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The Damo Suction Cups and the battle of genders

The construction industry is male-dominated and, perhaps, will remain that way for a while longer. But women are slowly infiltrating this industry, wearing their helmets tightly over their heads, shoving their bodies into those overalls, and marching to get their assigned tasks done with pride. 

According to a 2018 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up about nine percent of construction industry employees. Not much has changed since the statistics were carried out. There are several factors as to why career paths such as construction have an enormous gender gap and are labeled "MEN ONLY." This ranges from the unconscious gender bias most people grew up with to lack of adequate training catered to women specifically, and lastly to the risk factors of the job. There is a lot of talk going on about how the male gender is the strongest of the sexes. Men as a class do have areas in which they are generally more physically able than women. In a random group of 100 people, men can lift heavier things with their upper bodies because they have more upper-body muscle hence, why construction sites are a man's playground. Construction has a lot of lifting,  pulling, and drilling involved, all of which work the upper body muscles. And I am not so sure many women go into this field to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger's, which is not a bad idea. But due to the nature of this career path, both genders are susceptible to severe injuries.

Industrial production now relies on the ability to transport massive, heavy loads safely. And thanks to many manufacturing industries such as GRABO, hoists. And Lifts available are everywhere on the market. Hoists and lifts are great for shifting goods to a new position as these loads cannot be carried manually. Various types of clamp equipment, suction cups, and vacuum lifters with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tonnes are among the products available. All lifting equipment is built to relieve workers of the stress of heavy lifting and other ergonomically inefficient movements.

That being said, a fraction of our problem has been resolved for all genders.  This should alleviate the fear of sustaining injuries for some. Now, amongst some of the lifting products we have on the market, I will be speaking about suction cups as their purposes cut across many facets outside the construction industry; most people are familiar with suction cups and probably own one in their homes whether or not they are in the construction business.


Suction cups are used to grip and shift workpieces. Suction cups do not adhere to a workpiece's surface. Instead, as soon as the ambient pressure is greater than the pressure between the suction cup and the workpiece, the suction cup is pressed against the ambient air pressure. They secure and help transport a wide variety of items, including bottles, bags, bricks, and wooden boards, as well as sheet metal, pipes, and glass windows. They serve as the connection between a vacuum system and the workpiece. Now, A suction lifter (also known as a suction pad) is a form of a suction cup that is used for commercial and industrial lifting. They're commonly used in the construction industry to transfer big, smooth items like glass panes, fixtures like kitchen countertops, floor tiles, and so on. They're usually powered by hand, but they can also be used with a hoist.



Damo Suction Cup is a product of Damo diamond tools Ltd. They provide lifting and handling equipment for heavy and unmanageable objects used in the construction business. The DAMO suction cup has two models: 

  1. DAMO 10" Vacuum Suction Cup

  2. DAMO 8" Vacuum Suction Cup

Both models are heavy-duty glass lifters with hand Pump suction cups for Glass & Granite Lifting. The DAMO 10" comes with an ABS handle. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a great plastic product to use since it is one of the most affordable plastics resistant to strong impacts and corrosive chemicals. It is also harmless (relatively) since the plastic material doesn’t have any known toxic carcinogens in it. It has a load capacity of 265 pounds per cup.

The Other Damo model comes with a durable metal handle and has a load capacity of 150 pounds per cup. Both models come with a free casing, which is pretty fancy. It is a necessity if you want to keep the rubber clean. And you should keep the rubber pad clean if you want it to last longer, although aging and wear are inevitable.

The rubber pad should be replaced at least once every two years. You should inspect vacuum pads before use, make an effort to clean the vacuum pads and the load surface between each lift and make sure both surfaces are dry and free of any dirt or obstruction.

Quite different from GRABO products, this one provides you with the opportunity of selecting exactly the product(s) best suited for the task at hand. If, for example, you are looking for lifting equipment designed for handling glass, there have several battery-powered vacuum lifters and suction cups designed for this specific task, such as the GRABO Nemo Lifter. If, on the other hand, you are looking for lifting equipment designed specifically for handling such and thinner objects, such as tiles or kerbstones, there are various clamp tools developed especially for handling such workpieces.

There is something for everything if you look hard enough.

The risk factors have been significantly lessened by the advent of these eco-friendly products for women whose only reason for choosing other career paths for fear of being involved in accidents on site.

So, no matter your gender, if Bob the Builder is your role model, sing that theme song with every bone in your body!

The Damo Suction Cups and the battle of genders