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Work efficiently with the Electric Vacuum Suction Lifter from GRABO

The GRABO electric vacuum suction cup lifter is a cordless lifting device that utilizes an electric vacuum pump to perform lifting operations with a high suction level. This high suction level allows the devices to hold on to any surface with a very high-efficiency level. You can use this device on porous, wet, and rough surfaces, and be rest assured that its efficiency will not be affected in any way. There are different lifting operations that this device is widely applied in. An example of a lifting operation that this device can be used for is fixing tiles. That is because it will make it easier to handle tiles, especially those that have been primed or back-buttered.

It is a versatile tool, and it has a carrying capacity of up to 170 kg. What’s more is that you can use the device on any surface, including checker plate, worktops, glass, doors, drain covers, plasterboards, concrete pavers, textured tiles, flagstones, and stone slabs. Rough surfaces and porous materials are not left out. The GRABO electric vacuum suction lifter can be used on surfaces like gypsum boards, wood, natural stone tiles, rock, and concrete, all of which are examples of rough surfaces. It is worth mentioning that the regular suction cups will not work effectively on most of these surfaces, but with the electric vacuum suction cup lifter, you can be guaranteed that it will work well.

In general, air can travel through porous surfaces of porous materials, which can cause the vacuum cavity created by a standard suction cup to fail. Fortunately, the suction cup works perfectly on these surfaces, and it will effectively pump out the air at a greater rate compared to that which leaks out via the material. There are so many remarkable things about this electric vacuum suction cup lifter. Most importantly is the fact that it is very easy to operate. The operational ease of a device is an important factor, especially concerning the operation’s productivity.

Benefits of the GRABO Suction Cup Lifter

The GRABO electric vacuum suction cup lifter is a portable device that works with two batteries. The device comes with a charger, a plastic case, and an additional suction cup replacement seal. Another super-cool thing about the device is that it can be used in handling materials up to 170 kg and on any surface.

Here are some of the key benefits of using this electric vacuum suction cup lifter for your lifting operations.

  • Increased Productivity: This tool was designed to make material handling operations more productive. It is a handy tool, and when you use it, you won’t have to bother about surface differences because it can handle any surface. The device will also firmly hold any item it is placed upon, which can make your work a lot easier. Therefore, whether it is tiles, patterned steel, wood, or drywall that you want to handle, you can rest assured that the GRABO electric vacuum suction cup lifter will give it the firm grip that you desire.

  • Improved Safety: In addition to bringing about an increase in productivity of your operations, the equipment will also improve the safety of the materials you are handling. Therefore, when you use this device, you can be confident that whatever item it holds will not fall off. It is by far an efficient tool and works better than the regular suction cups you are used to.

  • Extra Comfort: The device usually comes with a warranty, which may be up to a year or even more. That way, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the device won’t fail soon, and even if it does, the warranty will cover it. Also, the device has a robust handle where you can hold on to.

  • Versatility: The GRABO electric vacuum suction cup lifter is a versatile tool that can handle any surface. Whether rough or smooth, porous or nonporous, you can use the tool to handle a wide range of surfaces. Interestingly, the lifter works with equal efficiency on each of these surfaces, increasing productivity and safety. Another way the device exhibits versatility is concerning the weight it can lift. The electric vacuum suction cup lifter can be used to lift any weight up to 170kg. However, to enjoy better efficiency, it is best to use the device on weight within this range.

  • Full-range accessories: GRABO electric vacuum suction lifter comes with different accessories, which will help make your tasks a lot easier. It features a battery, charger, carrying case, replacement seal, and a lifting strap.


This is a device that does not require any manual pump before it can initiate suction. It can firmly adhere to etched and rough surfaces, and the appliance can create a seal on almost any type of material, including construction materials, paves, and patterned tiles. The GRABO electric vacuum suction cup lifting also has a built-in vacuum gauge and other cool features. This device is a handy tool, and it offers extra comfort when used for lifting and material handling operations.

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