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Is GRABO the better version of Kappel?

The vacuum lifter market has experienced notable growth in the past few years, with even a projection of it experiencing another boom in a few years to come. The global Vacuum Lifter market size is projected to reach US million by 2026, from US million in 2020, at a CAGR of 2021-2026. There are notable vacuum lifters brands such as Kappel, owned by German Robert Kappel and are known to have been around for a while with various vacuum lifters to their name.

However, new brands are rising fast in the industry. They might be new kids on the block, but there’s nothing little about them. One of these leading brands is GRABO. A professional vacuum lift system for moving almost anything. 

 A review on Amazon reads,we ordered this for the stone countertop Industry, production and installation...we used it for the first time yesterday, and holy wow, we will be ordering 6-8 more! Unbelievable grip, took an install down from usual 45 minutes to close to 20 minutes. Fantastic product!"


Unlike the conventional vacuum known to us, GRABO took time to see the flaws in the traditional vacuum lifters and add the missing features to their models and designs. The most notable feature of the GRABO vacuum design is its ability to hold on porous surfaces using suction pressure. This is a problem often faced by conventional vacuum lifters.

They can also grab onto non-etched surfaces, wet surfaces and rough surfaces.  Its portability is also what makes them stand out. GRABO vacuum lifters are so portable and are rechargeable with a running time of about 2hrs! It also has a built-in sensor and a display that indicates when the lifter is in use. The GRABO company has a range of lifters to their name; these lifters vary in specification, design, capacity and whether it’s for professional use or simple DIY or crafts. Also, the fact that the GRABO lifters aren’t restricted to lifting a particular item makes it almost like a multi-purpose lifter. You don’t have to buy different lifters for different purposes.


The above doesn’t apply to the GRABO H (GRABO Hobby). This is more for DIY and craftsman use and not for professional service like the other models. It also has a lower running time (an hour) in comparison to other GRABO models. Now let’s look at a few Kappel models and also some of GRABO’s



  • Two-circuit vacuum system

  • 360 ° Manual rotation

  • Tilt manually 90 ° horizontally

  • Suction cups 4, 6 or 10 pieces.

  • Maximum loading capacity 300, 450 or 600kg

  • Own weight 60, 70 or 90kg

  • Suction cups Ø 330 mm

  • Temp. operating 0 – 40 ° C

  • Power supply 12V battery

There is no indication of running time, but it does state that there is a 12v battery. 


This lifter is a versatile sixteen pad lifter with two extension arms as standard, increasing capacity to 1200kg and offering additional stabilisation of larger loads. It also comes with two hydraulic rams for seamless power tilting and a user-friendly enclosed control panel. Glass, metal and non-porous materials can be safely and efficiently tilted from upright to a horizontal position with the Hydraulicas 90° powered tilt function. Manual 135° left and proper lockable rotation are also included as standard and cable remote control.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 1200kg.

  • Manual 135° left & right lockable rotation.

  • 12v rechargeable battery with integral 110v or 240v charger and battery energy gauge.

  • Two extension arms with variable position pads supplied as standard.

  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning.

  • Cable remote control as standard.

Another downside to this is that although Glass, metal and non-porous materials can be safely and efficiently tilted from upright to a horizontal position, it doesn’t state that porous materials can be lifted, where GRABO strength comes in place.


Let’s look at a few of GRABO’s models

GRABO PRO-Lifter 20 

Although not yet in the market, it is going to be very soon. This tool comes with an innovative digital pressure sensor, display and intelligent settings for both pressure and weight (psi, bar, kg & lb) with a non-stop running time of 1.5 hours under full charge. Here are the complete specifications

Is GRABO the better version of Kappel?