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MRT4 VACUUM LIFTER - Move and load whatever you want!

Vacuum lifters are hired for a safe and reliable way to lift large, heavy loads made from various materials such as glass, stone, cladding, composite panels, metal, and ceramics. From 80 kg capacity through to 2000 kg capacity, Vacuum, and Crane have a wide variety of vacuum lifters to suit different materials and weights. Vacuum lifters to run on electricity, compressed air, or with onboard rechargeable batteries.

Vacuum lifters can be suspended from a crane, attached to a forklift, a truck-mounted crane, or an elevated working platform (cherry picker). The Vacuum Lifter's hydraulic functions allow panels to swing up and down, be raised and lowered, twist left and right, or move forward and backwards horizontally. One of the most effective options is to use a vacuum lifter attached to a mini crane. These cranes can be used for installing or simply lifting materials. The dimensions of a compact crane when its legs and arm are folded are minimal, allowing the smallest mini crane to fit in spaces where access is most restricted.

Lifting equipment decreases injuries

Injuries are primarily due to overexertion in lifting, pushing, or pulling objects and holding, carrying, or turning objects. These injuries occurred as a result of repetitive motion. This includes redundant placing, grasping, and moving objects from place to place.

According to the National Safety Council, the recommended weight that men should lift is no more than 55 lbs and women no more than 35 lbs. Lifting and forceful movements are all key factors to the cause of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), along with bending and twisting in awkward postures.

The direct cost of these injuries in the workplace includes fees from workers comp premiums, case management, medical expenses for surgery, medicine, and rehab. Furthermore, the injuries indirectly cost businesses overtime pay, OSHA penalties, attorney fees, damages to equipment, materials & the facility, higher worker's comp premiums, and managerial costs due to the accident, including inspections, investigations, meetings, and administration.


  • Ergonomic lifting equipment enhances productivity.

  • Workplace efficiency can be improved dramatically with solid ergonomic lifting equipment that offers ways to keep employees safe, stay effective, speed the production process, and save companies time and money.

  • Injuries at the workplace cost businesses a loss in productivity, production downtime, the time in replacing and training a new hire, delays in shipments and filling orders, in total, a loss of production and services.

  • The quality of the workplace is improved with ergonomic lifting equipment

  • Warehouse workers perform long hours of repetitive, heavy manual lifting, which raised the rate of workers' compensation claims for back injuries to 16 per 100 workers.

  • Make your workplace a safer workplace with ergonomic lifting equipment that anyone can lift!


Designed for use with a crane or other hoisting equipment, MRT4 lifters employ a vacuum to hold a load for lifting and provide manual 360° rotation and manual 90° tilt movements for load manipulation. The vacuum reserve tanks help prevent immediate vacuum loss in case of a power failure and extend battery life by reducing the pump cycles required to maintain a vacuum. If utilizing a crane is not an option (i.e., applications such as installations under eaves and commercial, indoor applications), the forklift adapter (95722) makes it easy to manipulate the MRT4 by providing a secure mounting option for the forks of a forklift. A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. A forklift attachment is a modification or addition to a forklift that affects its capacity, stability, or safe operation. Lifting devices are used for lifting heavy loads, and when maintained for use with a forklift, they do not affect the truck's capacity or safe operation.


  • Suitable for lifting materials with a smooth surface, for example, glass, plastic boards, ceramic plates, sheet metals, coated boards.

  • Basic size is 715 mm x 833 mm with an extended size of 1225 mm x 1716 mm

  • The linear size is 396 mm x 1987 mm

  • The Load capacity is 80 kg per pad with a total lifting capacity of 320 kg

  • The MRT4 weighs 58 kg

  • The vacuum dial indicates the current vacuum level in positive inches of Hg and negative kPa.

  • Tilt Capability: Manual, 90°, with automatic locking in vertical position

  • Rotation Capability: Manual, 360°, with automatic locking at each ¼ revolution as required.

  • The power is 12 volts DC, eight lamps and the battery capacity is seven amp-hours

With four flexible frame configurations in one unit, the MRT4 vacuum lifting devices also come with four optional extension arms, so the frame can be adjusted to suit your needs. Specialist pads are also available for lifting a textured glass, and a variable-length lifting arm may be added, allowing easy fitting under soffits and overhangs. Extremely safe and reliable to use, the MRT4 vacuum lifting devices come with two independent vacuum systems, each designed to handle the load independently by EU and British safety standards.

The MRT4 Quattro glass vacuum lifter boasts a lifting power of up to 320 kg. This vacuum lifter is capable of safely lifting glass, metal, and composite materials. Features include a full 360° continuous rotation and 90° tilt for precise installation. The MRT4 Quattro is one of the most popular and versatile vacuum lifters available.

Specialist pads are also available for lifting textured glass. The MRT4 vacuum lifter comes with four optional extension arms and, in addition, four flexible frame configurations in one unit. This allows the frame to be adjusted to suit all of your needs.

MRT4 Dual Circuit [320 kg] The popular MRT4, with dual circuit vacuum system technology, is built for versatility. It delivers 360° rotation and 90° tilt from any position. Using the extension arms and movable pads, at least four frame configurations cover most load sizes on-site or in the workshop. A variable-length lifting arm may be added, allowing easy fitting under soffits and overhangs.

MRT4 VACUUM LIFTER - Move and load whatever you want!
MRT4 VACUUM LIFTER - Move and load whatever you want!