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Buy a GRABO suction lifter and improve the economy

A suction lifter is a form of suction that is used for both industrial and commercial lifting. In the construction industry, the suction lifter can be used to move heavy or smooth objects. Objects like glass panes, fixtures on kitchen countertops, and floor tile can be lifted with a suction cup lifter.

GRABO suction lifter helps improve the economy

  1. Market driver: A suction lifter is a very versatile device and, it is made use of by almost all industries, ranging from construction to aviation to the pharmaceutical industry. This means that the manufacturing of the suction lifter and its purchasing contributes to the overall economy of a country.  GRABO suction lifter is extensively used in various industrial applications for efficient handling of material during the manufacturing, processing, and packaging stage. GRABO suction lifter also helps to reduce the stress of the workers that would have been incurred from heavy lifting. 

  2. Adoption of automation by various industries: with each passing day, there is difficulty finding and retaining skilled labor, the rising labor cost is also looming. Several industries are facing one of these challenges. This has led to an increased rate of adoption of automation by several industries. To reduce the cost of labor and at the same time increase efficiency at the manufacturing site, suction lifters are developing fully automated handling systems to reduce the level of human interaction. Also, with the pandemic, GRABO suction lifter helps to reduce the number of people that need to be in a space to get the work done.

  3. Upcoming sellers: suction lifter sale is categorized by several media to small global and regional vendors. The market is matured only in developed countries. This means that there is still room for an increase in sales in developing countries. GRABO suction lifter can be a full-blown market in developing countries and help contribute to the economies of developing countries. The rapid growth of the emerging economies and the presence of several manufacturing industries will also help to fuel the market growth. 

  4. Suitable for all purposes: There are different types of suction lifters and they cater to every type of need. There are portable suction lifters that are portable for those that do not have enough space and for those that do not want to make use of it in a work environment. GRABO suction lifter is can also be used for two hours without a power supply. All these qualities help to save money or cost that can be incurred from outrageous power supply bills. Suction lifters can also be operated easily by any personnel, which helps to save cost because you don't have to employ any extra hands to help with the operating of the suction lifter. It is essential that before you finalize the choice of a glass suction cup, you consider the texture, porosity, weight and size, surface size, and lifting direction of the load to be lifted. The following are the factors to consider before making your purchase. 

Factors to consider before buying a suction lifter

Before you purchase a suction lifter, several important factors are to consider to ensure that you get the precise suction lifter to meet your exact needs. Questions like the weight and size, porosity should be considered 

Weight and size

The weight and measurement of the substances are to be identified and determined early because these two factors decide the volume and size of the suction cups that the glass suction cup will be needing. Any design should consider these two factors, and it is a reasonable step to take. Object size also decides the positioning of the cups. Suction cups should always be positioned relative to the center of the object of gravity. This allows for accurate positioning on the lifting actuator. 


The porous nature of materials that the glass suction cup will be lifting is another factor to be measured; inquiries like are the material solid and nonporous like glass or is porous like paper are to be finalized in advance. The answer to these questions will inform your call to action. It will also inform the size of the pump that you are to work with. Porosity is defined as the amount of outer atmosphere that passes through an object under a vacuum. Solid material with no pores or openings will not agree outside the atmosphere. Paper, for example, is full of tiny pores and leaks a considerable amount of air into any application. Temperature extremes at the contact surface also can affect cup performance. Whether the materials will be coming out of an oven or a refrigerator, it is better to answer this before time to learn how a specific cup material will respond.


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GRABO suction lifter helps to reduce stress incurred by workers during heavy lifting. It is important to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer like GRABO to get the best suction lifter and also get value for your money. It also helps that by purchasing a suction lifter you are contributing to the economy of the country. Go the GRABO way. 

Buy a GRABO suction lifter and improve the economy