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The safest tool is now within your reach – Glass lifting handles

The safest tool for lifting heavy glasses is now within your reach — Glass lifting handles. One task that discourages workers from working at the highest level is lifting heavy materials like glasses, and this is where our glass lifting handles come in. With a lever-operated system, glass lifting handles help to lift heavy glasses, which may weigh as much as 220 lbs. The lever is used to secure the pad to the material to be lifted — glass, wood, plastic, aluminum, sheet metal when the vacuum between the lifter and the material is locked. Our glass lifters also allow for accurate positioning of materials.


Things get more enjoyable when you know that our glass lifting handles are produced to suit your needs at the moment. They have varying lifting capacities, depending on the load weight to be lifted. They also have variable grip ranges too for any lifting distance. You can also find our glass lifters which are made with different materials, plastic or aluminum for instance.

These unique features make it widely applied and work on various surfaces, including smooth, rough, non-porous, dry surfaces like cabinets, laminates, countertops. The Bar handle is designed to work on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Important reasons why you should use this life-saver tool

Lots of benefits are associated with working with our wonderful equipment in glass lifting handles. However, we will be discussing a few of them.

  • Our glass lifting handles help create an ergonomic environment. For instance, heavy materials, such as glass slabs, pose an injury threat to workers if anything goes wrong during lifting. Unfortunately, this problem scares workers away because of the dangerous risks involved. But the good news is that our glass lifters have provided a solution to this glaring issue. Our customers have testified about how our glass lifters have been able to assist effectively in safe handling and work with heavy glass slabs.

  • Current records have shown that the rate of hazardous occurrences has been drastically reduced to low figures. Workers now go about their jobs with little or no fear of being subjected to injuries.

Another hazard that was taken care of is that associated with the health of the workers. The provision of our glass lifters has greatly reduced the risks of health challenges by helping with lifting heavy loads, which would affect the spine if lifted manually.

This great tool also increases work productivity to a high level. With its introduction, tasks that would have been rather difficult are completed in a matter of minutes. It has distinguished features that have helped workers save their energy and direct it into more useful work. There are also fewer health challenges, meaning that the workers are a hundred percent fit and confident to do work. Results produced before using our glass lifting handles and after using them are separated by a long gap — they are incomparable. Records show that employing our glass lifting handles in any lifting work have produced smashing results, owing to the convenient and healthy environment it creates.

As an employer, what can become a nightmare is realizing that a high cost of labor is involved in your project when it comes to lifting heavy materials. It becomes much more discouraging when there are inadequate resources to support it. This may lead to uncompleted projects, loss of funds, and considerable debts. However, you can stop these unthinkable consequences when you opt for our glass lifting handles. They perform strenuous tasks that would have cost you greatly if you employed the use of manual labor. They are flexible and designed to be readily applied in any job and on any surface. Hence, they are used to completing numerous jobs within a short time.

Another important reason for using our glass lifting handles is that it is designed to handle materials of different weights. As a matter of fact, they can even lift heavy materials weighing up to 220lbs over a long distance. With our glass lifters, you can make inch-perfect installations of any material. They have a lever that firmly secures the suction pad to the material to be installed when it is turned on. This material is lifted, moved, and slowly lowered to the desired place before the lever is turned off to release it.

Outstanding features that have endeared it to many.

Our glass lifting handles have many exquisite features, which is the reason behind its wide application and effectiveness. They include:

  • High load capacity up to 220 lbs in any position, whether horizontal or vertical.

  • It is made of durable materials like aluminum which is suitable for moving heavy loads.

  • A lever that secures the pad to the material to be lifted.

  • Comfortable lifting handle.

  • It can be applied on glass, automotive windshields, appliances, cabinets, vinyl panels, and other surfaces.

To Sum Up

Glass lifting handles are among the most potent types of equipment around and have produced remarkable results for all of our customers. There are many more benefits to it than we can cover here, but believe it when you are told that you will never regret getting one for yourself.

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