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Stone Vacuum lifters for Sale: All you should know

Picking and laying heavy tiles and stones with precision can be quite cumbersome. But modern building designs require such heavy lifting with an increasing level of finesse. The stone vacuum lifter is perfect for lifting all shapes and sizes of stones. Its simplicity of handling coupled with a compact design makes it an efficient workshop tool. While the stone vacuum lifter aids in easy lifting, it also allows for greater degrees of accuracy. Unlike other suction devices, the stone vacuum lifter gives the handler a greater degree of control. This contributes to creating a safer, more efficient workshop.

Using the principle of air technology, the strong vacuum lifter can lift heavy slabs of different types of stones. From granite to natural stone, all the way to marble, stone vacuum lifters are your best bet to getting that job done in record time. Their compact design also makes them non-hazardous and portable. Create a happier environment for your workers when you equip them with efficient stone vacuum lifters. The product manual usually comes with easy-to-understand instructions on safe usage. These dynamic stone lifters have been produced to aid the engineer in performing more competent lifting jobs.

The complexity of building designs in the 21st century continues to call for tools and machinery with greater efficiency. More emphasis is being placed on every machinery to reduce human stress to the barest minimum. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your tool cabinet or you’re searching for efficient building tools to increase your workflow, stone vacuum lifters are the perfect lifting tools. This article provides essential information on all the benefits and apparent uses of stone vacuum lifters.

How to Use Stone Vacuum Lifters

Stone vacuum lifters are pretty easy to use. It takes only a few seconds to mount the machine. After placing it on the structure’s surface to be lifted, you need to switch on the suction. Wait a few seconds, then lift the plates after pressing the switch once more to release the vacuum. Then proceed to lift the machine with the stone firmly attached. Step-by-step directions are written on the product manual to aid in proper and efficient usage.

Quality Testing

The vacuum stone lifters marketed by GRABO have been passed through rigorous tests in order to ensure the highest level of productivity is achieved. Different durability tests were carried out as well as testing across different stones with varying surface textures. After several tests of durability as well as flexibility, the machine performed surprisingly well across various surfaces. The positive reviews on the efficiency of stone vacuum lifters by industry experts speak volumes about its design.

Vacuum stone lifters possess rubber vacuum pads. These pads help to protect smooth slabs from getting scratched during lifting and moving. They also have the ability to incline vertically, up to an angle of 90 degrees. The dynamic design and materials used in manufacturing these vacuum stone lifters make them adequately suited to the workshop environment. The machine can grip dirty surfaces without fear of falling off and possesses a steady handle to ensure a tight grip while lifting. Vacuum stone lifters also helped produce a greater level of stone laying efficiency when compared to manual methods. It is beneficial when dealing with wide and edgy slabs. Also, landscapers and tilers find vacuum stone lifters very helpful in lifting a wide variety of stones and building materials.

Selection Criteria for Your Vacuum Stone Lifters.


This always comes first in every workshop and should be treated very seriously. Employees should be properly instructed on the right procedures to follow when using vacuum stone lifters. Ensuring that the vacuum device is properly fitted before lifting is essential. Also, it’s important to ratio the size of the material to be lifted in order to use the appropriate vacuum stone lifter. The heavier the material, the bigger the size of the device.


Although the machine is able to attach to rough and smooth surfaces, it’s important to ensure that the two rubber pads are properly touching the material to be lifted. The pads provide all the suction needed for lifting the material. The products marketed by GRABO possess high-grade rubber pads to guarantee 100% suction and grip.

More benefits

The efficiency of vacuum stone lifters cannot be over-emphasized. Coupled with improving the quality of your lifting accuracy, your profits are sure to skyrocket. Here are some other benefits of using Vacuum stone lifters.

  • Increased workplace safety

  • Easy-to-understand usage instructions

  • Improved productivity levels.

  • More income

  • Greater accuracy

  • Healthier employees due to less strain on their physical postures

  • Less time spent doing lifting jobs provides more time to do even more activities. You also save time while simultaneously increasing accuracy.

  • The vacuum stone lifter is perfect for lifting a variety of stones and slabs.

As new complex designs emerge, workshops need to possess efficient tools that make work move faster. The vacuum stone lifters are becoming an indispensable tool in today’s building world. While manual methods of lifting still work, their efficiency measures against time fail when placed beside vacuum stone lifters. Save more time and focus your energy on other tasks while you increase the quality of your workflow. It’s also important to conduct proper employee training on the usage of the different sizes of lifters. You can purchase quality vacuum stone lifters from GRABO. They usually come with a product manual and instructions. Add vacuum stone lifters to your inverter and upgrade the quality of your workshop.

GRABO has been in the industry for many years and knows the correct quality every customer needs. We are a leading technology developer in Hong Kong. Our professional engineers started by providing pieces of equipment for governments until they needed to produce for commercial purposes. If you still struggle with lifting heavy objects, contact us today.


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