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GRABO: The construction experts' best friend

Increase your productivity and have fun while at it using GRABO, the world's first electronic vacuum stone lifting equipment. In an age where technology is the new language, the construction and building industry is not left out. We at Nemo Power Tools have carefully studied and innovated “GRABO&rdquo, an electronic suction machine to make heavy lifting easier and comfortable.  GRABO is the world’s first electronic vacuum suction stone lifter. As the name implies, GRAB-O is made for grabbing and holding materials using the suction cup system employing mechanical pressure. Building materials can now be carried, fixed, and fitted with ease with no fear of dropping. It is a piece of efficient equipment and safe to use.  It has a cutting edge design model and employs the vacuum mechanism, which is created with the aid of suction cups.


Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this lifting equipment beats other manually powered stone lifters and cutting-edge increases productivity at a large percentage. This high-density battery can power the vacuum stone lifter for 90 minutes without running down.  Engineers don’t have to worry about getting their hands soiled in cement or other materials despite wearing gloves while installing or fixing a material because the GRABO allows for comfortable and neat work. There is no need to manually induce a vacuum as the GRABO does that, automatically giving room for speedy work.  A GRABO comes 4-in-1 socket charger and replaceable rubber seal in a heavy-duty bag and a GRABO color box for easy movement from place to place. It also comes with a manual for  directions on how to use and maintain. 

It is a cordless handheld device made with plastic material PA6 and is highly effective for moving heavy-duty materials from place to place. The choice of raw material is because we wanted something lightweight but still strong enough to lift heavy weights without breaking. So, the GRABO can lift weights as large as 375lbs. The GRABO is an excellent stone lifter and is suitable for rough surfaces; and can be used for a wide variety of materials, including concrete tiles, cement, marble, glass, metal, cobblestone, wood, amongst many others. With GRABO, you can fit tiles seamlessly, install glass fixtures easily and move stones or similar materials from place to place without straining.


The usage of this vacuum stone lifting equipment cuts across various industries; carpentry and woodwork, logistics (movers), architecture, engineering, tile and flooring, windows and doors fixtures. It allows construction workers to handle materials that other suction cups can't handle.  GRABO is manufactured wholly by Nemo Power tools limited and is not outsourced to any third-party factory, ensuring the quality and affordability of each product and accessory. Every part and feature is solely assembled by Nemo Power Tools Ltd and undergoes several quality control tests before released into the market. As a consumer, you can be  assured of a strong and durable product with unbeatable warranty services.



Although more models are being worked on, GRABO has three durable and robust models presently; The Nemo GRABO, The GRABO Pro-lifter 20, and GRABO H, respectively the lightest weight. 

The Nemo GRABO

With a weight of 3.3Lbs (1.6kg), it has a mechanical gauge with a protective rubber cover and is suitable for all surface types. It can lift a maximum weight of 375Lbs (170kg). It also comes with an extra rubber seal and battery. The Nemo GRABO is the ideal lifting equipment for a building project. 

The GRABO Pro-lifter 20

The GRABO Pro-lifter 20 has a more sophisticated design with a net weight of 3.2LBS AND A MAXIMUM LIFTING CAPACITY of 375Lbs, the same as the Nemo GRABO. It comes with an innovative digital pressure sensor, an automatic stop function, and a digital display. It also comes with an extra rubber seal and suitable for all surface types. One catchy feature of this model is calculating its maximum holding force for a particular material. It does this by multiplying the pressure and surface area of the material. Another thing is GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 can still hold pressure even if the battery is taken out.


GRABO H, the least of the three, is suitable for home-like duties and hobbies. It is suitable for all surfaces but has a much smaller lifting capacity when compared to Nemo and Pro-Lifter 20. Battery capacity is also smaller and, therefore, can only be used for lesser-duty jobs or lifting. It doesn’t have an automatic stop function, display, and pressure gauge.  For more comparison details between the three models, check here at www.grabo.com.



An outstanding feature of GRABO is that it comes with accessories facilitating accelerated work.  An example is the Erguo S1 lifting attachment. This equipment allows you to operate GRABO without your hands or bend and minimize the rate of work injuries of constructors. With a weight of 2 Lbs and a maximum lifting weight of 265Lbs, the Erguo S1 can be used with all GRABO models except the GRABO H. Engineers do not have to strain their backs to pick up materials while using a GRABO. All you have to do is attach your GRABO to the four lifting lugs, and you are good to go. It makes the automated experience wholesome.



Every GRABO comes with a basic warranty plan, but you can extend it and enjoy other benefits by registering your GRABO. Each GRABO product comes with a serial number unique to it which is used to register. Have an unregistered GRABO? Register it here at grabo.com/reg 

GRABO is currently used in about fifty countries and has licensed dealers and distributors worldwide. Our goal is to reach as many workers as we can. There are also opportunities for interested parties to become a distributor.  GRABO is the future of the construction and building industry, and we are changing it one tool at a time