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How the Palamatic Vacuum Lifter can help

Vacuum lifters are also known generally as vacuum tube lifters. In the work environment vacuum lifters are the perfect solution or the perfect substitution for easing the pain that workers or employees go through as a result of lifting heavyweight, bending, or even pushing heavy items around in the work environment. When palamatic vacuum lifters are purchased and made use of in any work environment, it allows the workers to maintain their proper posture.

Palamatic vacuum lifters are very versatile, and they can be used in diverse ways, ranging from repetitive heavy box handling, to lifting wood or lifting sacks, some companies even make use of vacuum lifters for lifting airport baggage. Palamatic vacuum lifters offer immense benefit to different people in different ways and they are perfect because they provide comfort and take off stress from employees.

Different parts and functions of a vacuum lifter

Vacuum plate lifting system: Vacuum plate is designed for lifting various sheet material elements. It contains a device within it that's called a lifter actuation system. The lifter actuation system is made to lift and or move the vacuum lifter throughout the vacuum lifter operation. The vacuum plate also comes with a control system, and the control system is designed to regulate the lifter actuation system during any procedure.

Suction Plate: the vacuum lifter device also consists of a suction plate that's horizontal in shape. This flat suction plate comes with a pierced suction lifting surface. This pierced surface is faced downward to make contact with the upper surface of the articles or elements that are to be lifted, it is also responsible for conveying vacuum air pressure to the pierced suction lifting surface. The suction plate also consists of a suction lifter cup that is being attached in a noticeably perpendicular direction relative to the suction plate, and it is being linked to the source of air pressure for providing air suction to the suction cup, which is then used for tugging up a confined area of materials or articles to be lifted.

A suction cup actuation system is designed to drive the movement of the suction cup among an elevated alignment in which the suction cup is elevated relative to a level of the suction lifting surface and a depressed orientation in which the suction cup is significantly at or below the level of the suction lifting surface whereby in use, the air suction is focused at length downwardly towards a sheet material article to be lifted when the suction cup is in the lowered orientation. Then the Palamatic vacuum lifter has a control system. The control system is enabled to regulate the operation of the lifter actuation system and the process of the suction cup actuation system.

Tips to choosing the perfect vacuum lifter

Before purchasing a vacuum lifter, it is essential to take note of a few things so as to inform your choice, this is because a lot of manufacturers sell different brands and qualities


it is vital to check how flexible the vacuum lifter is in proportion to the items to be lifted with the vacuum lifter. This is an important aspect because there are

various kinds of vacuum lifters, and you need to be sure that the vacuum lifter you are purchasing can perform all the functions you require of it. Check for the size because the size will determine the amount of weight the vacuum lifter can handle

The size of the Palamatic vacuum lifter can also be used to determine its strength or capabilities. It is often said that the larger the size, the more influential the machine. 

This is why it is crucial to patronize a good and trusted manufacturer that can put you through. Purchasing a vacuum lifter that meets your exact need is important to avoid easy damage or injury that can occur to the workers due to misuse or overload.

ease of control:

the ease of control or operating the vacuum lifter is something to be on the lookout for. This is because you want as many workers as possible to operate the vacuum lifter as this will improve efficiency and productivity level in the work environment.

Also, Palamatic vacuum lifters are very versatile. They are used in various ways, so it is crucial to know or purchase one that can be easily operated or controlled. Another factor to consider when it comes to the ease of operation is also the ease of maintenance. Depending on the palamatic vacuum lifer's workload, you might have to maintain it from time to time, so it is important to go for one that easy to use and it's also straightforward to maintain. Palamatic vacuum lifters come with manuals on how to keep your vacuum lifter, as this will ensure extended usage of the vacuum lifter.

This is another reason to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer that can guide your workers on how to operate the vacuum lifter. Some manufacturers even go as far as offering a warranty for the product, which is vital because it means they are ready to incur the cost of loss or damage.

Palamatic vacuum lifters take the stress of workers, but certain things can be lifted with vacuum lifters and certain things that should not be lifted with it. It is indispensable that before you start operating your palamatic vacuum lifter to get a proper guide on how to operate the vacuum lifter This is why it is important to patronize a good manufacturer so you can be aware of how to use your vacuum lifters, a good manufacturer will put you through what your vacuum the lifter can lift and what should be avoided and how to maintain your vacuum lifter so that you can use your vacuum lifter for an extended time without any damage occurring.


How the Palamatic Vacuum Lifter can help