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How the Suction Lifting Pad is compliant with the Covid-19 protocols

A lifting suction pad is a device that is used in both commercial and industrial lifting operations. Most industries make use of lifting suction pads to move heavy, oversized, and smooth objects.  Lifting suction pads are more suited to lift the load with smooth or flat surfaces, although they can be designed to lift the load with a porous surface. They are commonly handheld, even though they can operate on a hoist. 

The lifting suction pad is handheld for the most part, and this means that it might pose a danger seeing as covid 19 has affected a lot of the way we carry out activities, and new measures are being put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.  There are many factors that the lifting suction pad already in place even before the pandemic and new measures to be added. Some of these measures need to be enunciated, while some new measures need to be introduced. 

The Covid 19 pandemic affected the world as we know it, and the economy of many states was affected. Due to the reduced interaction and more stringent rules, many restrictions are being put in place. The way we now talk, eat, socialize, work, and interact as a whole is now wholly different from what was obtainable before. 

So how does this change affect the business industry?  A lot of industries are being forced to make a lot of changes. The businesses that will come out of the pandemic will be businesses that have taken all precautions to keep their customers as safe as possible. Some of the designs of the lifting suction pads that are already in place and fits with the new stringent rules that are in place are these: 


The design:

We at GRABO ensure that our lifting suction pads are in the manual field, and they are equipped with an operation handle that creates a certain distance for safety reasons. Also, the lifting suction pads are designed so that you don’t have to contact the actual goods that are being lifted, and this can be very beneficial and in compliance with the new stringent rules that are now in place. The lifting suction pads are very reliable and help to lift your load effortlessly. Reduction of personnel: because of the amount of personnel needed in the lifting of load, a lot of that requires a lot of personnel might have had to shut down during the pandemic period, but due to the lifting suction pads, such problems are now history because with the lifting suction pads you can now lift and transport your load without needing many hands. Therefore, your business can still be in operation without breaking any of the rules put in place due to the pandemic. The lifting suction pads can be customized to suit your taste and assist you in lifting weighty objects.

Hygienic standards:

The lifting suction pads come with a silicone seal built to withstand very high temperatures, and they can also be sterilized. This simply means that customers can now clean their lifting suction pads after use to make sure that they meet up the new hygienic standards that are put in place. Customers who are having doubts about purchasing the lifting suction pads will find this quite beneficial. It’s a way to ensure that you can clean your lifting suction pads after use. 


As an employer, you must make sure that all personnel making use of the lifting suction pads observe all the rules that have been put in place.  Rules like wearing of face mask and washing of hands must be adhered to very strictly. Even if the lifting suction pad isn’t used in a work environment but in your personal space, all the covid 19 rules must be adhered to very strictly. It is also vital to ensure that everybody using the lifting suction pads has adequate knowledge of the device, so no time will be wasted when operating the lifting suction pads. Another measure that can be taken to ensure that the rules are being adhered to is to ensure that you have enough room for your workers to perform their job. Ensure that they are using the right equipment during operation and ensuring that all the workers have adequate training and information, and make sure that they understand how they are to comply with all the rules. Also, make sure that they are fully supervised so that you won’t be taking any chances. 


The pandemic was such an unforeseen circumstance, and not only the food or medical industry was affected. The vacuum lifter industry was not left behind, and seeing as the pandemic is still very much at large, each sector has to find a way to cope with the pandemic or find a way to work around it. A manufacturer like GRABO has your best interest in mind and will prioritize your safety above all else. If you follow the rules put in place, you would not need to worry much. If you are considering getting a lifting suction pad and having a second thought, it is essential to remember that the pandemic is a persistent one, and we all need to find ways to work around the pandemic.

How the Suction Lifting Pad is compliant with the Covid-19 protocols