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GRABO sells the best vacuum lifters in the market

Vacuum lifters are also known as vacuum tube lifters. GRABO vacuum lifters are used for lifting a different kind of weight. They assist in taking away the stress that comes with manual lifting. There are all sorts of vacuum lifters out there. But there are a few differences that make the GRABO vacuum lifter stand out and make it the perfect choice. 

The GRABO vacuum lifter comes with a durable battery that powers the vacuum lifter for over an hour, unlike other vacuum lifters out there that require manual pumping to function. The GRABO vacuum lifter also has all these beautiful features: One Nemo Grabo is packaged together with the following accessories:

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  • Built-in vacuum gauge 

  • Charger

  • Filter

  • Tile and Floor

  • Extra foam rubber seal

  • Two (2) rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack

  • Plastic carry case

  • Lifting strap (attachable to built-in side hooks) for additional lifting tasks

By purchasing a GRABO vacuum lifter, you are minimizing the risk of damage to your weight or your cargo, and at the same time, you are reducing the physical workload you need to bear. Whether you are laying a tile or moving a hardwood, or any other weight lifting activity, the GRABO vacuum lifter is your perfect choice. 

Vacuum lifters are the safest way to lift weight than going down the manual road; GRABO vacuum lifters can lift anything ranging from tile, rough metal, concrete, ribbed surfaces, and GRABO can help you move it safely. GRABO is versatile; the GRABO vacuum lifter lifts weight accurately and sensitive to the weight being lifted. Other vacuum lifters are more suitable for lifting fragile weight like glass, but GRABO is very versatile and durable, and it is not limited. GRABO is very efficient and effective, which means the risk of damage to your load is averted 

GRABO vacuum lifter is not expensive to purchase. It is significantly cost-effective and helps to save your money. GRABO is also powered electrically, unlike other vacuum lifters out there, and doesn’t require that many hands operate, thereby saving you the cost of hiring extra hands. 

GRABO vacuum lifters also protect your company from incurring exorbitant insurance claims or employees always taking sick leave due to frequent injuries. Also, lifting is effortless and can be operated by anybody; there is no limitation on the type of person to employ. You can hire irrespective of size or gender, and this helps to improve diversity and flexibility in the work environment. Unlike other vacuum lifters, GRABO vacuum lifters are also easy to maintain, and parts of the vacuum lifters can be easily changed in any case of loss. GRABO vacuum lifters also come in numerous designs; they are made to be used in multipurpose ways. Each part of the GRABO vacuum lifter can operate because they have various add-ons and power options. When you select the perfect lifting equipment, your business will function smoothly, and you would have successfully saved money that you would have used to buy ropes, wires, chains, hoists, etc., and these equipment are also not efficient. 

GRABO vacuum lifters can be attached to a wall or a small crane system, making them suitable equipment because they are very mobile or flexible. This mobility makes the GRABO vacuum lifter the perfect choice, especially if you have a small space. 

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Precautions to keep in mind when working with a vacuum lifter.

  • Never attempt to operate a lifter until you read and understand the user’s guide. It is the first rule in the operation manual, ensure you are well trained, and you are not just testing the waters.

  • Suppose a vacuum lifter is not running appropriately. In that case, it should be indicated on the vacuum lifter to indicate that the vacuum lifter isn’t functioning correctly and that this device isn’t to be operated. Personnel should also ensure that workers don’t attempt to operate an out-of-order labeled vacuum lifter. You should not use GRABO vacuum lifters. For any other purpose other than lifting. Ensure every load to be lifted is free of dirt, debris, straps, etc., allowing for an optimal vacuum pad grip and avoiding any form of obstruction. Handle the crane hoist of the vacuum lifter in a steady, smooth manner and minimize abrupt movements. 

  • Weights or cargo should never be lifted over workers. Ensure you and all persons are clear of the load while lifting and maneuvering it to avoid any form of accident or damage. Make sure to replace labels that do not display instructions, cautionary information, or pictograms. Do not use a lifter when capacity, weight, or safety markings are missing to avoid the danger of overload or misuse of the vacuum lifter.GRABO vacuum lifters are like any other device and also needs to be maintained from time to time: it is vital to have a schedule for inspection, maintenance, and testing


We at GRABO ensure that you get a good run for your money. All our vacuum lifters are designed with the best materials. Our design team is constantly rolling out new vacuum lifters designs to fit with day-to-day life. It is essential to patronise a reliable manufacturer that has your best interest at heart. Go the GRABO way.

GRABO sells the best vacuum lifters in the market