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How The Portable Vacuum Lifter Helps In The Pandemic

One device that comes in handy during the pandemic period is the portable vacuum lifter.  The grabo portable vacuum lifter is built for efficient lifting and picking of loads. It comes with an articulated arm, and it can be carried simply on any forklift or pallet truck and driven or towed around the storeroom. When you get to the lifting location, you start the vacuum pump with a button. The legs automatically lower when the vacuum pump is switched on. The pronouncing arm permits you to stretch far into pallet racks or to the back wall of a container for the vacuum lifter to grasp the desired object. It can handle any load up to 90kg, and a wide selection of suction cups is obtainable for lifting anything from sacks to laminate boards or tires. A quick-coupling device lets you easily switch between cups. In contrast to most vacuum systems, it runs off batteries to go anywhere its transporting vehicle can go.


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all the industry, ranging from the food industry to the technological sector, and everybody has to find a way to work around it. This article is going to examine some of the ways the pandemic has affected portable vacuum lifters.

Retail shopping:

The pandemic came with restriction of movement, and not many people enter the shop to buy physically. There was the lockdown that restricted movement at one point or the other, and even after the lockdown was eased, not many people can go out. However, the flip side to this is that online shopping is now accelerated. Many people are now placing more orders online for the GRABO portable vacuum lifters than coming physically to get one.


Online shopping requires space for storing your portable vacuum lifters and any other type of vacuum lifter.  The logistic system is also very complex. Different kinds of vacuum lifters, including mobile vacuum lifters, have to be sorted and assembled into the different units before being dispersed to the person who purchased them. All these require a lot of space. Another downside is that you need more hands-on-deck to deal with the orders and this isn’t helpful because of the rule of social distance. Loading and unloading parcels being sent out or being delivered cannot be done without people being nearby. The logistic side of the business doesn’t consider the health and safety part of workers because it comes with a lot of risks, but now due to the pandemic, a lot of measures have to be taken to make work slower. 

Reduced Personnel:

Many industries, as a result of the pandemic, have reduced workers, some workers are sick, and some are in quarantine. There are fewer workers, but tasks still need to be done. However, the upside is that more industry now needs more portable vacuum lifter because the factories now need supporting labor. Efficiency levels have suddenly increased at a very high speed. This is also a pointer towards the future where fewer young people will want to be involved in manual lifting, and they will use lifting devices like the portable vacuum lifter. Individual orders: another upside to the pandemic is the high demand for small-size lifting devices like grabo portable vacuum lifter. Customers are demanding more for products and fast deliveries. The portable vacuum lifter is very efficient both in the saving cost and also storage wise. Portable vacuum lifters are designed for lifting an object with a flat surface or smooth surface. With a portable vacuum lifter, you no longer have to endure the stress or strain that comes with lifting load manually, and it also helps to avert accidents. 


Most industries usually use trade fairs to carry out exhibitions to showcase their new designs of vacuum lifters. Still, the pandemic has stopped this due to the limit of the number of people that can gather together. However, companies can use the online platform to showcase their newly designed product, and it can be displayed on their website, which will also save the company a little bit of money. Not one industry is left out in the effects of the pandemic, but the businesses that are left standing are the ones that have learned how to work around the pandemic. It is important to keep in mind that the pandemic is a very persistent one, and one cannot predict the end. Some companies have learned how to convert a visit to their website into money. Some companies have had to create space in their warehouse to store more devices and carry out more tasks. Companies will have to position themselves to have more online presence because of the pandemic. Most of the activities being carried out are online. Many of the changes brought by Covid are here to stay. The replacement of manual lifting by vacuum devices would seem to be one of the advantages, and it will be wise for companies to cease the advantage.


It is essential to patronize a reliable portable vacuum lifter manufacturer that has put many safety measures in place. This is the only way to ensure that you are getting value for your money. Even with most sales happening online, a reliable manufacturer will still be able to put you through either way on how to make use of your portable vacuum lifter. At GRABO, you are guaranteed good quality.

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