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There is not only the GRABO! Nemo Power Tools is the world's 1st Electric Waterproof Drill

Easy to carry and maneuver, and works just like that drill hanging in your garage. No need for tubes, connectors, or any other equipment–Nemo is cordless. Nemo Power Tools are the first of their kind and the world's only completely submersible battery-operated power tools. The Nemo V1 Drill was originally custom-designed and built for scientific and government organizations in 2012. Nemo then adapted the technology into a commercial version, and production began in 2013. 

Since then, Nemo Power Tools has developed a wide range of power tools and accessories for work in, around, and underwater. We pride ourselves on working together with our partners and clients to understand better what they need to do their work more quickly and easily. Our love of innovation combined with our desire to provide our customers with useful, quality products means that we integrate new and exciting technologies into our products. 

Nemo Power Tools uses technologies generally found in more high-tech products: batteries and electronics from the drones industry, cooling technology from the computer industry, and sealing and fabrication methods from the marine industry. Since its founding in 2014, we have expanded our product line to include a wide variety of heavy-duty tools for use above and below the water, including several drills models, impact wrenches, impact drivers, angle grinders, and hammer drills. Their list of tools is growing all the time, and we have introduced a 6,000-lumen dive light that helps both commercial and recreational divers see more than ever under the water. 

Today, Nemo tools are being used worldwide by commercial and research divers, pool professionals, boat owners, plumbers, construction workers, military divers, rescue teams, and a lot more. We are happy to partner with almost 100 distributors and dealers in 45 countries, bringing Nemo innovation and quality to customers worldwide. 

Some of their products include; 

● Nemo Angle Grinder — 50M 

V2 world's first waterproof cordless angle grinder is designed specifically for commercial divers and underwater construction workers. This new model has upgraded technology and has the ability for users to switch from battery to battery while underwater. Now divers can take as many batteries as needed below to attack any task required. The Nemo Submersible Angle Grinder was developed due to the growing demand for an electric submersible power tool for underwater cutting, grinding, and polishing. It is the world's first and only waterproof electric grinder and is rated to a maximum operating depth of 50 m (ca. 164 ft). Its 1500-watt brushless technology, adopted from the UAV industry, ensures maximum efficiency and durability. This tool's motor is military-grade and usually found in electric drones and other high-power, high-efficiency products and tools. The grinder features a corrosion-resistant paint job and comes with a durable carrying case, battery charger, pressure valve, and pump to pressurize the grinder. Spare batteries are available for purchase. 

● Nemo Hull Cleaner Electric Brush 

After two years of development, testing, and testing some more, the Nemo hull cleaner electric brush is finally here. The perfect tool, developed WITH and FOR boat bottom cleaners, aquarium cleaners, and pool maintenance professionals. Cut your work time in half with a giant 12-inch brush, developed specifically to remove marine growth while protecting the paint job of your boat. Nine hundred watts computer-controlled brushless motor, 10 Ah lithium battery with over 2 hrs non-stop work time on a single charge! This tool is a must-have for any professional in the industry. The tool will suck itself into the work surface, allowing the diver to move freely without applying force towards the hull. This product includes two 12 inch (ca. 30 cm) specialized brushes and comes in a high-quality waterproof “hard case”. 

● Nemo Impact Driver — 50M (two 6Ah batteries) 

The world's first waterproof cordless impact driver allows commercial divers, construction workers, and HVAC technicians to easily carry out a range of fastening applications both underwater and on dry land. The torque on the Nemo Impact Driver gives you the power you need to drive large or long screws into various surfaces, both on land and underwater, and its hex shaft chuck can handle big bits for boring large holes. The Nemo Impact Driver has a maximum operating depth of 50 m (164ft) and a salt-water-resistant black and red paint job. It comes with a durable carrying case, a battery charger, a pressure valve, and a pump to pressurize the drill. 

Nemo Hammer Drill — 50M (two 6Ah batteries) Nemo's Hammer Drill is designed to drill into cement, brick, and stone, both on land and underwater. 

Comes with: 

  1. Submersible up to 50 m (ca. 164 ft) 

  2. Impacts per minute (on high speed): 0-21000 IPM 

  3. Two 18V 6Ah lithium-ion batteries 

● The Nemo Hammer Drill

(HD-18V-3Li-50) offers you the power you need for working with cement, brick, block, or stone in wet or underwater conditions. Installing concrete anchors, attaching electrical boxes to brick, drilling into swimming pool tiles, and setting cave and canyoneering rigging are all made possible with this submersible, cordless hammer drill. The Nemo Hammer Drill has a maximum operating depth of 50 m (ca. 164 ft) and a salt-water-resistant black and red paint job. It comes with a durable carrying case, battery charger, pressure valve, and a pump to pressurize the drill. 

● Nemo Power Tool

Grabo These GRABO 14.8V Nemo Grabo will revolutionize your life — it's like having the perfect temporary handle when you need it! The world's first portable electric vacuum grabber, the Nemo Grabber is capable of picking up a range of objects, such as glass, smooth tile, rough tile, plywood, timber, Gyprock, even diamond pattern steel. So whether you're installing windows or doors, just moving furniture and boxes, or need a handle to get in and out of the shower, the Nemo Grabber is designed to make your life easier by saving time, pain, and injury. 

Looking for those edges of those large Gyprock or plywood boards? Or are you still using your bare hands for those flooring jobs? This small lightweight Nemo Grabber weighs just 1.5 kg but has the strength to hold over 100 kg and can instantly connect to almost any surface, rough or smooth. This means the Nemo Grabber makes it easy to pick up, move and place different objects such as furniture, plywood, tile, and much, much more. Currently, the Nemo Grabber is being tested by NASA for future use inside the International Space Station. So if it's good enough for NASA, it's good enough for you. Plus, who can argue with the bonus of saving your fingers and back from any possible injuries? It's a win-win.


There is not only the GRABO! Nemo Power Tools is the world's 1st Electric Waterproof Drill
There is not only the GRABO! Nemo Power Tools is the world's 1st Electric Waterproof Drill