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GRABO Glazing sucker - Make construction easy

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Glazing sucker is also known as glass sucker. It is made from a rubber pad and aluminum handle, and it is used to lift Glass or objects with a non-porous surface. It is a hand tool that can absorb slippery things, such as paving stones, ceramic tiles, Glass, etc. With the distortion of the rubber pad on the bottom of the glazing sucker and the atmospheric pressure, it can absorb things firmly, and then things can be moved easily. It would be best if you patronized a reliable manufacturer like GRABO. You can also read the fantastic reviews of their customers on their website; these reviews speak for themselves and reassure you that you are patronizing the best of the best. 

Tips for moving, staging and installing Glass with a glazing sucker.

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Any time you intend to transfer a piece of glass, you risk breaking it. Glass items are often custom items, and they are often tricky to remake if they get broken. When you want to move to install or store any piece of Glass, keep in mind the words slow, safe, and intelligent.  Glass is very delicate and very fragile, and when lifting or working with them, it is crucial to keep sensitivity in mind. Either you are installing it by yourself or you are supervising someone else, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Plan the route

Know exactly how to make use of your glazing sucker to get the Glass from the truck to the point of installation. Ensure you check door heights and clear your path; make sure there is no obstruction. Map out the route, and make sure the Glass will be put down like a piece of wood laid there. All these should be done before the transfer of the Glass begins to avoid damage of any kind.

Convey methodically 

Any time you see a glazing sucker, your senses should tingle. Make sure that you know how to operate your GRABO glazing sucker, and you are not working at a speed faster than the device itself. A good operator is always one step ahead in his mind, mapping out the path of least resistance for the glass ad preventing potential breakage situations before they occur. 

Make use of the proper lifting technique.

Be aware that Glass cannot support its weight; always carry it upright on edges like lifting plywood or dry wood. If the Glass is heavy, that is where your glazing sucker device comes in. use your lower hand for the glazing sucker and your upper hand without the device as a guiding hand to maintain balance. If the path from the truck to the window is smooth, use a glass figure.

Be prepared for the high spot.

When you intend to install Glass in a two-story building or other complex access area, glaziers will often set up their glass staging and transfer the Glass up by staging a half section at a time. This usually requires more than one person, but by using a glazing sucker, the work is made much more accessible.

Staging and storage

When the Glass is removed from the truck, the priority is to have someone secure any pieces remaining on the truck. Any piece of Glass that is left unsecured can fall victim to the wind and blow over.  If there is a secure spot to store the Glass onsite, store it on a wheeled A-frame cart or carts. If not, it should remain in the truck. If the job is big enough to warrant it, arrange to keep the truck on site. If not, the entire work area should be covered with drop cloths. Any old glass should also be stored away correctly before offloading new batches with your glazing sucker. If glasses are not properly stored, they could get stained, get dirty, or still fall over and break. If this occurs, injuries can arise due to the sharp edges from the glass stain. Glass should also be kept away from children and pets that you might have around, as both are very curious and standoff getting injured easily. 

Installation tips to keep in mind


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Before you lift your Glass, ensure you measure every piece and every opening to make sure that they align.

Clean the Glass on both sides before gluing it to the frame you want to attach t. cleaning it afterward can jeopardize the adhesive. When installing, make sure you don’t use too much adhesive; measure the adhesive adequately before smearing it on the Glass.


A glazing sucker is very useful in lifting glass weight. When you patronize a reliable manufacturer like GRABO, you get tips on how to lift, move and install your glass weight seamlessly. You also get an excellent quality glazing sucker that will work effectively and help take the stress of lifting off you.