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What You Should Know About Aerolift Vacuum Lifting Devices

Are you in need of reliable equipment that can help you lift heavy objects with increased efficiency? Look no further because with Aerolift vacuum lifting devices, you can raise any heavy object. Irrespective of the weight you are trying to lift, the equipment will help you handle the item fast and increase ease and safety. The lifter works by creating a persistent and robust vacuum to easily lift, rotate, move, and turn heavy objects.

Vacuum handling is generally considered a safer option compared to other lifting systems. The conventional lifting methods involved the use of hooks, chains, and slings, all of which do not pay attention to safety. However, the Aerolift vacuum lifting devices will monitor safety status during lifting operations. This is aided by audio and visual signals informing you whenever the vacuum level drops below 80%. Another cool thing about the devices is that whenever there is a technical issue, the lifted item will remain attached for nothing less than 20 minutes, which is sufficient time to ensure that the issue is resolved.

Reasons to choose Aerolift vacuum lifting devices

This set of devices are globally known for designing and creating vacuum lifters with high quality. The lifters are now widely applied in different industries. That is because of the reputation the devices have built over time.

Do you want more reasons why you should choose these devices? Read on!

  • Aerolift vacuum lifting solutions are designed with vacuum valves, and it usually needs a positive signal for it to be able to change status. The main importance of these vacuum valves is to guarantee safe lifting irrespective of the working condition of the device. These valves will not fail even if there is a power failure. Another remarkable thing about the vacuum valves in these devices is their efficiency. You can use the valves for more than four hundred thousand moves because you’ll need to overhaul them.

  • The main reason for the design of these valves is to guarantee safe lifting even in a power failure.

  • Another astonishing feature of the Aerolift vacuum lifting devices is the vacuum hoses they feature, made from steel and build to be resistant to any force.

  • One reason you should choose the Aerolift vacuum lifting devices is that they are not susceptible to temperature. Therefore, you can use the devices even in extreme temperature conditions. This makes the device a perfect lifting condition that is not affected by temperature conditions. The device can be used in extremely low-temperature conditions and extremely high-temperature conditions, and this is because of the effective way it adapts to varying temperature conditions.

  • The device has an Aerolift rubber that provides a perfect seal during the lifting operation. Whether the temperature is -40 degrees or +50 degrees, you can be sure that the rubber will still function well. Also, there is room for higher temperature conditions, and that’s by using rubber with increase quality for better performance.

Unlike the general belief that people have when it comes to using vacuum lifting objects, the objects to be lifted do not need to be smooth or flat before vacuum lifting equipment can be employed. Vacuum lifters are now being applied on rough surfaces and curved objects. Aerolift vacuum lifting devices can quickly and effortlessly move any material, irrespective of the type of surface it has. That’s the main reason why the devices are suitable for lifting heavy-duty materials.

Lifting in the most challenging circumstances

How challenging do you think the lifting operation is? You might be thinking it’s impossible and cannot be achieved, but it’d interest you to know that you are entirely wrong about that. Aerolift vacuum lifting devices are built to handle heavy objects no matter how challenging the circumstance may be. The equipment can be used for construction and support projects in any environment. Where the altitude is high, the environment is dirty, or the temperature is extreme, you can use the device to achieve the lifting operation. What’s more, is that the device can also be applied underwater, which is super remarkable. Aerolift vacuum lifting devices can be used in any industry involved in lifting heavy objects. Vacuum lifting remains the safest and most reliable method for lifting heavy objects. With these vacuum lifting devices, you can lift items weighing up to 85 tons.


Vacuum lifting techniques are globally known to lift heavy items without damaging the items being lifted effectively. With this technique, you can easily turn, move, and rotate items by utilizing pressure, and this can be done irrespective of the weight of the object in question. As mentioned above, you can use vacuum lifters to lift items’ weight to 85 tons, which is super astonishing. These devices are widely employed because of how safe they have proven to be over time.

There are so many vacuum lifting devices in the market today, and they are all designed to handle different vacuum lifting operations. Some vacuum lifting devices are also suited for specific types of materials. While some are ideal for lifting glass, others will not be suitable for that type of material. However, some of this equipment is versatile. They are not limited by the type of material they are moving or even by the weight and shape of the object being moved. An example of such a material is the Aerolift vacuum lifting device that can move, lift and handle super heavy objects with increased safety.


What You Should Know About Aerolift Vacuum Lifting Devices
What You Should Know About Aerolift Vacuum Lifting Devices