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Is the Aardwolf Lifter really the better product?

The Aardwolf Vacuum Lifter is a pneumatic vacuum powered lifting device. The device works by creating a powerful suction effect between the device and the material to be lifted. The company has created several models, designed for different applications.
They craft each of the Aardwolf vacuum lifters from durable hot-dipped galvanized steel. This thick, protective coating creates a long-lasting, professional product. A vigorous inspection and testing process ensures the high quality of the device.
They designed the Aardwolf Vacuum Lifter for professional stonemasons, monument makers, tile layers, and landscapers. The device lifts a variety of materials including granite, polished granite, marble, rough stone, concrete, and steel. Textured, rough, and uneven surfaces are not problematic, although the secure bond between the device and the material may be less than with smooth materials.

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The Aardwolf AVL 1 series uses a single vacuum rubber seal measuring 20” x 12” and can easily lift hundreds of pounds. The rustproof, steel body attaches to a lifting device, such as a crane or through the molded, cut out opening in the lifter’s body. The Aardwolf can carry objects weighing up to 550 pounds when attached to the material horizontally and up to 276 pounds with a vertical attachment point. The device also features a piston-controlled tilt feature. Even the heaviest, must unwieldy material can easily be tilted between 0° and 90°. Each model comes with a large, specially designed suction plate which is easily replaceable as wear occurs. This vacuum rubber seal has a raised lip that creates a tight, long-lasting bond between the device and the stone material.
The stainless-steel vacuum tank resists corrosion. A flashing light and alarm warn of any power loss to the vacuum pump from the reserve air tank. The pump restarts automatically after any loss of air pressure is detected.

Cost/ Availability

Aardwolf Vacuum lifters cost between $600-$2500, depending on the model and the retailer from whom you purchase the item. They are available from professional contractor supply stores in the United States and many other countries. Some stores have the items in stock, others will need to order the device and have it shipped.

The GRABO Nemo is an electronic vacuum suction cup lifter designed for professional contractors. This lightweight, easy to use device easily replaces more expensive vacuum lifters and can save additional money on the jobsite by cutting down on the number of workers needed to do the job.
Designed for use on a variety of smooth and porous materials, the GRABO Nemo can lift up to 375 pounds of ceramic, glass, or stone tile. The patented, replaceable pad adheres to polished and rough stone, including rock and concrete. The easy one-handed operation gives you the ability to carry materials to the workspace and easily put them in place.

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The GRABO Nemo Suction Lifter is crafted from a high-end, durable plastic composite called PA6. This high tensile nylon polymer is specially designed and approved for power tools.
The device weighs just 3.3 pounds, with the battery in place, and fits comfortably in the hand. The vacuum provides 11.6 psi of suction on most smooth surfaces. The 14.8V Lithium Ion battery charges in just two hours and holds a charge for 1.5 hours on non-stop running. The battery will last through 900 Off/On cycles.

Ease of Use

The GRABO Nemo is a single switch product designed for one handed operation. A simple on/off button engages the vacuum pump and a digital display notifies the user when the product has reached the desired pressure. The maximum vacuum rate is 11.6psi at 0.7cfm. The GRABO Nemo will hold up to 375 pounds in a horizontal position for up to 1.5 hours.
The GRABO Nemo is versatile and sure to become a favorite of workers. The quiet, battery-operated electric motor creates a vacuum allowing the device to adhere securely to the material. There is no need for a compressor or air pump. Once attached, the device will remain in place until the operator pushes the release button.
The battery charges in just 2 hours and will cycle on and off over 900 times on a single charge. The patented 11” x 7” suction lift pad is designed for use on smooth polished, course, and porous surfaces. The one-handed design allows a single worker to move large sheets of material. A crane hook easily attaches around the handle for lifting requiring heavy equipment.

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Availability/ Cost

The GRABO Nemo suction vacuum lifter costs in the $250 range, depending on the model and the retailer from whom you purchase the item. This price point is possible because the components are all outsourced and assembled in a single factory.
The GRABO lifters are available from professional contractor supply stores in the United States and many other countries. Some stores have the items in stock, others will need to order the device and have it shipped.

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The Aardwolf and GRABO are both professional vacuum lift suction devices designed for contractors. They both can lift and carry both smooth polished and rough material. Each device features a patented suction pad that securely adheres to the material.
The Aardwolf Suction Lift has a high price point. They molded it from durable hot-dipped steel. There is no comfortable carrying handle as the intended use is with a crane or lift. The Aardwolf lift weighs approximately 95 pounds.
The GRABO Suction Lift is completely portable. Crafted from patented PA6 nylon fiber material, the tool weighs just 3 pounds. To create the pressure vacuum, just push a button. The GRABO Lift is battery operated. The battery lasts about 1.5 hours and requires ~2 hours of charging time.

Is the Aardwolf Lifter really the better product?