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Different Industries and Their Need for GRABO Vacuum Portable lifter

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GRABO electric portable vacuum lifter is a very versatile device and it helps lift different heavy objects depending on your needs or requirements. Patronizing a reliable manufacturer like GRABO ensures that you are getting quality. Different industry requires the use of GRABO electric portable vacuum lifter for different reasons and some of these industries include;

Electronics industry 

The electronics industry is one of the most innovative sectors. It is characterized by the continuing trend of production of extremely high volumes of components or materials that are miniature. Our efficient GRABO portable electric vacuum lifter delivers a clean fault-free production process with maximum precision and accuracy. The electronic industry consists of a wide range of companies, and they have finished products that require manipulation during processing; some of these products might be quite heavy to move or might be needed to be moved frequently. The packaging of these finished products also comes in various shapes ranging from carts to bags etc.  With the heightened focus on health safety due to the pandemic, there is an ever-increasing focus on how materials are being transported. The GRABO portable electric vacuum lifter provides the perfect solution by allowing less contact with the materials being lifted.

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is also very particular about cleanliness, and GRABO lifter comes in very handy. They are designed to withstand the thorough and repetitive cleaning that this pharmaceutical industry put them through before use.  They are also made of polished steel or stainless steel, and they have all their joints welded to a perfect finish to prevent the accumulation of dirt by the portable electric vacuum lifter. All the air from the compressor is expelled from the cleanroom to guarantee that the air in the room remains clean and most essentially uncontaminated. The GRABO portable electric vacuum lifter delivers efficiently

Paper industry

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The paper industry is another industry that requires the service of GRABO. GRABO portable electric vacuum lifters are designed for safe, automatic, and gentle handling of a large variety of different paper grades and sizes. The purpose-built bottom seal rings in between the narrow suction area and mechanical touch valves ensure tight contact and more porous roll ends. The lifter comes with two independent vacuum pumps. One of the vacuum pumps fulfills the necessary vacuum generation. The second vacuum pump serves as a backup or for extra suction capacity if needed. Collision avoidance in fully automatic operation is ensured by a distance sensor in the vacuum lifter bottom and position sensors in the center cone. Precision, reliability, and durability are essential requirements, and GRABO portable electric vacuum lifter provides the right lifting technology for handling or lifting whole rolls of paper.

Glass industry

Glass is a very fragile and sensitive material. It requires extreme accuracy when being handled or being lifted. For automated and manual handling, the vacuum provides an ideal basis for a multitude of handling solutions for glass processing because it allows careful, low-marking gripping and yet makes heavyweight virtually weightless. The glass industry has been in existence for a long time. In the beginning, the lifting was mostly manual but, with the advent of technology, the process went through modernization which created room for increased production in volumes and therefore required greater automation. The purpose of a glass vacuum lifter is to lift and move your glass material securely during the production phase and also during the installation and laying-up phases.  Glass is extremely fragile, and it involves rotation and tilting of glass especially during the laying-on phase. 

Wood Industry 

The wood industry also benefits from the use of GRABO portable electric vacuum lifters. Vacuum lifters are used to manipulate flat commercial wood panels, door panels, or special lifting devices for applications in the wood processing industry. 

GRABO portable electric vacuum lifter is equipped with interchangeable pads for handling or lifting rough or smooth wood surfaces. The lifter can also eliminate the use of straps or slings that can scratch and damage wood surfaces. 

It is suitable for production, maintenance, and home workshop. Its compressed air operation eliminates the reliability problems associated with electric vacuum pumps in dirty environments.

Logistics industry 

The logistics industry is a fast-growing industry. The success of the logistics industry is a result of different reasons like online sales, globalization, etc. this success makes the logistics industry a vacuum lifter user. Logistics involve a lot of tasks, and a vacuum lifter helps assist or makes the task easier. Whether at the airport, in the goods receiving or shipping area, production logistics, or parcel distribution, basically anywhere goods are moved quickly and frequently, GRABO portable electric vacuum lifter makes the job easy and takes the burden of employees of the logistics industry. 


Grabo portable vacuum lifter meets the different needs of different industries. GRABO is a forward-thinking company and considers the needs of all its customers to ensure that their needs are properly met. Patronize us at GRABO and get good quality portable electric vacuum lifters.