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Bohle Suction Cups: Knowing more about suction cups

Bohle Suction Cups: Knowing more about suction cups

Material handling has become a very important topic in most industries today, and that is because of the emphasis that is placed on ensuring safety and increasing productivity. The need for safe and effective handling of the material is important for cases where fragile materials are being handled and also in cases where the materials are super heavy. Also, the need for safety is to ensure that the device does not get damaged when handling and also to ensure that the workers involved in the handling process are not injured.
Today, there are different devices that are now employed in handling materials, and they are used because they guarantee safety and increase work efficiency. These materials operate with different mechanisms, and they are used for different purposes. A vast majority of the devices currently available utilize vacuum, which is created with the aid of suction cups.
Whether its’s marble, plastic, glass or sheet metal that you want to lift, you can be sure that the Bohle suction cups will give you the type of efficiency you want. The device is also an effective solution for curved surfaces. This is an optimum solution for any type of material handling requirement. One of the amazing things about the Bohle suction cups is that they are designed with ergonomics and safety in mind.
There are so many things to know about the Bohle suction cups, and we have covered them in this article, so read on.

Pump-Activated Suction Lifters

These types of lifters create a vacuum when the pump is manually activated. Most of them usually have a battery included so that they are initiate re-pumping where necessary. This serves as a way of increasing the suction ability of the device. Here are some examples of Bohle pump-activated suction lifters:
• Veribor Blue Line Suction Lifter: This suction lifer has a pressure gauge, and it is made from aluminium which makes it sturdy enough. They are suitable for carrying heavy and large loads and smooth, airtight, and flat surfaces like plastic, coated wood, metal, marble, and more. When the handle of the pump is pulled, the vacuum is created, and the pressure gauge helps in monitoring the level of the vacuum. Also worth noting is the fact that pressure in this pump can be created at any time. The suction disc of this device is 210mm, and it offers a high degree of safety when the material is being handled.
• Veribor 601BL Priming Pump: This device is also designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. It features a handle with a large gripping space and non-slip coating, both of which help to offer maximum comfort. More convenient and faster operation is also enhanced by the round pump tappet. The suction lifter has a carrying capacity of 120kgm and a double safety factor.
• Veribor Suction Lifter: Made with aluminium to ensure that it is sturdy enough. The suction lifter has a very high carrying capacity, and it is also suitable for metal, marble, coated wood and other similar materials. This suction lifter also has a priming pump attached to it.
• Veribor Suction Lifter with Battery Pumping Unit: The battery pumping unit on this device gives it an additional advantage for improved efficiency. It is also a perfect option for use in handling porous materials.
There are so many other pump activated suction cups from Bohle, and they all ensure safety and improve productivity.

Lever-Activated Suction Lifters

These types of suction lifters are suitable for almost every type of material handling issue. The vacuum is created as the level is activated, thereby increasing the pressure in the suction pad to allow it to effectively grip the material it is lifting. There are so many series of suction lifters from Bohle that work with this principle, and they include the following:
• Veribor Suction Lifter with three suction cups: This suction lifter is better suited for heavy loads, and it is suitable for materials like glass, metal, coated wood, and more. The suction disc also comes with a complete set of lever, pressure plate, suction pads, and spring.
• Veribor suction lifter with one cup: It is also suited for any type of lifting operation. The handle is perfect for one-handed operation, and it makes the process efficient and fast. This suction lifter is also ideal for textured and curved surfaces
• Veribor Suction lifter set: The set is ideal for safely storing and protecting suction lifters and suction cups. The set comes with two suction lifters included. The suction lifters are also protected from damage by the casing of the set.
There are so many other suction lifters from Bohle, and these devices are all effective for safe and effective material handling operations.


Bohle Suction cups are available in so many forms, and they are versatile, which makes them suitable for different lifting operations. Whether it is pump-activated or lever-activated, these suction devices are effective for lifting any type of object.
What type of device do you want to lift? Is it a metal device, or a coated wood, or is it glass? You can be sure that the Bohle suction cup will help you handle these materials.
Bohle Suction Cups: Knowing more about suction cups