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Which company should you buy your vacuum lifter from

Vacuum suction Lifters

It's also known as a sucker, and it's a tool that adheres to nonporous surfaces using negative air pressure to create a partial vacuum. Suction cups in use today are modeled after natural suction cups seen in animals such as squids and octopuses, which let them climb on slick surfaces like rocks.

Different types of Vacuum Lifters

Powered Vacuum Lifting beams

These innovative powered vacuum lifts are suited for both horizontal and vertical equipment and are suitable for glass panels, for example. It can be difficult to find the correct equipment to raise and secure glass paneling in place; glass is fragile, and the possibility of it breaking is quite dangerous for anyone nearby. This is where vacuum lifting equipment for glass handling takes center stage. Glass handling vacuum equipment comes with the option of a 90-degree tilt for you to safely and securely handle glass.

Powered vacuum lifts have another advantage: the extra energy supplied by the battery or the mains allows them to raise greater weight than regular vacuum lifts. Self-suction lifting beam

If you want to save a little money, powerless vacuum lifting equipment may be exactly up your crane's alley. In all of its splendor, physics is working for this amazing engineering masterpiece.

The self-suction lifting beam is suspended from a hoist hook and merely needs to be lowered onto the material being used. When the equipment is pulled upwards, the vacuum is activated, saving you money on your build while still providing the great, mark-free result that all vacuum lifting equipment provides. And, if you're still not sure if one of these beauties will be up to the task, we have self-suction lifting beams with a variety of suction pads to offer you more security!

Battery operated vacuum lifters

Battery-driven vacuums give you the best of both worlds by providing you with an extra hand while saving you money on your energy bills! These vacuum lifts have unique powers for various purposes, and there are two types:

Alpha battery- This lift can be controlled by a single person, is hand operated, and is excellent for light lifting activities such as smooth/rough concrete, plastic, metal, or glass tiles.

The Beta Battery is designed for lifting airtight items like concrete slabs and natural stone by two people. This vacuum lifter, like the self-suction lifting beam, develops suction immediately after installation and can be released via a slide valve.

Hand-held vacuum lifters.

Cranes do not need to be involved in all of your building projects. When it comes to smaller, easier chores, a basic hand-operated vacuum lifter can be perfectly adequate without the risk of smearing or marking glass, ceramic, plastic, or metal sheets.

Popular vacuum lifter manufacturers


ACIMEX, the industry leader in industrial heavy load handling, designs and manufactures a wide range of vacuum lifters for grabbing large concrete, steel, or PVC pieces. 

Arch stone vacuum lifting device Tunnelift

Acimex makes the vacuum lifter, which is used for horizontally molding and manipulating concrete segments. The machine can be used both inside and outside.


It is automatic and is specifically for Arch stones.


The Vacuum Lifting Company

The Vacuum Lifting Company designs and manufactures vacuum lifting equipment for a variety of industries across the world. It improves your company's safety by reducing handling times and manpower levels. The vacuum lifting company offers a lot of services, from crane attachments to pipe handling.

Wood's Powr-Grip

Wood's Powr-Grip has been providing vacuum-lifting, holding, and positioning equipment for nonporous materials since 1964. Glass fabrication, window installation & glazing, sheet metal, stone slabs, insulated metal panels, and solar panels are common uses for WPG equipment. Hand-held vacuum cups, vacuum lifters that attach to cranes for heavier objects, and vacuum mounting cups.

MRT LIfter Series

The tilt-assist feature on this multifunctional rotator/tilter allows operators to securely and efficiently tilt heavy objects. Vacuum pads and extension arms that may be moved accommodate a wide range of load sizes and shapes.


  • Remote control: Lifters can be controlled from a distance. It's a simple plug-and-play installation Note: This product is only available in North America and Europe.

  • MRT lifters are sent and stored in this secure case.


Vaculex is a global leader in vacuum baggage handling lifters and vacuum baggage lifters that help or replace manual lifting. The firm creates, manufactures, and sells lifting devices for loads up to 200 kg.

The Vaculex® TP

The Vaculex® TP is a vacuum lift designed for quick manual handling of products. It's suitable for any form of package handling in logistics, order fulfillment, or distribution centers, as well as baggage handling at airports and ports, thanks to the 360° joint's versatility. You can also tilt the object 90 degrees using the 90° angle adaptor.


  • Extremely adaptable Vaculex® TP is incredibly adaptable and can handle a wide range of products in size, shape, and weight. Vaculex grabs the products from any angle and lifts them; you can easily spin either the lift or the items 360 degrees to set them where you want them.

  • Up to 65 kg can be handled quickly. The maximum weight allowed is 40 kg; however, this can be extended to 65 kg if necessary.



GRABO was invented and developed by Nemo Power Tools Limited. The GRABO Electric Vacuum Lifter is a cordless suction cup lifting device that operates using an electric vacuum pump to achieve a high suction level, securing it to almost any surface.


  • Adhesion to rough surfaces; Traditional suction cups can only create a good seal with flat, clean,  and airtight surfaces such as glass. However, GRABO's unique seal allows the tool to adhere to rough, etched surfaces.