often spend time and money to get a product that will let them down. If you keep a few tips in mind and take your time, you will get a suitable suction lifting device that meets your needs accurately.

How the GRABO-Suction Lifting device works.

Before you proceed to purchase a suction lifting device from GRABO or any other brand, you must find out how they work; if you want to make the right choice, ensure you take your time. When you are prepared to use your suction lifting device, you will place it over the object that you want to lift, and you will then move the lever to hold the object in position so that it won’t come off. Once the device is secured, it will create negative pressure that will keep it in place, and you will be able to transport the item without stress. After moving the item to its intended location, you will pull the lever again to release the seal.

The following are tips to look out for when you want to buy your suction lifting device:


Strength is the number one factor to look out for when buying a suction lifting device, or better yet, capacity; you need to buy a suction lifting device that is strong enough or meets the weight of the load that will be lifted. If you go for one that doesn’t meet with the capacity, you are at risk of your load falling off when lifting your weight; this can also lead to injury and damage to the weight that’s being lifted. To help make this decision, you need to be aware of the weight of your load and be aware of how much weight each suction lifter can support before making the final purchase.

Furthermore, buying a durable and long-lasting lifter, it is advisable to patronize a good and reliable manufacturer and get good value for your money, other than just buying any suction lifting device you come across. A good suction lifting device is a good investment, provided you buy good quality.


There are different suction lifting devices out there, and they are made with different materials; the harder the material used in making the device, the harder it is to work with. So when seeking to buy a suction lifting device, be on the lookout for one made with aluminum. Aluminum is strong and light which provides a fair balance and makes working with it easy

Number of Suction Cups

A diverse suction lifting device will have a different number of suction cups, and concentrating on your requirements will help make the best choice. Each added suction cup will increase the strength of your suction lifter and will supply you with additional leverage.

Suction lifting devices with a single suction cup are perfect for lifting heavy weights, but if you need to raise large sheets of glass or metal, you can’t go wrong with a product that has up to three suction cups. If you are not sure how many suction cups you will need in the future, getting a product that features dual suction cups is a smart choice.


When the suction lifting device is not in use, you will need to find a space for it in your environment. Although a huge suction lifting device might suit your needs, that also means you will have to create some extra space for storing it. If you are going to be lifting smaller or less heavyweight, it’s better to buy a suction lifting device that won’t take up much of your space. Moreover, there are several storage cases, and you should ensure that your suction lifting device can fit right into it. Before you conclude the purchase, make sure to look at the suction lifting device package measurements.


One minute detail that people are looking to buy a suction lifting device overlook is the grip. Buyers most of the time overlook the importance of getting a suction lifter with a comfortable grip, or most times, they are not aware of it. If you are going to be making use of your lifting device on a day-to-day basis, getting one that has a painful grip will make finishing your task all but impossible or difficult. Moreover, a handle that does not provide enough traction can cause you to drop the items that you need to lift, which is a problem that you will want to avoid. Looking for a product with a handle with small ridges and that is the perfect fit for your hands will make your job much easier.

It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s always worth it, especially since you are going to be spending your money; it’s better to carry out a detailed research and, most importantly patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer so that you can get good value for your money, it’s also important that you are aware of what you will be lifting with the suction lifting device.