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Vacuum paving slab lifters ensure an efficient job site while also keeping you from fatigue. This is because two people can effectively use a vacuum paving slab lifter to lay slabs which essentially makes laying easier. Your work even gets easier when you have a large area to lay slabs. In no time, you'll have it laid.

Another interesting thing about using these vacuum paving slab lifters is selecting and regulating the bedding layer. It is incredibly easy to use, and you won't have to stress yourself over its use as it works effectively.

Using the vacuum paving slab lifter can also help you reduce your workforce, which means that you have fewer people to pay, and the work still gets done. If you care about functionality and efficiency, then the vacuum paving slab lifter is the best to enhance your efficiency when it comes to laying paving slabs. Vacuum paving slab lifters will save you a lot of money, time, and energy and help speed things up on your job site.

What is The Vacuum Paving Slab Lifter?

The vacuum paving slab lifter is a device used in the paving industry to install or repair non-porous paving slabs, flags, or blocks by using a vacuum to lift them and accurately place them at the desired points. The vacuum itself is produced by a suction plate, with the dimensions the same as that of a modified wheel with a soft rubber seal and an enclosing metal plate.

During use, it is manually pushed down onto the surface of the paving slab. This is done either by pushing down on the lifting handle or by standing on the tire with one's foot. The slab can then be lifted manually, and depending on the kind of handle or lifting apparatus it has, it is often lifted with one or two people with alternatives wheels and eyes for a crane lift. It releases the paving air back to the suction plate via a little open rubber valve, releasing the vacuum. The vacuum created is enough to lift paving slabs weighing as much as 50kg, and it is suitable for all types of slabs.

Without much ado, let's take a detailed look at the advantages of this lifting device below:

Reasons To Choose A Vacuum Paving Slab Lifter

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a vacuum paving slab lifter in your construction. From addressing the shortage of human resources to making a far better standard and quality of laying of slaps on your sites, these lifters are just the right device you need.

Safe To Use

For companies that want to take a safety stand for themselves and their workers, vacuum paving slab lifters should be your first choice. This equipment will enable you to lift heavier objects easier without breaking your back or scratching your fingers every time you lay pavers and more giant slabs. In addition, it does not require chains and straps and is widely considered a safe alternative when installing larger slaps.

Effective and Efficient

Vacuum paving slab lifters will help you increase efficiency on the worksite by making it easier to get pavers without moving up and down while also saving you or your workers from fatigue. The larger the slab, the more efficient you'll become, as this device will make installing walls, slabs, and steps way easier.

Let's not forget the quality of your work. With no clamps or forks getting in the way, the vacuum paving slab lifter makes it easier to lift, move or carry a slab and place it in the appropriate place. It doesn't matter if you're placing steps or placing large pieces of slabs; the vacuum paving slab lifter will make your work quality and outstanding from the others.

No Labor Shortage

Are you worried about labor shortage? With the vacuum paving slab lifters, you do not need to worry about labor shortage because it eliminates the need for plenty of workforces. This means you have fewer people working for you, and at the same time, your work is easier and more efficient.

Not only will vacuum paving slab lifters assist you in working more efficiently, but they'll also assist you in attracting and, even more importantly retain employees. People under your employ will be less willing to jump ship to another company because you have the working equipment that makes working easier for them. On the other hand, if you lack these types of equipment, it'll be easier for your employers to get tempted to jump ship to companies with these types of equipment. In other words, you might have difficulty retaining employees.


Having the vacuum paving slab lifter will entirely change the way how long it takes for you to complete a project while helping you run more efficiently. It will also help you retain the workers under your employ. Your work becomes safer, and your quality of labor will improve. Choosing a vacuum paving slab lifter is one way you simply help yourself accomplish efficiency and effectiveness in your construction business and stand out among your competitors.

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