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Fun activities with IMT glass suction cups

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A suction cup is also referred to as a sucker. An imt glass suction cup uses a negative pressure to adhere to a non-porous surface and, by so doing, creates a partial vacuum. Various suction cups we have in existence today imitate animals like octopus, squids because these animals have naturally occurring cups that aids the climbing on slick surfaces like rocks. 


There are different fun activities you can carry out with your imt glass suction cup or your GRABO suction cup, depending on your choice. It is recommended that before you purchase your glass suction cup that you read the reviews online, as this counts for the external opinion of individuals who have made use of the device and therefore can be their opinion or judgment can be trusted. Here below are a few fun activities that you can get involved with your imt glass suction cup.

Construction of aquariums

One of the fun activities you can do with your imt glass suction cup is to build an aquarium. An imt glass suction cup will hold the two pieces of glass together in time for the silicone seal to set and become water-tight. If you have ever wondered how fish tanks are being held together while being made, then an imt glass suction cup is the answer. If you decide to make an aquarium,  ensure you use a GRABO glass suction cup to provide safe silicone for your fish tank. 

Film set/movie production

One of the activities you can use an imt glass suction cup is attaching a camera to a moving vehicle. Movie directors use an imt glass suction cup to shoot the action scenes of a movie. Imt glass suction cups are also used to attach costly video equipment to moving vehicles to capture images that would be extremely dangerous to capture by hand. To get a good quality scene, consider using a trusted manufacturer of glass suction cups like GRABO so that you can get a good quality scene.

Fixing windows

While this might not be such a fun activity, imt glass suction cups are still very useful in fixing new windows. Glass is a very fragile object and also very sharp. It is also slippery when wet. Professional window installers will use an imt glass suction cup or GRABO glass suction cup to carry out their work. GRABO glass suction cup has a built-in vacuum loss indicator to minimize the chance of the glass falling and breaking.

Windscreen replacement

A glass suction cup can also be used for the replacement of car windscreens. Due to the enhanced technology, glass suction cups can safely and efficiently carry out all sorts of important lifting especially relating to glass objects. These glass suction cups lift independently and swivel to match the designs of the windscreens, and they have been designed in such a way that they can lift curved glass surfaces. 

Window cleaning and maintenance

It is no longer new that glass suction cup technology has improved. Some buildings can only be cleaned by rope access and trained window cleaners. Glass handheld suction devices are used to clean the windows. The device is used with quick releases to stabilize themselves and help perform their task to a high quality. Some people also use GRABO suction cups to temporarily attach radios, light, and navigation systems onto boats, trucks, aircraft, and other terrain vehicles.

Wall hangers in bedrooms and bathrooms

This is very simple and easy to use. These glass suction cups now allow you to avoid temporary holes into walls, and these holes are often very expensive to repair. Glass suction cups are helping with your tasks and at the same time also saving you some money.

Production lines

It is quite difficult to pick up flat materials, especially when they are lying down on top of each other. To eliminate this hurdle, every production line now makes use of rubber suckers to lift and move materials from one point to the other. Even manual production lines are starting to see these glass suction cups more and more as a device that helps people safely and easily move materials. 

Lifting bulky and heavy objects

Imt glass suction cups can also be used to lift heavy objects like granite, fridges, furniture, etc. moving these objects can be quite tasking, and most time, more than one person is required to lift the objects. These GRABO glass suction cups, unlike other glass suction cups like imt, can lift to 125kg, which reasonably one person cannot afford to lift solely. These glass suction cups come in handy, especially when you are at home and alone and you need to move heavy objects. It is not advisable to even attempt to try and move heavy objects on your own as this can be extremely dangerous.


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Glass suction cups are extremely versatile, but to get quality for your money and to carry out your task seamlessly, it is recommended that you patronize a reliable manufacturer like GRABO to get a good run for your money.  

Fun activities with IMT glass suction cups
Fun activities with IMT glass suction cups