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Double Suction Lifter - Buying Guide

Suction cups are used to move and lift loads so that you don't have to bend over. It comes with a sensitive trigger valve release that helps to unfasten the vacuum lifter promptly and safely. These manual vacuum lifters are used for recurrent lifting and moving of non-porous materials on the ground level. Double suction cups have three advantages, and they are

External protection

The apparatus is made of superb steel improved composition. Various double suction lifter comes with additional external or surface protection

comfortable handle Double suction lifter handles are very comfortable and are particularly designed for easy

grip, and this allows operators to handle it easily with minimum strain High precision with their flawless design and technical advantage, double suction lifter motorized gears ensure a high-precision grip in any occurrence of widespread or dedicated use.

Selection Criteria for Double Suction Lifter

A lot of effort goes into selecting or purchasing a double suction lifter; there are different things to be considered before you eventually settle for one. Here below are a few things to

consider before purchasing a double suction lifter

Operating conditions:

before buying a double suction lifter, it is crucial to consider cycle rates, projected lifespan, hostile environs, temperature, and other environmental factors are all considerations when choosing the double suction lifter you want to buy.


A double suction lifter comes in different shapes and materials depending on your exact needs. Some materials that double suction lifters are made of silicone, nitrile, natural rubbers, and polyurethanes. These materials are suited for either even, uneven or greasy surfaces or easily scratched weight. Some suction pads are also made for handling electronic components, and they are made for lifting plastic weight without leaving any scratch on it. Environmental settings can upset the material choice when the pads must repel against ozone, elements, extreme heat, or work silicone-free.


The type of weight to be lifted may inform the choice of a suction pad that will be more suitable. The wide variety of accessible products comprises flat and bellows suction pads in

countless dimensions and shapes with different types of sealing lips and sealing edges.

Suction capacity. 

The required vacuum level and circuit volume are critical for calculating the necessary suction capacity. However, keep in mind that the weight to be lifted is the determining element that determines suction capacity. For porous weight, it is advisable always to carry out suction tests to establish concrete capacity requirements.

Types of Double Suction Lifter

Double suction cups can be classified into two categories, namely common or unique purpose. The standard double suction lifter is designed to meet a wide range of requirements. In contrast, the outstanding double suction lifter is tailored towards specific requirements such as porous weight, automotive bodywork parts, or woodwork weight. Two of the most common double suction lifters are flat and below double suction lifters.

Flat suction pads are mainly appropriate for lifting weight with level or slightly curved surfaces. They are either round or oval with flat sealing lips, and they also come in different

materials. A low total height and minor interior volume mean little evacuation times, which allows them to grip weights rapidly. The flat shape guarantees upright stability when mounted to a load, and they endure high crosswise forces during fast lifting. They are designed for handling uneven or structured surfaces, such as decorative glass, checker plate, and broken natural stone.

Flat, oval suction pads produce high forces despite relatively small dimensions. They can produce higher pressures than round flat pads when lifting weights that are a bit narrow

in shape.

Double suction lifters are best suited for thin and curved objects, such as extrusions, pipes, and sections of door and window frames. Flat suction pads are typically used for handling smooth or slightly rough workpieces such as metal, glass, or wood sheets, cardboard boxes, and plastic parts. Wear-resistant versions can handle higher loads and give up to 10 times the life of normal NBR (nitrile-rubber) units. The pads are recommended for demanding applications with rapid cycle times, such as operating greasy metal sheets in automobile construction or extremely rough workpieces, like rough cardboard.

Bellows double suction lifter can recompense for various heights of weights to be lifted and handle parts with rough surfaces or damaged easily. Similar to flat pads, they come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Bellows double suction lifter acclimatize well to bent or irregular weights or surfaces and lift the weight when the vacuum is applied. A common type of double suction lifter have bellows with 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5 folds. More folds are generally better for lifting weights with very rough surfaces or when a lengthier suction-pad lifting stroke is necessary. The higher bellows are often harder for stability during horizontal lifting, while the lower bellows and sealing lips are easier and suppler to conform to curved and rough surfaces and give good sealing, even on non-rigid weight. The bellows also offer to damp when it comes in contact with the weight to be lifted, which is significant when handling fragile parts.

Double suction lifter bellows pads are naturally used on bent or rough parts such as car-body gears and pipes; cardboard boxes and blister-packs; and easily damaged items such as electronic components and plastic parts. They are also used to move cardboard, sheet metal, wood, glass, and ceramics. Before operating a double suction lifter, make sure that the surface of the object is flat and dry, then press the suction cup on the surface of the object, and press the black release valve to suction the object. This double suction lifter can be used to fix gapped laminate floors as a floor gap fixer, used in the bath as a safety handrail, tile suction cup lifter, Removing and installing the car windshield, and moving heavy glass wall, aquarium. It is essential to patronize a reliable double suction lifter manufacturer so that all these instructions will be made known to you, and you can learn how to maintain your double suction lifter and get a good run for your money.

Double Suction Lifter - Buying Guide
Double Suction Lifter - Buying Guide