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What should You Know Before Buying a Power Vacuum Lifter?

What should You Know Before Buying a Power Vacuum Lifter?

The crucial task for all construction companies is to handle heavy materials on-site. Even though safety is important, a construction company also needs to consider efficiency. It is possible to achieve both with vacuum lifters. 

Conventional handling methods use rigging materials with slings, hooks, or chains. However, loads are at the risk of coming loose or shifting. Moreover, they are free-swinging and might be difficult to control. The staff has to climb to the top to attach rigging. Many tag line operators have to guide the materials in position, on-ground. 

Vacuum lifting is a safer alternative for material handling. It provides several benefits over conventional rigging methods. However, to get the best possible result, you need to find out the right suction lifter for your situation and needs. 

You will find a wide range of power vacuum lifters in the market. However, not all can get the job done. Many tend to rush through the buying process without considering if the lifter is a good choice for them. Thus, they end up spending money on the wrong product. So, here we have listed a few tips that will help you make your decision with confidence. 

Learn How They Work

Before you set out on the journey to buying your power vacuum lifter, you should get to know how it works. Once you are ready to use the suction lifter, just place it over a device that you would like to lift. Then move the lever for holding the device in position. This ensures that the device doesn’t come off. After the device is secured, it creates negative pressure, which can keep it in place. So, you can transport it without any hassle. When you have moved it to the desired location, pull the lever to release the seal. 


When it comes to buying the right power vacuum lifter, you need to consider the product’s durability. If you get a low-quality suction that isn’t durable, it can break while you are at it. This can damage property. 

So, instead of choosing the cheapest vacuum lifter, you should go for the one which is durable and can withstand pressure. When you have a good lifter, you can rest assured. Device failure can cost you a great deal of money. So, invest in a strong and durable vacuum lifter. 


Don’t forget to check the strength of the power vacuum lifter you are choosing. It is a significant piece of the puzzle that you don’t really want to ignore. Not getting a lifter that is strong enough for your industry requirements means putting everything at risk. When the suction isn’t strong enough, it might drop the glass or metal. This can lead to injury and loss. 

To find out which is the right power vacuum lifter for you, find out the amount of weight each suction lifter can support. 


A suction lifter is made up of different materials. So, the suction lifter’s material is another thing you need to consider when you choose a power vacuum lifter. If the product is made of heavy components, it is going to make your work much more difficult. A lighter material that is strong enough will help you complete the task with ease. 


You are not going to use the suction lifter at all times. So, you have to look for a place to store it. Even though a large power vacuum lifter comes with many benefits, it will make it more difficult to store the device. In case you are looking to transport only a small item, buying a large lifter that will occupy a lot of space doesn’t make sense. You might already have storage cases and would prefer the device to fit inside it without any hassle. So, before you decide, check the measures. 


In a hurry to make the purchase, buyers often get a vacuum lifter with a good grip. If you plan to use it regularly, getting a power vacuum with a painful grip makes it difficult to complete the task. It should come with a handle that doesn’t offer much traction, which can make you drop the items you have to transport. This is an issue you need to avoid. So, go for a product that has small ridges on the handle. This makes the job much easier. 

Bottom Line

It is not easy to find the right power vacuum lifter. You can easily make the wrong choice if you aren’t careful. The size and weight of the items that you have to transport are just a few factors that you need to take into account before buying a lifter. Reviewing your choice might be time-consuming, but in the end, you will know it was worth it.


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