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The GRABO Tile Lifter Streamlines your Job

Any professional contractor will agree that laying tile is a tedious job. Not only does the mastic have to be the right consistency, texture, and thickness, but spacing and aligning the tiles requires time and attention to detail. A fraction of an inch one way or the other can skew the entire project. Sure, tile spacers help line things up, but one gentle bump of the knee can shift things tremendously. Not to mention trying to get your big fingers into those tiny spaces around fixtures and in corners. Occasionally, it’s downright frustrating. Fortunately, there’s a tool out there designed to make the job easier.

The GRABO Suction Cup Vacuum Lifter is designed for professional tile contractors. The easy one-handed operation allows you to quickly and accurately place tiles without worrying about nudging one improper or chipping a corner when you drop it into place.

GRABO Features

Unlike those cheap $40 manual suction cup handle devices you can buy in most chain stores, the GRABO Nemo is an electronic vacuum suction cup lifter designed for professional contractors. The strong 11.6 psi vacuum pump operates for up to 1.5 hours of non-stop use, powered by a rechargeable 16w, 14.8V lithium-ion battery. Designed for use on a variety of smooth and porous materials, the GRABO Nemo can lift up to 375 pounds of ceramic, glass, or stone tile. The easy one-handed operation gives you the ability to carry materials to the workspace and easily put them in place.

Using the GRABO Nemo with Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is beautiful and desirable, but it is also heavy and fragile. There is probably not a contractor alive who hasn’t broken or chipped a piece of ceramic tile during installation. Placing it manually can be tricky, especially if it is cut to fit. And nothing is worse than taking the time to cut a tile for a certain spot, then breaking it when putting it in place. The GRABO Nemo is designed to help you place tiles easily and accurately. Simply place the device on top of the tile, flip the switch, and wait for the green light to appear. Now you can easily lift and carry that piece of tile with one hand and set it into place with minimal handling. When the tile is where you want it, just press the red button to release the pressure. No more shifting, dropped, broken tiles.

Multiple Surface Applications

The GRABO Nemo has such staying power that it can be used to lift huge sheets of stone and countertop. The secret is the replaceable, air-tight seal that forms a bond between the product and the surface. How many times have you tried to use your manual suction cup lifter on a rough piece of tile or stone? Perhaps it held for a few minutes before letting go, or maybe it didn’t even adhere at all. You won’t have that problem with the GRABO. The unique design and the powerful suction vacuum allow the GRABO to tightly grip rough, textured surfaces easily. Another outstanding feature of the GRABO is the suction holds in a horizontal lifting position and a vertical lifting position. For extra-heavy materials, you can combine two GRABO vacuum devices and have twice the lifting power. Imagine carrying a huge slab of granite through the house with ease.

Worker safety

Not only will you find GRABO easy to use, but it will help prevent injury on-the-job site. No more back-breaking strain when lifting heavy objects. You will have better balance and control using the GRABO Nemo. Carrying freshly cut tile can be hazardous, as the edges are razor sharp. Use the GRABO and avoid handling those deadly edges. Dropped and broken tiles are also safety hazards, as they often send up showers of glass shards. You won’t have to worry about that if you use the GRABO to lift them. The patented seal guarantees that the device will stay on the tile until you release it, even if the battery goes dead.

More Money in Your Pocket

The typical tile estimate includes an allowance for 10-15% waste, due to cuts and broken tiles. Imagine how much more money you could put in your pocket if you reduced waste down to just 5%. The GRABO helps make that possible by allowing you to precisely place the tiles without risk of dropping or chipping them. Even unusually shaped pieces like quarter rounds, angles, and 90 degree cuts can be lined up perfectly using the GRABO lifter. GRABO also replaces all those manual suction cups that constantly need replaced because they give out before you finish the job.


The GRABO is made by Nemo Powertools for contractors, craftsmen, and professionals. The body of the device is made from a high-end, durable plastic composite called PA6. This high tensile nylon polymer is specially designed and approved for power tools. The device weighs just 3.3 pounds, with the battery in place, and fits comfortably in the hand. The vacuum provides 11.6 psi of suction on most smooth surfaces. The 14.8V Lithium Ion battery charges in just two hours and holds a charge for 1.5 hours on non-stop running. The battery will last through 900 Off/On cycles. Nemo Powertools offers a one-year inclusive warranty, and provides exchange or service in the case of a faulty product. The GRABO is a professional contractor’s tool and sold through authorized flooring and building supplies retailers across the world. Be sure to ask your retailer if they have the GRABO in stock. For more information, visit www.grabo.com.

The GRABO Tile Lifter Streamlines your Job
The GRABO Tile Lifter Streamlines your Job