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GRABO or Veribor - Which Glass Suction Cup is better?

Even with the pandemic, the vacuum lifter industry has witnessed significant growth in the last few years. There is a forecast that it will experience yet another boom in subsequent years. It is projected that the vacuum lifter market size will reach US million by 2026, from US million in 2020, at a CAGR of during 2021-2026. Veribor glass suction has been around for a while, but so has GRABO, with various vacuum lifters to suit your exact or precise needs.


GRABO is a fast-rising brand, and they are taking the vacuum lifter industry by storm. GRABO is a professional vacuum lift system for moving almost anything. Unlike Veribor glass suction that’s limited in its capacity, GRABO is not in any way limited, and our team is constantly designing new up-to-date technology that can meet every of our customer’s needs. Even our reviews speak for themselves. A review on Amazon reads, “ we ordered this for the stone countertop Industry, for production, and when it was delivered, it has been very much in use. Highly recommended. 

GRABO is intentional about their customer’s needs; they take their time to outline the flaws in other vacuum lifters like the Veribor glass suction and improve on it. GRABO is never behind, and GRABO is a very progressive company.  

One of the most remarkable characteristics of GRABO is its ability to hold on porous surfaces, compared to Veribor glass suction and other conventional vacuum lifters that we have out there. The most notable feature of the GRABO vacuum design is its ability to hold on porous surfaces using suction pressure. They can also grab onto non-etched surfaces, wet surfaces, and rough surfaces.  Its portability is also what makes them stand out. Suppose you are looking to buy a portable vacuum lifter and a vacuum lifter that is rechargeable and can function without a power supply for over two hours. In that case, GRABO is your go-to, unlike Veribor glass suction that is powered manually. GRABO also has a built-in sensor and a display that makes the user aware when the lifter is in operation. GRABO vacuum lifters are so portable and are rechargeable with a running time of about 2hrs!

GRABO’s vacuum lifter come in different designs and capacity. Whether you are looking for a vacuum lifter for a professional purpose or you want to make use of it in your home, then GRABO has you covered. Also, the GRABO lifters aren’t restricted to lifting a particular item makes it almost like a multipurpose lifter, so you don’t have to buy different lifters for different purposes.

GRABO vacuum lifters also protect your company from incurring exorbitant insurance claims or employees always taking sick leave due to frequent injuries. Also, lifting is effortless and can be operated by anybody; there is no limitation on the type of person to employ. You can hire irrespective of size or gender, and this helps to improve diversity and flexibility in the work environment. Unlike the Veribor glass suction, GRABO vacuum lifters are also easy to maintain, and parts of the vacuum lifters can be easily changed in any case of loss. GRABO vacuum lifters also come in many designs; they are made to be used in multipurpose ways. Each part of the GRABO vacuum lifter can operate separately because they have various add-ons and power options. When you select the perfect lifting equipment, your business will function smoothly, and you would have successfully saved money that you would have used to buy ropes, wires, chains, hoists, etc., and these equipments are also not efficient. 

Unlike the Veribor glass suction, GRABO vacuum lifters can also be mounted on walls or fixed on a small crane system. They are the perfect equipment because of their mobility, making the GRABO vacuum lifter perfect if you have a small space.

Precautions to keep in mind when working with a vacuum lifter

  1. Never attempt to operate a lifter until you read and understand the user’s guide. One of the first rules in the operation manual ensures you are well-trained and not just testing the waters.

  2. Vacuum lifters are like any other device and must be maintained from time to time: it is vital to have a schedule for inspection, maintenance, and testing. 

  3. If a vacuum lifter is not functioning correctly, it should be labelled to show that this device isn’t to be operated. Personnel should also ensure that workers don’t attempt to operate an out-of-order labelled vacuum lifter. GRABO vacuum lifters should not be used for any other purpose other than lifting. Make sure every load to be lifted is free of dirt, debris, straps, etc., to allow for an optimal vacuum pad grip and avoid any form of obstruction. Handle the crane hoist of the vacuum lifter in a steady, smooth manner and minimize abrupt movements.

  4. Never lift or transport loads over personnel. Make sure you and all persons are clear of the load while lifting and maneuvering it. This is to avoid any form of accident or damage. Make sure to replace labels that do not display instructions, cautionary information, or pictograms. Do not use a lifter when capacity, weight, or safety markings are missing to avoid the danger of overload or misuse of the vacuum lifter.


We at GRABO are very particular about their customer’s needs; not only that, they are constantly improving the quality of their product to ensure their customers get a good run for their money. It is essential to patronize a reliable manufacturer that will put you through or how to use your vacuum lifter and precaution to take. Go the GRABO way. 

GRABO or Veribor - Which Glass Suction Cup is better?