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How an electric vacuum suction cup works


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An electric vacuum suction cup is what you use when you want to hang a poster on a glass window or pick up a sheet of glass. GRABO electric vacuum suction cup is best suited for fixing any item on a flat surface or a non-porous surface, and it will stick if a lot of force is involved and used correctly. These electric vacuum suction cups are produced with soft rubber and adhere to the surface using force or air pressure. The suction cup must meet three requirements for them to function effectively. The first is that it needs to possess a cup shape with a hollow center and flat spreading sides, it must also stick to a flat non-porous surface, and thirdly it must be made of air-tight material. 

The science of how a suction cup works

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Picture everyone, everything in the world surrounded by an ocean of .air, and this air places pressure on the outside and inside of everything. When you press a suction cup against a wall or a window, you force out the air inside it, eliminating the pressure inside the suction cup and creating a vacuum that seals the cup tightly to the surface you want it to stick. A suction cup will come off when air pressure on the outside becomes lower than the air pressure inside the suction cup. It will make a pop-like sound when you pull a suction cup off the wall that is the air rushing in to fill the vacuum.

In science, gravity and friction are the two main forces that make it possible for suction cups to work. Gravity pulls the molecules in the air towards the earth, creating atmospheric pressure. An excellent electric vacuum suction cup on a slick surface causes pressure to be applied to the outside of the cup, pushing it down onto the surface, and friction keeps the electric vacuum suction cup sliding. 

Modern suction cups are made of highly flexible synthetic such as PVC plastic or neoprene.  Electric vacuum suction cups are prized for their reliability; these materials are preferred to natural rubber because they are stronger and more resistant to sunlight, abrasion, and temperature extremes. Earlier, suction cups were made from glass or gourds. These handy devices are designed to conform to the shape of the surface that they are stuck to and will adhere best to smooth and non-porous like metal or glass. 

Air pressure

Once the air is forced out from the device, a vacuum is created. Since atmospheric pressure will always try to equalize itself, air naturally fills in any missing gaps. This pressure pushes against the air outside of the suction cup. Since it cannot penetrate the suction cup surface, it forces it instead of against the flat pieces of glass; if air can work under the edges of the suction cup or through the surface, the seal will break, and the suction cup will fall off. 

Maintenance of your electric vacuum suction cup

Like any other device, your electric vacuum suction cups need maintenance; this maintenance is what ensures the prolonged usage of your device. Here are a few guidelines to follow to keep your device in check. One of the first factors to keep in mind about your GRABO electric vacuum suction cup is that they work best when they are kept clean and free from dirt. Ensure you check your suction cup regularly to ensure no changes in temperature or humidity may gradually make the cup lose suction.

To achieve proper suction, ensure that the surface you want to attach to your electric vacuum suction cup is appropriately cleaned with warm water and soap.  Ensure that both inside and outside of the suction cup are clean and dry before use.

Also, to enhance suction, make sure that you apply a dab of Vaseline or oil to keep the seal tight.  You can also dampen your fingers with water and lightly moisten the inner suction cup. Moistening helps to keep the suction seal tight. Make sure that you do not get too much moisture but just enough to coat the surface. 

Make sure you press the center of each suction cup down firmly to the glass and keep fir hold for about fifteen seconds. Then gently release the pressure until all air bubbles inside evaporate, and a vacuum is created. To firmly seal the cup to the surface, all the air should be trapped between the suction cup and the object, and do not let the suction cup slide; if they slide easily, you might have used too much moisture. 

The electric vacuum suction cup might need to be burped from time to time by pressing down on them so that whatever might have been seeped in can be eliminated.

Lastly, ensure to keep the suction cup out of the reach of children. 


An electric vacuum suction cup saves you a lot of stress. To prolong the life span of your electric vacuum suction cup, you must maintain it properly and also purchase good quality. You can only get good quality when you buy from an experienced and qualified manufacturer like GRABO. An experienced manufacturer will also see to it that you get all the necessary information for the effective functioning of your suction cup.