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Advantages of buying a GRABO suction cup

Suction cups are also known as suckers. They are machines that use the negative fluid pressure of water or air to adhere to non-porous surfaces. Suction cups have some characters of animals like octopuses and squids, and they have been recreated artificially for several purposes. There are many suction cups out there, but the GRABO suction cup stands out for several reasons. Here below are some of the advantages of buying from GRABO:

On-site staff safety 

GRABO suction cup is designed to augment on-site safety. The controlling hydraulic rotator and suction pad can protect the loads and uphold a fixed hold at all times. On-site safety is a way of ensuring that personnel is no longer needed to climb up or under the load to secure or release the load, thereby allowing everyone to maintain a safe distance and significantly reduce the risk of injury. On-site safety guarantees that damage of load cannot happen at any time. It serves as insurance. It also eradicates the use of hooks, chains, clamps, or slings when lifting load. The staff on-site can therefore maintain a safe distance and also lift the heavy load.

Time and cost-efficient

GRABO suction cup is designed to make fitting, operation, and maintenance a natural process. The GRABO suction cup is not affected by weather; thereby, the risk of delay during lousy weather is averted, maximizing your time and money.

The suction cup can also be connected to a wide range of carriers in little time. The switchable suction pads can meet various diameters, weights, and loads that included; plates, slabs, pipes. The interchangeable suction pads can house a range of loads. Due to the fast installation process, you can start using your device immediately after purchase and get a lot done in such a short period. 

Improved working conditions

The GRABO suction cup comes with the absence of noise pollution and exhaust emissions. The reduced noise allows for clear and effective communication, especially between the workers. This creates more comfortable working conditions for the staff on-site. It is essential to patronize a reliable manufacturer like GRABO that considers noise pollution and any other measures that might make the usage of the device unbearable or inconvenient. 

Full load control 

GRABO suction cup is well-engineered to ensure that they can fully sustain control and a fixed hold on loads at all times. The heavy-duty hydraulic rotator and suction pad guarantee that the crosswise movement of the entire load is controlled and decreases the danger of loads colluding with and hurting the staff or nearby articles, thereby creating a much harmless atmosphere. When the load is safe and secure, it reduces the risk of damage, and employers no longer have to worry about incurring exorbitant insurance claims from employees.

Safety Conscious

GRABO suction cup is equipped with widespread safety structures that guarantee your crew's safety and load being lifted in every outcome. When the vacuum drops more petite than a certain optimum threshold, visual and distinct alarms will automatically trigger. Notifying operatives of reducing power and providing them with sufficient time to lower the load into a safe position is meticulous. The load being lifted remains secure even in case of a power failure. Powerful suction secures the load at all times. 

Damage Prevention

Owing to the raised engineering of our suction cups, no energy is exacted onto load materials by hooks, clamps, slings, as vacuum lifting has no requirement for such features. At the same time, the lifters controlling suction pad, soft rubber liner, and polyurethane guide wheels protect loads firmly in place and provide enhanced material protection throughout every operation. The load only has contact with soft rubbers seals to protect the coating. Evenly distributed weight across the lifter reduces point loading and, the line and guide wheels secure protected loads. 

The design 

The GRABO suction cup is built to guarantee that the lifting suction pads are in the manual arena. They are built with an operation handgrip that makes for a certain distance for safety reasons. Also, the suction cup is designed to don’t have to contact the actual goods being lifted.  The suction cup is very beneficial and in compliance with the new stringent rules that are now in place due to the pandemic. The GRABO suction cups are very reliable and help to lift all heavyweight effortlessly.




Vacuum lifting has made a massive difference in the heavy lifting industry, and it has provided a conclusion to the pursuit of safe, efficient, and sustainable heavy-duty lifting. GRABO also harnesses technology through expert engineering to deliver the best product. It is essential to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer like GRABO so that you can get good value for your money. GRABO suction cup is a cup-designed device with a fractional vacuum produced when applied to a surface. 

Advantages of buying a GRABO suction cup