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Vaculex TP Vacuum Lifter for Quick Material Handling

Vaculex TP Vacuum Lifter for Quick Material Handling

Are you in need of a vacuum lifter for small-scale operations? The Vaculex TP vacuum lifter is perfect for quick material handling, especially on a small scale. With this device, you can lift up to 65 kg of different items. The lifter offers a good grip on all sides, and it offers a good rotation ability of up to 360 degrees, which is suitable and will make it easy for you to place in any position. You can configure this vacuum lift anyhow you like, and you can rest assured that it will suit your needs. 

This is a device that what designed to be applied in express packaging, carton handling, and parcel activities. This is one of the most versatile units that you will ever come across. With this vacuum lifter, you can handle different items, shapes, weights, and sizes. It is the best choice to use if you want to enjoy safe, effective, and fast handling.

With this device, you can be confident of the following:

  • It is fast and reliable

  • Versatile and lightweight

  • Safe, user-friendly, and ergonomic

  • Low service cost

  • Available in stainless steel

  • Low investment cost

  • Reduces risks and increases productivity

More Information About the Device

One of the amazing things about this device is that they are great for handling a wide variety of items. The device is widely, used by people from different industries and in different parts of the world. The device is regarded as a robust vacuum lifter because of its ability to carry out different tasks with increased efficiency. 

Different industries have included this device as a way of improving their productivity. The device can be used for postal, warehousing, food, transport, aviation, meatworks, and for many other applications. Thanks to its lightweight and user-friendly nature. Another amazing thing is that the device can be easily managed.

  • Ergonomic Lifting: This device is very economical to use, which is what many people seek in every vacuum lifting device. You can tilt the unit by 90 degrees, or rotate it by 360 degrees, to help you in picking up any item and moving the item in different directions. It also allows for effortless lifting, and the operator can move freely as they manipulate the item the device is lifting.

  • Versatile Functionality: With this device, you can handle loads of different sizes, weights, and shapes. Rest assured that the device will firmly grip the item you want to lift from any side. Also, you can easily rotate the device in any direction. 

  • Decreases Workplace Strains and Injuries: Vaculex TP will not subject your posture to any heavy strain. That is a normal thing when you use other less reliable handling methods, but the Vaculex TP is different, and it won’t cause any strain or injury. With this, you won’t have to bear the load all by yourself. You won’t bear any load at all. The suction cup firmly holds onto the item to be moved and raises it so that you can place it in your desired location. No muscle is required for any movement at all. 

  • Different models and accessories: As mentioned earlier, the device can be used for a wider variety of tasks. You can install the lifter in low ceiling height, and this makes it very flexible. Also, you can equip the unit with different accessories. Examples include energy-saving systems, suction cups, and remote controls. The aim is to allow the device to be better suited for your business needs and operations. 

How to Operate the Vaculex TP?

Here are the steps to follow to operate this device:

  1. Remove the release button first before you insert the anchor on the opposite side. You can select as you wish, but it depends on whether you are left or right-handed.

  2. Place the suction cup on the load. With decreased pressure, the lift will be raised, and if you want to bring the load down, all you have to do is to increase the pressure. 

  3. Now you can rotate the control unit till the item gets to its desired location. You can also rotate the item when the control unit is not in motion.

  4. It is preferable to attach the load through the heavy sides. You can use the device to hold items of different sizes and shapes. However, it is important to ensure that you hold the suction cup, especially when gripping from a side angle. 

  5. To release the load, all you need to do is release the button. That’s the only way to disengage the lifter from the load you have lifted. 

The Vaculex TP is a really handy tool, and it is one of the easiest to use lifters available. It is the device of choice, whether you are looking for a fast and reliable device or for a versatile device. Rest assured that it will help you handle any lifting need with increased safety and productivity.

Vaculex TP
Vaculex TP Vacuum Lifter for Quick Material Handling