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What do Superheroes and Vacuum Lifters have in common?

There are as many vacuum lifters as there are fictional superheroes we see on T.V, in comics, and perhaps in real life, and every superhero story, there is a criminal or, at the very least, a cat who is stuck on a tree and is in dire need of saving. And as the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes. So, save yourselves the stress of imagining vacuum lifters in suits and capes.

We must address the most obvious question: What qualifies one to be a hero? Not the speed force or being bitten by spiders. Being good despite all odds is a good start. Heroes are good people because they go around doing good things. Yes, all heroes have one thing in common: protecting the lives of people irrespective of their class and gender. What makes a hero super? Now, we can introduce the spiders. Stan Lee, the co-creator of many famous superheroes, says: "A superhero is a person who does heroic deeds and can do them in a way that a normal person couldn't. So to be a superhero, you need more exceptional power than any power a normal human being could possess, and you need to use that power to accomplish good deeds. Otherwise, a policeman or a fireman could be considered a superhero." Based on the definition above, Vacuum Lifters qualify to be superheroes, although they do not possess mystical powers. After all, Batman, Ironman, Green Arrow, Hawkeye never possessed superhuman powers, but they either used technology to their advantage, mastered some martial art skills, or both!

Vacuum Lifters fall a little more on the Batman side. 

Going with Stan Lee's definition, yes, they indeed perform heroic deeds that no average human could do, I must add, without breaking a bone. After all, the average human attempts to lift 250 pounds of granite and succeeds but not without dealing with some severe injuries. Vacuum lifters do these seamlessly.

Vacuum kerb Lifters

As an element of roads and highways, Kerbs serve several purposes: defining the limits of the carriageway, containing the carriageway to prevent 'spreading' and loss of structural integrity, creating a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians, providing a physical 'check' to prevent vehicles from leaving the carriageway, and allowing surface water to drain away by forming a channel. All of which is great and necessary in a human community. Sidewalks/pavements are essential. What makes a Vacuum Lifter a kerb lifter? The fact that it can lift Kerbs. That being said, one can make light work of lifting kerbs or slabs with the ranges of actual kerb and slab lifters that we have today. No lifting operation that involves kerbs or any stones should be completed without vacuum kerb lifters. Vacuum Kerb Lifters can be hung from the big boys, such as diggers, cranes, or other suitable lifting apparatus, by a central lifting point because their powers complement each other like Batman and Robin. Or it can be handled manually by two people. This bad boy makes laying slabs and kerbs safe and accurate. It takes the heavy lifting and back-breaking arching out of laying slabs and herbs, which according to Stan Lee, is heroic. The fewer people we have quit their jobs due to severe back injuries, the better for the human race. This is humans and machines allying to make the world a better and safer place.

These Lifter superheroes belong to different associations, somewhat similar to Avengers or Justice league or Fantastic four or Legends of Tomorrow. In short,  these Lifters are branded, but unlike what we have in the fictional Star City or Gotham City, where each member of a team has their real identity hidden from the world, as well as their "base",  there are no secret identities in the world where Vacuum Lifters are Superheroes!


The GRABO is a unique vacuum lifter. The only one of its kind on the market. GRABO can easily attach to surfaces such as drywall and wood, making construction jobs much easier for its users. Tasks that traditionally required two or more people, such as picking up large bulky drywall, can now be done easily by one worker using GRABO. No time is wasted on cleaning the surface from dust and dirt because whether GRABO will attach itself firmly to dirty, wet, and even rough surfaces! It is great for lifting all sorts of materials. Here are a few: Stone, glass, textured Granite, patterned steel, drywall, tiles, wood, tombstone, appliances, doors, car windshields, furniture, manhole covers, and concrete, which automatically makes it a Vacuum Kerb Lifter. 

The GRABO Lifter is associated with NEMO Power Tools, and its base is in the heart of Hong Kong. 



TAWI vacuum lifters also make great vacuum Kerb lifters. They facilitate the heavy lifting of stone slabs with an ergonomic slab lifter that quickly grips and lifts all types of stone or cement slabs. And since Kerbs are generally constructed of cut stone or cement concrete slabs, TAWI slab lifters are a good fit. TAWI is a part of the Piab group, and they are based in a small town on the west coast of Sweden called Kungsbacka. To every superhero, his weakness that he dutifully nurtures. This, sadly, applies to vacuum lifters as well:  Aside from the shortcomings peculiar to each lifter, they all have one they share in common: They are dependent on humans. They are dormant unless wielded by a person. Would that mean they are better described as superweapons? Perhaps. But let us end this topic and conclude that they would rather lend their powers to humans. 


See it as a kind of Green Lantern-Power Ring relationship.

Vacuum lifters