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Tawi lifting offers advanced solutions for all of your lifting needs with a guarantee of increased productivity. It does not matter what you want to lift. Tawi lifting has just the right equipment for you, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. 

Below are some items/goods Tawi lifting is suitable for: 

Crates: Tawi crate lifters are suitable for lifting all types of crates and can be used in any industry. How do you intend to lift your lifting crates? You can make crate handling easy for yourself with these crate lifters, which can lift, tilt and transport everything from metal to car components. 

Bags: Tawi lifting offers sack lifters when allowing you to handle large and heavy sacks. These lifters are suitable for all types of bags, such as plastic, paper, and woven sacks. 

The advantages of using a Tawi lifting for your lifting bags include: 

  • Reduce as much as 80% of the load on your lifting body, minimization of work-related strain injuries with ergonomic bag handling system, safe and user-friendly bag lifting, efficient baggage handling, minimization of damaged goods with this airport baggage handler, and increased productivity. 

  • Containers: You can lift all types of canisters with Tawi smart container lifters. These container lifters allow you to handle one or multiple containers, making manual handling easy and efficient. Streamline your lifting operations and packaging with smart container lifting. 

  • Boxes: Tawi lifting also offers solutions for lifting boxes of all types of shapes and sizes. It does not matter what types of cartons or boxes you intend to lift or their shape nor size. Neither does it matter if you're lifting boxes are open or sealed, placed on a high shelf or pallet. Tawi lifting duly has you covered. 

Bales: Lifting bales is easy and safe with the right tools provided by Tawi lifting. You, too, can start lifting bales with ease. Tawi lifting offers a solution for rubber bales and all other types of bales. Components: Whether round or flat, big or small, metal or plastic; regardless of the kind of components you want to lift, Tawi lifting has the right tools for you, and you can rest assured that all shapes and sizes can be lifted. 

Drums: Tawi lifting helps you lift drums of varied sizes, tilt to empty contents, or transport your lifting drums without fuss. It does not matter what kind of drums you handle. Tawi lifting has the perfect drum lifter for you. 

Glass: Tawi lifting offers you reliable glass handling equipment, which helps you safely lift windows, glass sheets, and other fragile goods. Tawi lifting systems are specially designed to handle glass with care and precision. 

Pallets: Lifting, moving, and handling pallets is made easy by Tawi lifting. Streamline pallet handling with customized tools for smart lifting. Tawi lifting makes lifting and transporting pallets easy and efficient. 

Home appliance and furniture: Do you want to lift anything from mattresses to washing machines? You can also lift toilet seats, bathtubs, and kitchen bench tops. Tawi lifting systems handle all odd shapes and sizes and are often customized to satisfy your lifting-specific needs. 

Metal: Tawi lifting offers you lifting solutions for all shapes and sizes of metal. The smart lifters allow you to lift and move big sheets of metal, ungainly steel components or tall metal sheets with minimal fuss. 

Wood: If you need to lift doors, planks, sheets of wood, wooden furniture, or entire walls, regardless of their size or shape of wood, Tawi lifting systems has just the right equipment for you to help you lift your woods efficiently and effortlessly. 

Products: With a wide range of products handling types of equipment, Tawi lifting makes lifting easy for everyone. Tawi lifting devices make the lifting of whatever products you intend to lift seamless and effortless. 

Reels: You can lift, rotate, and place your lifting reels with Tawi lifting smart reel handling equipment. These reel and roll lifting equipment makes reel handling easy and efficient. Tawi is lifting solutions for handling all types of reels and rolls in any environment, which includes industries with specific requirements. 

Sacks: TAWI sack lifters let you handle large and heavy sacks. Tawi lifting offers lifters for all types of sacks, such as paper, plastic, and woven sacks. 

Sheets: Lift and tilt sheets of glass, wood, metal and more with Tawi lifting sheet lifters. Do you need to rotate or tilt your sheets 180 degrees? Tawi lifting sheet lifters are often customized to satisfy every of your lifting need. 

Cement/Stone: Tawi lifting stone vacuum lifter makes lifting easy. You can safely lift stone or cement goods with Tawi lifting stone vacuum lifter. Tawi lifting stone lifters make the handling of heavy stone or cement effortless and efficient. 

Tires: Tawi lifting tire lifts is perfect to handle all types of tires. Tawi lifting tire lifts offer smart solutions for moving tires and suitable for the automotive industry or car shop. 


There’s Tawi lifting equipment for whatever you want to lift, move or tilt. Knowing that there is a wide range of options to choose from makes you rest assured that a lifting device is just perfect for you.

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