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Why you need an IMT vacuum suction cup

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Imt vacuum suction cup is a handheld device that features a flat vacuum pad and lightweight pump and handles formed from durable, high-impact ABS plastic. The vacuum lifter can be quickly attached to any object with a flat surface and offer reliable suction power to hold glass units. It can be used to lift desks, filing cabinets, and others. It also makes lifting items more accessible and safer when working on steps or scaffolding ladders. An imt vacuum suction cup is needed in a company or a work environment for many reasons, including efficiency and customer retention. By using an imt vacuum suction cup, you are increasing efficiency, and efficiency raises customer retention. When efficiency falls, customer retention falls, and when you have no customers, it will be reflected in your business.

Inefficient lifting of load leads to wasted labor. It has been revealed that wasted motion in a work environment leads to almost seven lost weeks per year. Reflecting on this loss of productive time will help you see why you need an imt vacuum suction cup or a GRABO suction cup. Workers whose main job is heavy lifting are at risk for a musculoskeletal disorder known as MSDs. MSDs are majorly responsible for most work-related injuries; warehouse workers are often at risk of this type of injury. The bottom line is even the most healthy worker will get tired at some point or, worse, get injured. An imt vacuum suction cup or any other device like GRABO vacuum lifter never gets tired, and a device keeps working. When your employees start taking absence leave due to injury or illness, a large chunk of your operating cost is going, and this decreases productivity.  

Additionally, the workforce in the logistics sector is aging, and with fewer young people willing to do manual lifting jobs, many companies are being faced with significant capacity problems. Logistics demand is drastically and dramatically rising with fewer workers to the rescue. Also, the percentage of older workers in the warehouse results in higher insurance and safety-related costs. 

Resolving the challenges of manual lifting in your work environment can positively impact your workers, workforce efficiency, and employee attendance. 

With an imt vacuum suction cup, a single worker can lift goods and covet items from one pallet o the other safely without any hassle. This can also be done in no time, reducing the worker and product's damage and saving time.

Investing in a good vacuum lifter like a GRABO vacuum lifter is a good investment in the future, one that pays for itself many times over and in no time. It also helps improve the competency of your facility. 

With an imt vacuum suction cup, load-lifting and assembling line management can benefit from greater efficiency and safety.

Lifting with an imt vacuum suction cup is precise, ergonomic, and accurate. It also enables heavier and more cumbersome lifting to be safely handled by a single worker. With a wide range of devices, the GRABO device can lift simple heavy packages, move, tilting, and place unevenly shaped objects. The devices can also be customized to suit almost any client's needs. This is all part of optimizing your processes, increasing warehouse workforce efficiency, and building a more profitable operation. 

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Stacking and offloading trucks have been carried out by hand typically.  This activity often requires two people to lift them. Two people have always carried out almost any flat-pack lifting. With the covid pandemic comes new packing challenges, and this way of working has been a huge sticking point in the lifting industry. When you combine the lifting challenge with shoulder injuries, poor posture, and a lot more, you see a need for an imt vacuum suction cup. The recent pandemic has shown the impact of the reduction in the number of staff on productivity. Even before the pandemic, people get sick or injured, and you are left with fewer workers but with the same volume of tasks. With an imt vacuum suction cup, a single worker can now carry out two people's share of work. 

An imt vacuum suction cup is designed to address the challenges effectively because you now have a single person working alone. 

An imt vacuum suction cup or a GRABO vacuum suction cup features an articulated arm, and they can e carried on any forklift or pallet truck and driven. A single person can turn, tilt and move items accurately. These imt vacuum suction cups are battery-operated, and this enables them to anywhere a transporting vehicle can, moving quickly between different workstations and effortlessly managing loads between the stations. Hopefully, the covid pandemic ends soon, but many of the changes the pandemic brought is here to stay. Whatever the case, there is a need for increased efficiency and productivity gained by replacing manual lifting with vacuum devices that will long outlive any pandemic. C:\Users\VENERABLE. ADEKUNLE\Downloads\0Z8A7335.jpg


An imt vacuum suction cup is a versatile device and a much-needed device for a work environment; if you have your workers’ best interest and customers in minutes, you won't mind getting one.

Why you need an IMT vacuum suction cup
Why you need an IMT vacuum suction cup