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Discover the Magic Cup Suction Lifter Does to your Heavy Objects

Do you know you can raise your heavy materials with a cup suction lifter? Several ideas were implemented in time past, but all seemed to provide no solution. Fortunately, technology advanced to produce a more efficient lifter. It may sound impossible, but it's a proven fact that you can raise a glass, ceramics, drywall or wood, using the ever-efficient cup suction lifter. It is relatively cheap, saves time, and easy to use.

Users do not need any complex approach before using the cup suction lifter. However, some people are troubled with its operation. We worked toward satisfying customers and included a detailed manual in our product packages. When you receive a GRABO package, you can use an already printed guideline. May you not even have the package yet or access to the GRABO guide? You are probably still thinking of purchasing one for yourself or in your workspace. This article is right here for you. It includes information on why the cup suction lifter is vital in creating a happy atmosphere for yourself and your employees.

What is a Suction Cup Lifter?

A suction cup lifter is a device that helps to grab, lift a load, and place it in a higher or another position. Many employees in industries such as floor and tile, carpentry and woodworking, windows, and movers yield an increase with a cup suction lifter. Contrary to many lifting devices, it does not necessarily work with a vacuum. All you need is to press the device's suction when you place it on the material surface. You leave the device for a few seconds and allow it to fix itself on the material surface. In less than one minute, the cup suction lifter would tighten itself on the material surface. You can lift the heavy object as long as you want.

Why You Need a Cup Suction Lifter

Cup suction lifter is often known to relieve stress and boost workers' morale. Worker Jay and worker Mark struggling to lift a heavy material would lift two materials together using the suction device. Not only does it encourage division of labor, but it also saves time. Consider the long minutes both workers would have spent in dragging a single heavy material.

Application of Cup Suction Lifter

It answers the question of where can you use the cup suction lifter? You can use a cup suction lifter for industrial purposes asides from home activities. You have probably tried to stick small mirrors to your bathroom walls with vacuum cups, and it kept sucking. As mentioned earlier, a cup suction lifter comprises a more functional unit like double suction pads. Hence, its usage extends to industrial purposes. You can use it to offload pack boxes, glasses, or woods. In logistic processes, a cup suction lifter is a popular device. It has helped to deliver express goods or items.

The floor and tile industry has been the main benefit of the cup suction lifter. It helps workers to place each tile neatly and at a definite angle while working. Also, it reduces the risk of exposure to danger or injury. Likewise, the cup suction lifter is cost-effective since it reduces the number of damages or breakage.

Interestingly, woodworkers and carpenters have found it purposeful since it is different from the regular vacuum cup. You may wonder how? GRABO Nemo is a model that can lift objects regardless of the surface nature, except the surface is water-retaining. We carried out a sawdust test on a tile surface, which proved the lifting device can raise a material that is not dirt-free. Carpenters work with woods a lot and have a higher possibility of releasing some dirt. Hence, the GRABO cup suction lifter can work for them. It is not an exaggeration to say that it works for every career. We designed the device to perform an ergonomic function.

The Versatility of Cup Suction Lifter

The cup suction lifter has many models with definite functions than another. With this, you can choose the preferred model for your object. There are several cup suction lifter models available. They are; Nemo GRABO, GRABO H, and GRABO Pro. Moreover, every design has the GRABO canvas bag for efficient carriage. Also, there is an extra battery, foam rubber seal, Erguo S1, and charger.

We have quality and functioning cup suction lifters. The GRABO Pro model is new and a result of the work input of our skilled engineers. It has a smart digital pressure sensor. The sensor helps to read your weight in kg, bar, psi, and lb. Another added advantage is a multi-socket charger. It enables you to charge your cup suction lifter with various fuse shapes. All devices are configured to handle tasks smoothly. We have a team of customer service that is available round the clock. Being a technology company that initially produced for government and military purposes, we improvise quality measures to fulfill commercial purposes. Customers' need is a great delight to us, and we do not take it for granted. Likewise, you can reach us for further questions or inquiries on how to use your cup suction lifter.

Discover the Magic Cup Suction Lifter Does to your Heavy Objects
Discover the Magic Cup Suction Lifter Does to your Heavy Objects