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This is why you need an Electric Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum lifters are devices that are used to transport a variety of loads within a set area, such as a manufacturing plant or a warehouse. Electric vacuum lifters are usually made use of when lifting heavyweight as well as in the lifting of delicate objects like glass weight or even a crate of eggs. When you patronize a reliable manufacturer like GRABO, they will put you through on the exact type of vacuum lifter to get depending on the type of weight you intend to be lifting with the electric vacuum lifter.

No matter the object that you are lifting, it is imperative that you lift the object with the safest machine or device. This is the job of the electric vacuum lifter. If you don't want to incur any form of bodily injury while lifting a heavy object and avoiding damage to the goods being lifted, you need an electric vacuum lifter.  You can also make use of the GRABO electric vacuum lifter for quick grip operations.

History of vacuum lifters

aluminum suction lift

Many years ago, vacuum lifters were only able to lift a small amount of weight. They were not as strong either. But with years of practice and experience, more electric vacuum lifters have being manufactured. Now, we have vacuum lifters for glass, granite, wood, and many others. GRABO electric vacuum lifter has also improved over the years because they have taken the time to study the needs of their customers over the years. 

Working principles of a vacuum lifter


With vacuum cup lifters, you will find that the same principles apply to all of them. All vacuum lifters should be able to lift and move loads. Electric vacuum lifters should also be able to put down the load safely without incurring any damage. The vacuum attached to the lifter is what holds the object up when lifting is in process. Vacuum handling suction cups is easy. The pump sucks in the vacuum between the suction cup and the part to be lifted, and it stores this vacuum in a chamber created for this purpose. By creating a vacuum, the atmospheric pressure is eliminated in the suction cup enclosure. 

Advantages of vacuum lifter

Electric vacuum lifter comes with so many benefits.  One of the advantages of a vacuum lifter is that it makes your work easier by taking the stress off you. With GRABO electric vacuum lifter, you can handle metal weight more efficiently, and the process of working with a heavy object is also much safer. Do you have any problematic weight to lift for instant granite blocks that you can't lift easily with your hand, then a vacuum lifter will be of help? Weight like glass sheets can also be lifted with an electric vacuum lifter. 

A vacuum lifter is also time-saving. The amount of time and the amount of personnel that will be required to lift heavy weight is reduced just by making use of a GRABO electric vacuum lifter. With an electric vacuum lifter, you can do so much more in such a short period and all these without anybody or any cargo getting injured or getting damage. If you are also achieving more in less time, then you are at an advantage of making more money or at the very least doing what you love with the spare amount of time you have saved by making use of a vacuum lifter. The bottom line is that a vacuum lifter helps with your productivity. Another advantage of vacuum lifter is that it is so simple and easy to use with years of improvement. This means that if you are using the electric vacuum lifter in your work environment, you don't need to hire extra hands to help operate your electric vacuum lifter. If you are also making use of it at home, you can read the manual that comes with the electric vacuum lifter and start making use of it without getting any extra hands. GRABO electric vacuum lifter can be operated for over one hour in case of power failure or loss. It comes with a rechargeable battery that allows it to function without electricity for some time. There are also portable electric vacuum lifters if you are worried about the space for storing them.

Still confused?

If you are not sure whether to get a vacuum lifter to be rest assured that it is worth the hassle, it saves you time. It incurs the stress that you would have encountered by doing the lifting manually. It also safeguards the weight you intend to lift. Just patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer like GRABO, and you will have nothing to worry about. 


If you want to get good value for your money, then patronize a trusted and reliable manufacturer like GRABO. GRABO will put you through everything you need to know about the electric vacuum lifter, ranging from the exact type of vacuum lifter to buy to the installation process as well as the maintenance process. When you patronize us, be rest assured that you are in god hands and that we got you covered. 


This is why you need an Electric Vacuum Lifter
This is why you need an Electric Vacuum Lifter