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Vacuum lift Price - Reasons for the radical growth

Vacuum lifts are a common thing to see in specific industries such as construction companies and the likes. They are commonly used in the glass industry, the construction, warehousing, and even manufacturing sectors.

The lifters come in handy, whether for the lifting of slabs, tiles, glasses, or sacks. There is a rise in the market of vacuum lifters, with the global Vacuum Lifter market size is projected to reach US million by 2026, from US million in 2020, at a CAGR of 2021-2026. You should know the price of vacuum lifts vary with different companies and also product specifications. You might not get something that falls right into your budget, but you would find something close to it. There are many companies out there for you to choose from where to buy your vacuum lifters from. The price of a conventional vacuum would differ from that of a modified lifter. GRABO Vacuum lifts are designed to make your job easier, faster, safer, and efficient. The price of a typical vacuum lift ranges as low as 249 USD.

The Nemo GRABO portable lifter retails for as low as 249 $ with a non-stop running time of  90 minutes. Other models are also available to make your pick from to suit either your specification or your budget. The GRABO vacuum lifters have the edge over the other vacuum lifters out there in the sense that they can grab objects with rough surfaces, porous surfaces, and even wet surfaces. You also wouldn't be needing to wind the lifter before it can enable its suction pressure as the portable vacuum lifter comes with a rechargeable battery which takes about a maximum of two hours for a full charge. The vacuum lifter industry has undergone a series of changes and variations and is expected even to undergo more if the projections are correct.  The market has gained significant support over a while from several notable companies worldwide, with a rise in the construction industry being a significant drive for the lifters’ Market. Vacuum lifters are also patronized due to the ease of work it brings. GRABO has a variety of vacuum lifters for you to choose from.

GRABO is a portable battery-powered vacuum lifter, gradually replacing traditional suction cups because of its key features such as portability, battery power, and strength. It can lift to 375 lbs and can grab even rough and porous materials. They have the edge over the other vacuum cleaners because they can hold porous surfaces, rough surfaces, sacks of all materials, wet surfaces, glass, and much more. GRABO has a much higher airflow and, as a result, can attract a majority of high cast pavers and porous materials. They are popular in the cement industries as they are used for picking up sacks of cement from one point to another. It is also a good tool in glass industries as its suction point makes it ideal for lifting and moving glass, either plain or patterned. It is also great for moving tiles, picking them up, and putting them in place. Its lightweight features and portability make it a popular demand as it is easy to move around. Other features include:

High Adhesion to rough surfaces 

Unlike the conventional suction cups, which can only create a good seal on airtight and non-porous surfaces, say, for example, glass. On the other hand, GRABO can create a good and secure seal on porous, etched, and rough surfaces. The principle used in creating a solid seal against porous surfaces can be described using Murray's law.

Keeping a seal for more extended periods on porous materials 

Conventional lifters can not and even when they create a seal, cannot hold it for more than a few seconds.  It is a result of air constantly seeping out of the porous material in question. Each GRABO lifter is unique with its very own serial number. This serial number is engraved Into the machine. There is also quality control, and for every lifer produced, all the raw materials used are carefully gone over to ensure that they are in good condition.

Grabo is currently sold in over 40 countries and is distributed in America, with its sales expectations higher in the USA and Canada. There are many distributors in these regions for you to pick up with different models available to suit your needs and budgets. If you're thinking of purchasing a vacuum lift, having a budget and specification in mind can help you narrow down your search and help you get something within your budget.

Other factors affecting price include load capacity, its components, type or brand, and specifications.


Some brands are considered to be high-end brands. These brands are usually reputable brands with a known name already. They are usually of stronger quality, and you would be sure to get your money's worth.


The components of a lifter determine how expensive it would cost. If it has a higher number of components, then this would lead to a higher price.


The specification is another price determining factor. The specification can include; running time, rated airflow, working temperature, charger input voltage, applicable surfaces, rated power, non-stop running time, maximum vacuum rate and maximum lifting capacity. and much more.

Lifting capacity 

The whole essence of a lifter is for it to lift things. The higher the carrying capacity it has, the higher the price. For example, the GRABO pro lifter has a perpendicular hold capacity of 375 lbs for glass and a parallel hold of 265 lbs. In comparison, the GRABO H has a perpendicular hold capacity of 375 lbs but a parallel hold of 220 lbs: same perpendicular capacity but different parallel capacity.


Is it a glass vacuum, a large or a small-sized vacuum? These factors end up contributing to the price.


Vacuum lift Price - Reasons for the radical growth