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What to do before purchasing a glass vacuum lifter

If you are into construction, be it small or large scale. It is of utmost importance that you make use of construction equipment. This equipment not only makes your work efficient but also increases work quality and reduces work-related accidents. Some of this equipment is useful indoors and in other places like laboratories, industries, etc. This equipment ranges in price depending on the type, brands, components, characteristics, and load capacity. For anyone interested in owning one or more of this equipment, it is imperative you know the cost to determine your budget and see if it tallies your financial capacity. It also helps you see the amount to save to acquire the equipment.

One of these pieces of equipment is a glass vacuum lifter. Handling glass is a highly delicate and essential phase because glass is breakable. A safe solution for handling, lifting, and installing glass is the use of a glass vacuum lifter. The glass vacuum lifter uses vacuum in the suction cup to attach itself to the glass, e.g., glass tiles, marble glass, curved glass, etc., and sticks without leaving marks, scratches, or dents on the glass. This equipment aims to lift and transfer glasses safely during production, installation, and laying-up phases.

Glass vacuum lifter price

You have to know the kind and types of glass vacuum lifter you want because they determine the equipment's cost. This might not necessarily pinpoint prices, but it will enlighten you on choosing the cost of equipment through their characteristics and working capacity, guide you on purchasing, and give you a clue on the price range on the type you intend to buy. Some of the kinds of glass vacuum lifter are;

Powered glass vacuum lifter

This glass vacuum lifter is battery-powered by electricity that supplies added energy during usage and lifts more weight than other glass vacuum lifters. It is helpful for those working in large-scale construction companies because it incurs expenses.

Self-suction glass vacuum lifter

This type employs the use of physics in its mechanics. Once it's lowered or placed on the material, the vacuum becomes activated as the equipment is pulled. This equipment saves money on energy bills because it doesn't require electricity.

Battery operated glass vacuum lifter.

This helps you save money on energy bills because it requires little or no electric power.

Hand-operated glass vacuum lifter.

As the name implies, this equipment is used on small materials and for small jobs. It can be electrically powered directly or by charging (I.e., it has a battery).

Information to know about a glass vacuum lifter before purchasing.


It is the duration given by companies or brands to return the equipment if it breaks down. The period differs with brands and companies ranging from a year and above

Payment terms

This helps you to know how payment is made. It is an agreement of settlement between you and the company.


To know the state or quality of the equipment. It is synonymous with the model of the equipment.


Some companies produce glass vacuum lifters that do specific work, e.g., moving of materials. Simultaneously, some have equipment with multiple purposes, i.e., move, lift and install.

Place of origin

Some countries have a reputation or history of faults, break down, and fraud regarding their products.


After-sales service provided

This means service is provided even after purchase, i.e., engineers available for machinery service overseas, technical support, etc.

Rotated angle

Glass vacuum lifters rotate to a different degrees of angles depending on the kind and brand. This information notifies you of the rise at which each equipment turns.

Horizontal adjusting

Horizontal adjusting means that left to proper movement of the equipment. The information given under this notifies on the length at which the equipment can move materials horizontally.


To know the size, length, and width of the material, the equipment can lift and move.

Diameter of the suction cup

The suction cup diameter also determines the size the equipment is capable of lifting and the grip range of the equipment.


Some brands have good reviews online or offline, and some produce the kind of equipment you want. This helps you to know if the brand is what you are interested in.

Maximum load capacity

This informs you of the maximum load or weight each piece of equipment can lift for easy purchase.

Applicable industries

This shows the industries that can make use of the equipment. If your industry or field is not part of it, then move on to another company.


The model shows how new it is in terms of a technology upgrade. No one wants outdated equipment!


Packaging details

How is it transported? Materials used to protect it from aiding safe delivery?. These are some of the questions packaging details answers.

Customer services

This includes the promptness of delivery, attitude towards you (the client).

Return policy

This is to know if the equipment is refundable because you don't like what you saw after the delivery. Not all companies practice this!.

glass vacuum lifter price