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Material Handling with Glass Lifter Machines

Material handling equipment are tools used in handling processes, and they can move, lift, and place loads are desired. These devices utilize a vacuum for their operation. Examples of this material handling equipment are the glass lifter machines widely used mainly for lifting glass and other similar materials. Most of these lifters operate with vacuum for increased efficiency and safety. 

When talking about lifting operations, two major things must be achieved: lifting efficiency and ergonomics. Therefore, they must create ergonomic working environments to meet safety and health standards relating to material handling. Furthermore, they must have an innovative and intelligent design to be used in performing lifting operations with ease. These two factors work together to increase productivity, motivate workers, and reduce injury or fatigue. Are you in the glass business and thinking of the best way to handle glass? Maybe you only what to know the differences in the currently available brands of lifting devices, since they are so many of them. Can all the available brands help you install glass or even windows? The companies that produce these lifting machines won’t be in business if their lifters can’t perform these simple tasks. However, with the numerous products currently available in the market space, many may wonder if they can perform the tasks they are better suited for. 

What is the operational weight of the machine?

The different brands of these lifting machines are built differently, and their specifications are not always the same. There’s currently an increase in the use of concrete for virtually all building operations. That is why the operational weight of the machine that is used is an important factor to consider. Before you settle for any glass lifter, you must consider whether it can conveniently lift the glass without hassle. Always ensure that the glass lifter that you use is the most ideal in terms of weight for the item you want to lift

Most workplaces are subjected to high risks of injury either during the storage, disposal or when handling glass or glassware or even in cases where there is broken glass. Theirs is an increased risk of cuts and lacerations that can eventually lead to severed tendons or arteries, eye injuries, amputations, and exposure to certain diseases. Safe handling procedures are of great importance for cases involving glass handling. The need to use proper handling equipment and even protective equipment cannot be overemphasized. 

Whether you are using a glass lifting machine or not, you must follow some preventive measures to improve safety. For example, glass should never be thrown into open receptacles, whether it is broken or not. Moreover, when handling glass, only approved eye protection and gloves should be worn. Safety glasses should also be used near conveyors, machinery, shipping operations, and more. While ensuring that all these safety measures are met in an environment where glass is frequently handled, it is equally important that the right equipment is used in handling and moving glass. That is why glass lifter machines are highly recommended being used for lifting and handling operations. 

Buying a glass lifter machine

There are so many considerations to make when buying a glass lifter machine. As mentioned earlier, you need to ensure that the operational weight of the device is suitable for the piece you are trying to lift. Furthermore, it is equally important that you pay attention to other factors when buying a glass lifter machine. 

One of the things you’ll need to know is how the lifter machine works. Most of the currently available machines utilize a vacuum to carry our lifting operations efficiently. Therefore, one of the key things you will need to pay attention to in these devices is the type of suction cups that’s included. Glass surfaces can be flat or smooth, and as such, you will need to ensure that the suction cup is suitable for the surface you are lifting. Some suction cups are ideal for flat surfaces, while other suction cups are perfect for curved surfaces. Therefore, you must properly analyze the surface you will be lifting, and the type of suction cup included before choosing a device to get. 

The presence of a non-slip valve is also another vital feature to consider. This is a safety feature that is of great importance when handling glass. The non-slip valve will prevent the machine from releasing the glass material you are handling when there is a power failure. Talking about power failure, it is important to note that some machines are electrically powered while others may not. Using a glass lifter machine is to guarantee further that operations are safely carried out. However, you don’t just go to the market to buy or hire a glass lifter machine. You need to be sure that you are getting the suitable machine for your operation, which is why you need the considerations highlight above. 


Glass is a very fragile material and an object of concern in most construction sites. There is a great need to ensure the safety of these materials when handling them. Also, the workers handling these materials need to be safe because glass tends to cause injury. The best way to handle glass is by using glass lifter machines. However, when buying a glass lifter machine, it is vital to ensure that you purchase the right one for your lifting operations.

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