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The Amazing Benefits of Suction Lifting Equipment

Suction lifting solutions have changed the face of the heavy lifting industry. It is a safe, sustainable, efficient, and heavy-duty lifting method. With the help of this cutting-edge vacuum technology harnessed through expert engineering, suction lifters can provide precise lifting results you want with better time efficiency and cost. It comes with improved safety features that can protect loads and your team. In this article, you will get to learn all about its benefits. But, first, let’s take a look at what is a vacuum or suction lifter. 

What is a Suction Lifting Equipment?

Suction lifters use vacuum technology for gripping and lifting different types of loads. The system has a vacuum pump, which is connected to a lifting tube with the help of an air hose. At the lifting tube’s end, there are suction foot and suction head that hold the load. Suction feet are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the load you have to lift. The suction cups or the suction foot create a seal between the lifter and the load. This ascertains a safe grip of load across the handling process. 

An ejector pump or vacuum pump is used for creating a vacuum between the workpiece and the suction cups. The operator can adjust easily lifting height. All he has to do is regulate the vacuum level through the control tunnel. This kind of suction lifting is gentle and safe on both goods and operators. 

Vacuum lifting solutions use various types of suction feet or suction cups based on the type of load. A solid carton or box is gripped easily with one or more small suction cups. Porous loads like bags usually need a larger suction foot. For these kinds of porous items, the suction foot comes with a rubber skirt for enduring a tight seal. Sealing is crucial as the more leakage you prevent, the stronger the suction lifter will be. Now, let’s dive into the benefits suction lifting equipment has to offer. 

Benefits of Suction Lifting Equipment

On-Site Staff Safety

Vacuum lifting has been designed to optimize safety. The powerful hydraulic rotator of the lifter along with the suction pads can secure loads and maintain a fixed grip at all times. So, when you have this, staff will no longer have to load or climb up to release or secure them. Everyone can remain at a safe distance. This reduces the risk of injury. 

  • Extensive safety features ensure that the loss of load can’t happen at any time. 

  • It eliminates the use of chains, hooks, slings, or clamps. 

  • On-site team is able to maintain a safe distance from heavy loads and lifts. 

Cost and Time Efficient

The vacuum or suction lifters are designed for simple installation, operation, and maintenance. Also, they are also safely and completely operational in dealing with weather conditions such as reducing the risk of delay and optimizing cost and time efficiency. 

The lifters can be installed in different carriers in just a few minutes. Its suction pads can be fitted to suit a wide array of diameters, weights, loads, including slabs, pipes, and plates. 

Better Working Conditions

Electric vacuum lifting solutions provide elevated performance without exhaust emissions and noise pollution between on-site. Since electric lifter products have no exhaust emissions, it ensures a healthy and comfortable working environment. 

Full Load Control

The suction lifting equipment comes with additional safety features and top-class engineering ensures that they can maintain complete control and a fixed grip on loads all the time. The suction pad and the heavy-duty hydraulic rotator ensure that the load’s lateral movement. This, in turn, reduces the risk of loads banging with and surrounding objects or harming staff, establishing a safer environment. 

Advanced Safety Features 

Suction lifting equipment comes with additional safety features to ascertain the safety of the team and load everything evenly. If the vacuum falls below the optimum threshold, audible and optical alarms tend to get activated. This alerts the operators about the drop in power and offers them enough time to lower the load into a safer position in a controlled manner.

Damage Prevention Feature

The design of suction lifting equipment ensures that no force is inflicted on the materials that are being loaded by hooks, clamps, and slings. This is because suction lifting doesn’t require such things. While the powerful suction pad of the lifter, polyurethane guide wheels, and soft rubber liner secure loads firmly in place and offers enhanced material protection throughout the operation. 

The vacuum lifting solutions are designed for elevating your load lifting for improved safety and efficiency. Using a handheld vacuum is much easier than you expect. When you use it, make sure that the load is positioned just below the lift tube. 


The Amazing Benefits of Suction Lifting Equipment