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Glass lifter for sale! Get to know more about your dream solution .

Get to know more about your dream solution — Glass lifter A Glass lifter is a device that makes use of a vacuum to lift heavy materials like glass panels. This vacuum is generated due to a pressure difference. The generated vacuum forces the suction pads to ‘seal’ on a flat or curved surface. 

They are versatile equipment with impressive features like tilting, side shift, and rotation features. These features enable accurate positioning and control while lifting. They also have multiple built-in suction pads that are used to secure flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces. Our glass lifters come in various shapes and sizes. They include Vacuum Glass Lifters, Vacuum Cup Lifters, Heavy-Duty Suction Cups, among others. They are best designed for professional, internal, and external glazing works. Likewise, they have varying lifting capacities to suit the type of job and operate on a dual circuit vacuum lifting. Furthermore, they are used as below-the-hook devices and are reliable in service. Not only that, but they also have safety features that include the Intelli-Grip technology and the audio/visual low vacuum warning system that enable the safe handling of materials. 


The peculiarity of our glass lifters is shown in its wide application. A glass lifter is designed to suit your ideal needs and work in different jobs, and have different lifting capacities and grip ranges. For instance, if you want to move a heavy material weighing 2000 kg or maybe one of lesser weight, say 50 kg, there is an available glass lifter that will suit your specifications.  Recently, newer models were provided, such as the power grip MRT4, MT2, P11104, MRTA6, DSZ2, Kombi 7211 — DS2, and Hydraulica 2000, 1200, and 1000, which are all available for sale. Various glass lifters can work on a flat, uneven, or curved surface, depending on the shape of the surface to be worked on. 

This device is perfectly designed for lifting, moving, and setting up other non-absorbent like stone, metal, plastic sheets, wood, plasterboard, and concrete slabs. Interestingly, additional supports to the glass lifter system like Valla mini cranes and UNIC tracked spider cranes for lifting, moving, and installing glass panels. There are many available glass lifters, including those comprising vacuum cups and glazing slings. Professional glass lifting training and operator support is provided as well. 


 A glass lifter has many features that have made it a suitable tool in any manufacturing process, and they include: 

  • A Suction pad — which secures to flat, uneven or curved surfaces 

  • A power charged battery — Varying load-bearing capacities ranging from 250 kg to 1000 kg Safety system within the lifter that monitors the batteries and the vacuum circuit. This system is composed of an audio/visual warning alarm that shows an early indication of any abnormal occurrence. It also has a reserve vacuum system that maintains the load-bearing capabilities even lacking power. This is necessary to have more time to gently put down the load immediately the warning alarm goes off. 


Our glass lifters have provided a fascinating experience to all and sundry. In a world with ever-changing technology, it has gotten to the extent that glass lifters are always used in engineering, facilities management, and other industrial processes. They are renowned for their versatility and so are found useful in a wide range of applications. This quality of being versatile is largely owned by the varying capabilities which they possess. Our glass lifters are durable and offer great strength when lifting heavy objects, including glass, stone, composite panels, ceramics, metal and plastics. Because of its flexibility, it does not work only on flat surfaces. 

There are specialized machines that are capable of working on concave or convex surfaces, as well as irregular surfaces. And the good news is that they all are available for sale. Glass lifting has made it possible for materials to be handled safely without any occurrence of hazards. This was almost impossible in the previous times when there were several damages done to materials and worse still. Workers faced serious exposure to injury risks and other health issues. 

However, a solution to this challenge has been provided through our glass lifters. There are built-in safety features in this device to ensure the safe handling of materials as treated before. This has, in turn, boosted productivity and maintained a safe, healthy working environment. Heavy materials are lifted, moved, and set up with more speed, ease, and precision when using our glass lifters, unlike in manual handling. Therefore, it has helped to save more energy and cost for the employed and the employer. Resources previously lost are now being redirected to useful work in a way that has increased conversion rates. 

Engineered and designed for flexibility, durability, safety, and effectiveness, Glass lifters have served multifunctional purposes and are widely regarded as the best tool for lifting, moving, and setting up heavy materials like glass.


Glass lifter for sale! Get to know more about your dream solution .