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Hiring the perfect glass vacuum lifter

There are a lot of reasons why people hire glass vacuum lifters. But one thing remains important, making sure that you hire from a good manufacturer like GRABO. Glass vacuum lifters are designed to lift and move glass weights that need to be fitted with suction cups. It can be hard to select one that fits a definite application, but they come in diverse forms, systems, and dimensions, so there will be one that meets your needs accurately or perfectly.

GRABO glass vacuum lifter stands out for a host of reasons. At GRABO, we offer a wide range of services like hire, sales, repair, and endorsement. When looking to hire a glass vacuum lifter, there are many factors to consider before settling for a company. There are factors to be aware of about your needs and factors to be aware of about the company. Below are factors to be aware of about your needs to get the perfect glass vacuum for hire that meets your needs. 




Vacuum Accessories and Testing 

If you are looking to hire a vacuum lifter, one of the factors to be on the lookout for is if the lifter comes with all the appropriate fixtures for you to get the best from your glass lift. With the precise fixtures, the performance of the materials will be heightened. If the pickup area relative to the horizontal or vertical planes changes, or if the alignment of objects or the pick-up height varies from time to time, some accessories will compensate. For example, a close compensator or shock-absorber accessory will automatically adjust to different heights.  A ball-joint connector can provide angle deviation to address problems relating to objects that are not completely vertical or horizontal. This is particularly useful on curved surfaces. 

Battery power

When hiring a vacuum lifter, make sure that the battery runs for a long period in case of power failure. GRABO glass vacuum lifter hire runs for an hour without power, and this is a very rare occurrence. Unlike other vacuum lifters that work with electricity or are powered manually. Also, be on the lookout for companies that replace their batteries from time to time to ensure ease of use, especially on construction sites. 

Handheld lifters

Hand-held vacuum lifters are referred to as hand cups. Vacuum pumps use a manually activated pump or a simple press-on application to create a vacuum. Once it is connected, vacuum cups provide a convenient handle to lift and position a wide range of materials.  Different models are available for handling flat and curved materials. The weight and type of material often determine the most appropriate style. For bigger loads carried over long distances, pump-style cups offer the utmost benefit. Pump-style cups are attached by pumping a plunger that removes air between the road surface and the rubber pad. 

Custom-made to fit 

It is vital to keep in mind that suction cups need to be designed to suit specific purposes. Flat objects are best handled by flat-style suction cups. Such cups can be fixed with mounded rubber cleats inside that spread the vacuum force over the entire cup area to limit cup movement on the handled object. Even though most of these can be fixed by a few suction-cup shapes, it is important to still be well informed. An oval style cup can be used in tight areas where a round shape simply would not fit, and a deep style cup is suitable for lifting around corners or edges. The right cup shape allows a degree or level of adjustment, meaning that it can compensate for irregularities in the surface and varying height of handled objects. 

TIPS about the company

Delivery; it is important to be aware of the companies policy of delivering, how much they charge when they deliver, and the areas they deliver to so that you will make the right decision.

You can only be sure of the quality by reading the companies reviews online. A reliable and well-trusted manufacturer like GRABO will have amazing reviews that speak for themselves. These reviews are considered external opinions, so you can rely on them and come to a reasonable conclusion. A good and trusted manufacturer will also make sure to test all the glass vacuum for hire that they want to send out. To ensure that all the devices are functioning correctly, they will also put you through the proper way of making use of the vacuum lifter and the dos and don'ts to get the best out of your hired glass vacuum lifter.




You can never go wrong with reading reviews. When looking to hire a glass vacuum lifter, make sure to read the reviews online. A good manufacturer like GRABO will ensure that your glass vacuum gets delivered to you safely without any hassle. They will also make sure that you know how to operate your glass vacuum lifter and put you through the process. When you hire from a reliable manufacturer, then you have no problem. 

Hiring the perfect glass vacuum lifter