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GRABO: The best-powered paving suction equipment

The days of using straps and clamps are gone, and vacuum lifting equipment like the powered paving suction equipment is the best replacement. If you want to improve construction efficiency, ease of installation and use, safety features, and at the same time make life easy for your staff. It would help if you considered getting GRABO-powered paving suction equipment. Purchasing GRABO suction equipment will replace some of the employees you need to hire, and it will also show current employees that you value them, and they, in return, will be more willing to invest in your business. Even if you are a one-person crew, it will be beneficial to improve your efficiency. This is why equipment like the powered paving suction equipment is manufactured to help save your back and help speed things up on the job site. 

Mistakes to avoid before and after you purchase your device


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If you have gotten powered paving suction equipment and wonder why it is not working appropriately, the chances are that you are making a few mistakes. You must be aware of a few factors before purchasing GRABO-powered paving suction equipment. If you already have one, a few changes here and there, and you will get the best experience ever. 

Be realistic

Make sure that before making use of your device, you are aware of the capacity; your whole device is highly versatile and flexible, it also has a limit. Make sure you are not lifting a heavyweight that exceeds your device's capacity to avoid any damage or malfunction on the part of the powered paving suction equipment. If you have much heavier items to lift, you might want to get a device that matched the capacity of your weight. While the size plays a significant part, the dimension of the handled object and its material will also determine a lot of things. When you buy from a reliable manufacturer, all these factors you need to be made aware of will be conveyed to you.  

Check the temperature

When using your powered paving suction equipment on your car window, for instance, please do not do it at a cold temperature. This can hinder the flexibility of the cup, and you will not get as good of a latch in warm weather. Omitting this little fact or being ignorant might hinder the effective operation of your powered paving suction equipment. 

Make sure the surface is right.

Some surfaces are not the right fit for your powered paving suction equipment. Make sure that you are working on a clean surface and a smooth surface. If you are working with a rough surface or a surface with a bit of texture, you might want to check if your device is compatible with that surface. 

If you continue to ignore these warning signs, then you are setting your device up for disaster; it won't be able to create a tight enough vacuum to seal out the air. 

Proper storage 

While powered paving suction devices are convenient and might need them for many things, you might be tempted to leave them lying around for easy reach. But, it does nobody good if they are constantly falling or people are always stepping on it because it is not stored correctly. If you want to enjoy your device for a very long time, you need to pay extra care and attention to the way you store your device to avoid any mishap. Create a space where the powered saving suction equipment will be stored. This space can be created so that you can still reach it easily anytime you want to make use of the device.

Lower the pressure under the cup

A powered paving suction equipment sticks to the exterior of the touched object when the pressure under the cup is reduced. It causes the higher atmospheric compression outside the cup to press the cup down onto the surface. The low pressure under the cup is due to the suction cup being linked to a vacuum pump that pumps away from the air from under the cup. 

A big cup with a low vacuum

If the vacuum level is too high, the suction cup will work harder and wear out quicker. Higher vacuum levels also use more energy. Therefore, it is typically better to uphold a lower vacuum and instead upsurge the suction cup area. The lifting or holding capacity of a suction cup is determined by lifting force= pressure x area. A simplified formula can be used to estimate the cup size needed for a specific task roughly. 



A powered paving suction equipment saves you time and energy, and it is a must-have when lifting a heavy object. To get good value for your money, you must patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer like GRABO. Patronizing a reliable manufacturer will guarantee that you are taking the installation, operation, and maintenance routine. A good manufacturer will also put you through the right kind of device that will suit your needs appropriately. 

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