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Various ways of using Granite Suction Cup Lifters

The first thing to note about Suction Cup Lifters is that suction cup lifters allow you to put a handle anywhere you need it. Suction cup lifters are also known to some as sucker. Suction cup lifters are gears that makes use of the adverse air compression to adhere to non-porous surfaces, thus creating a partial vacuum. The suction cups that exist nowadays imitate animals like squids and octopuses that possess natural occurring suction cups that help them mount on slick surfaces like rocks Suction cup lifters make use of the basic principles of atmospheric pressure and vacuum, suction cup lifters, also known as hand tools will firmly attach to glass, aluminum, sheet metal, steel, plastics, polished stone, fiberglass, countertops, raised floor panels and a great deal more. 

Suction cup lifters are also known as air suction devices for lifting heavy weight or goods. Most manufacturers sell two kinds of suction cups lifter. The first is known as the pump style which generates an incredible suction hold by simply pumping out the air between the suction cup and the material being moved and the other is known as the Locking Lever Style, which generates a strong suction hold by flipping levers into the hold position. Both suction cup lifter delivers unique benefits that allow you to safely and easily lift a variety of smooth-surfaced and non-porous materials and objects.

Top Modern Uses for Suction Cups

Suction cups can be used in a variety of ways, and they can be found in the most unexpected places; here below are a few creative places that you can make use of suction cup lifters.

When fixing new windows

Glass is known to be very brittle or fragile, and they are also very sharp in nature. Glass is also very slippery when wet. A proficient window installer will be wise to use a granite suction cup lifter when fixing or handling new windows or windows in general. Granite suction cup lifter reduces or limits the chance of the glass falling and breaking

When replacing your windshield

Suction cup lifters are not only limited to glass windows alone; they can also be used when replacing your car's windshield. These granite suction cup lifters autonomously rotate to match the design of the windshield, and they have been designed in such a way that they lift curved glass surfaces perfectly, without any hassle.

When cleaning or maintaining your windows

Some houses or buildings can only be reached when you want to clean them or get access to it by rope access trained window cleaners. These expert cleaners make use of granite suction cup lifters as this will help them get a fast release to stabilize themselves and a granite suction cup lifter will also help them in carrying out their work more efficiently when you want to attach a camera to a moving vehicle.

Granite suction cup lifters are very versatile tools, as they are also made use of in the movie industry. If you have ever been curious and have questions about how movie directors can get those exciting shots during an action scene, well, granite suction cup lifters have played a significant role. They are used in mounting expensive video equipment to vehicles in motion to capture pictures that would be too risky to capture manually.

When constructing an Aquarium

Granite suction cup lifters are also made use of when constructing or building an aquarium.

The Granite suction lifter helps in holding the fish tang together while it's been built. This versatile and flexible suction device will grip two fragments of glass together in time for the silicone seal to set and become watertight. If you ever decide to construct an aquarium, make sure you are using a safe silicone for the aquarium.

When you want to lift large weight or cargo

If you have ever encountered difficulty while moving or lifting large weight, either around your home or work environment, especially large weight like fridges, office furniture and so on. You will know that lifting it annually can be brutal, so, therefore, it is advisable to make use of granite suction cup lifters, they can lift a weight of almost 125 kg. It is not advisable to be lifting heavy weight manually, get a granite suction cup lifter to make life easy. Granite suction lifters can also be used to attach lights, radios and navigation temporarily systems onto boats, trucks, aircraft and all-terrain vehicles.

The Bottom Line

Though small and easy to operate, suction cups are certainly one of the finest tools ever developed. With just a bit of arrangement, you can organize any space, with a few of these.

What more, since they are low-cost and non-intrusive, they help you save lots of money in the process. If you patronize a reliable manufacturer and tell them your needs, they help you find the perfect suction lifter, they will even go as far as to continuously put effort to update and expand your list of recommendable suction lifters. A reliable manufacturer will have a team that collects, edits and publishes new information, to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.

Finding the exact suction lifter is not always an easy thing to do, and making the erroneous choice is easy if you are not careful. The weight and size of the items that you need to transport are just a few of the factors you will want to consider if you want to prevent issues from occurring. Although reviewing your choices can be a time-consuming process, you will see that it was worth it when you discover how much the correct option can simplify your life. If you keep your needs in mind and compare the suction lifters that are on the market, you will have the perfect product in your hands before you know it.


Various ways of using Granite Suction Cup Lifters
Various ways of using Granite Suction Cup Lifters